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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. d3myz
    I know there's been a lot of talk in this thread about APT-X, AAC and SBC, so hopefully this is a relevant post. A friend of mine sent me this article today and I just finished building my first Hackintosh running Mojave. I've been playing around with the settings and i'm happy to report that AAC does indeed sound much better than the default SBC codec. I haven't tried it with AptX as I don't think I own any TWS' that support it. Anyways, Hope this help someone, I really enjoy using the graph and getting to see my bit rates etc. I've also noticed that increasing the quality of AAC and SBC causes some cutouts on on my anbes 359's the signal all but failed. It's important to note when changing settings, you have to save and then turn bluetooth off on the mac, then back on . I'd be interested to hear from those who are using Real MacBooks as to what their experience is when adjusting the bit rates. Here's the Link and some screenshots. Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 1.16.36 PM.png Image 6-27-19 at 1.11 PM.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  2. Bartig
    Yes! The Anomoibuds Capsule are quite good for the price, just font expect any extraordinary sound quality.

    It said so on my Android device. Whether it's SBC or AAC, it sounds great and detailed on both iPhone and Android.

    Thanks for sharing my article! :D If the Anomoibuds don't automatically connect or disconnect when in or out of the charger, your charger may be empty. I never had problems. :)
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  3. david8613
  4. vstolpner
  5. FYLegend
    There seems to be two variants of Wavefun Xpod 3, one with BA drivers the other with dynamic. I see QCC3020 in the listing with BA driver, the other one with Dynamic driver doesn't list the chip. Someone here said Wavefun's tuning is off for their previous products which has me hanging. There's also a separate listing as YTOM T1 which is dynamic with 36 hour battery instead of 30.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  6. vstolpner
    Where do you see BA? I only see dynamic drivers
  7. FYLegend

    Frequency response is 20-22000Hz vs 20-2000Hz of the dynamic version. I recall seeing a bundle discount but can't find it at the moment. A bit confused as there's a Wavefun OFFICIAL and Wavefun DIRECT store.

    EDIT: It seems Wavefun Official has at least 3 listings with dynamic, but the frequency response is 22khz for two of them, and the other has button controls instead of touch.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  8. vstolpner
    This is strange.... The official store has 4 listings for the XPods3, and they're all dynamic... While the direct store has 1 listing for dynamic and 3 for balanced armature.... Very strange....
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  9. flamerz
    I did a little research on my own and found this round up of reviews:


    Seems like the reviewer wasn't impressed by the Tranya T3's sound in comparison to some of the more expensive models.
  10. david8613
    I have a few ba driver wired head phones and honestly was not impressed. Bass not strong nor deep and highs were very sharp to my ears. I did not like at all.
  11. vstolpner
    BA's are great at reproducing clarity and detail in the mid and high frequencies but they do fall short on the lower end of the spectrum. That's why they're great in combination with dynamic drivers, or on their own for calls and podcasts.
  12. chinmie
    looks great and i also like the battery and button functions, though i still prefer clicky buttons than touch control. i don't like that eartips style however. usually normal eartips won't fit in the case.

    i think I'll pass for now. between my Nillkin Go, T1C, and X12 (with Earin and "now rarely used but still great sounding" wf-1000x), i think I'm good for now

    i still have the TRN BT20S incoming though
  13. actorlife
    OK folks here my just ok to best TWS. Enjoy.
    4.2 BT Rolled off treble. Bass is good. Connecting is fine. No volume control and Battery about 3.5 hrs. For 13 bucks I can't complain.
    Edit due to change in SQ.
    Well this is a turnaround that I would never thought would happen. The X-18S have amazingly opened up and the treble is now beautiful sparkly.
    After listening to an audiobook I notice a clearer SQ and decided to play my go to song I Was Wrong by Chris Stapleton and was blown away. The bass was always good, but now clearly pronounced. Holy crap. 4.2BT, 3.5 battery, connection is quite good although don't stray too far from source or breakup is heard and no volume control is the only let down, but for $13 they totally are enjoyable. Whoa what a great surprise. I now have 5 out of 6 that totally enjoy.
    Syllable S101
    5.0 BT Rolled off treble. There is no sparkly highs. No better SQ difference on my aptx Cayin N3, Bass is good, vol control, Massive Battery 7-8hrs and Connecting is fine. On my android phone only the left side works youtube, Netflix, etc. On my android box both sides L/R work. Yes weird. I had such high hopes. For $30 bucks I can complain and will. Maybe I got a bad batch although I doubt it.
    Hoopshop W1
    5.0 BT Graphene drivers, Sparkly highs, great tight bass, vol control and about 4hr battery and connection is good. $30 on ebay. Biggest case of all I own.
    Funcl W1
    5.0 BT Sparkly highs, great tight bass, about 4hr battery, No vol control and connection is good.
    No breaks ups and might be the best TWS I own that let's you go 30ish feet without breaking up.
    $25($49 on amazon) Indiegogo sale.
    Alterola IE600
    5.0 BT Sparkly highs, great tight bass, about 4hr battery, vol control and connection is good. Smallest case of all I own. $30 sale on amazon.
    Anbes 359(Rare availability)/Kissral R18(Available) both are identical except for the logo.
    5.0 The King of Budget TWS IMHO. Soundstage is large, fantastic sparkly highs, Great tight thumping bass, about 5hr battery, vol control and connection is great. Beautiful spaceship case. USB-C? Yes. Perfect for Music and Movies. Rode my bike with the Anbes and Cayin n3 in my backpack and only cut off 2 times on the left bud when I turned my head. They also didn't fall off my sweaty ears. Also walked and no cut off. I'd say that's great IMHO. For the price $30($45 normal price) when on sale. I don't think they will EVER be dethroned.
    Ofusho F16 The New King!
    Testing the F16 on my tablet Sony Experia Z2 and it recognized aptx instantly whoa who knew. I'm watching a movie on Prime video. It's crystal clear with dialog and has a nice soundstage with background sound just as clear. Dunno they kind of give you a surround sound type of effect. Holy moly I'm digging them so far. Latency is great the Z2 sych is perfect on Prime/Netflix hooray. Connection is great no breakups. 50% volume. They protrude a bit out my ear. It's expected I have small ears.
    The next day
    Testing on my Cayin N3 music player with aptx on. Music is clear, although they are a tiny bit rolled off, but not enough for me to return them, yet. Bass is tight with a good deep rumble when needed and not boomy. Mids are a bit rolled off as well. I haven't tried other tips yet. I think with other tips they will bring more clear details, hopefully. Gotta say these are amazing with movies so darn clear. Gonna play music all day on them to see if they open up some and look for some tips. I really like them though and so far are a keeper. I'll return later tonight and give more thoughts.
    Update next day
    Highs are a bit more crispy after doing 18hrs of music on my Cayin N3 last night. I'm getting ((((9hrs)))) at 60% volume. I'm shocked. These are rated at 6-8hrs. Doing another 18-24hrs of music burn-in today/tonight. These for sure are a keeper, especially for Movies and Music is fine I think they will open up even more. I did notice highs are better.
    Final exciting thoughts
    Last thoughts on the Ofusho F16
    Hint F16 are the best TWS I own. The champ Anbes has been dethroned. Yesterday I noticed that the F16 had the small tips from factory, which I why I wasn't getting a great seal. I put on the medium tips and voila great seal. I played music overnight again. Went on a bike ride with them. Got one break up when I turned my head. Whoa that great. Before I left I turned down the bass two notches on my Cayin N3. Music sounds way better and crispy with drum cymbals. Played Presley's It Now or Never and it way crystal clear. With his background singers "The Jordanaires" sounding clear as well. Not sure if it was the burn-in or turning down the bass, but these are fantastic. I mean $35(sale) for aptx, phone charger, crystal clear highs, bumping Bass without fatigue and 9hr battery is amazing. Highly recommended for Music, Movies, audiobooks, etc. Congrats to Ofusho for making a great product without over charging consumers. Bravisimo.
    A couple of cases to protect from scratches. Because of the shiny black coating on the Funcl and Alterola cases. The others are Matte and should be just fine.
    The whole entire gang.
    All are dynamic drivers, except the Hoopshop which is Graphene. Will edit with any new TWS. Whew. Happy listening.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2019
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  14. vstolpner
    Thanks for the reviews! Very curious whether the Tranya T3 will dethrone the Anbes 359... Can't wait for someone with both to post some comparisons!

    Do you mind to measure how thick the IE600 case is? And how is their SQ vs the 359?
  15. clerkpalmer
    Where art thou new Sony? Take my money!
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