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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. archdawg
    +1. Thanks to chi-fi it'll be getting harder and harder for many manufacturers of higher end phones to justify their prices just based on the sonic technicalities of their creations. I paid 28€ for my 10Pro and while they're not the technically most sophisticated IEM in my stash they certainly don't sound 1000€ or more away from the upper tier to my ears either and I can't wait for the next happy accidents of that sort. Like I've posted before my set needed a pretty long break-in phase (200+ hours) for the drivers to literally get their act together but after all I still prefer the ZS7 for the majority of my tracks - faster, punchier bass with less bleed, significantly better coherency (fast transients) as well as clarity and separation of instruments especially in crowded tracks. In some of my trusty test tracks the brass sections sound somewhat messy through the 10Pro whereas the 7 and my higher end IEMs render those parts with significantly better separation among the different horns.
    The 10Pro OTOH beat the 7 with more natural sounding mids and highs, a more fluent, more cohesive and smoother presentation with better balance but the comparatively slow and less textured bass really leaves me wanting here and there, just a personal thing - YMMV.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2019
  2. youngarthur
    qiao%yv7RGWzvU6fPaAGJw.jpg l4af%6MnRJ2cyicBk8Zq7Q.jpg Just received. Small case, easily fits in pocket. Removed buds, immediately connected to iPhone. Excellent fit first time.Am playing at around 95% volume, with my old ears.Excellent instrument separation, and width/depth of sound field.Treble is bright and clear, but not overpowering, a good depth of Bass,with no bleed up.Mids blend well, certainly not forward like some. More listening, to get a definite view.
  3. shockdoc
    Awesome! Looking forward to a more in-depth review! :ksc75smile: (We now, apparently, will need a new, TWS, emoji. I guess it could just look like a regular emoji since TWS are getting smaller and smaller and harder to see.LOL)
  4. Mouseman
    I'm so jealous, and can't wait to hear your impressions after some time (and how the battery life is). Mine are on the slow boat, I got twitchy and pulled the trigger on them and the blue ZS10 Pros.
  5. khighly
    Looks like they sourced some parts from MIFO (underside of lid). Is there high latency while watching videos on the T1's? My pair should arrive tomorrow or Monday I think.
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  6. Slater
    I do agree with you. It’s not that hard, and they certainly love to print other useless gubbins on the shells (ie “10 driver super hybrid high resolution”). So it shouldn’t be hard to also print “L/R” or “Left/Right” on there too!

    Here’s a simple solution that I’ve done to a few IEMs:

    I use the sharp point of something sharp (like a tungsten carbide scribe, diamond-tipped engraving tool, scratch awl, the tip of a sewing needle, etc) and I scratch/etch a small "L" and "R" on each earpiece in an inconspicuous place:

    Here's an example of the "R" I added to the KZ ZST (small and very inconspicuous, but large enough to see when I look for it):
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2019
  7. pbui44
    Awesome KZ ZS10 Pro vs. TOTL IEMs comparisons. If I had my way, I would make @Slater post these comparisons on his signature.
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  8. courierdriver
    Yeah, bro...that's cool and all, but I'm not sure I could do that with a box cutter, shaky hands, and poor eyesight, without either damaging the iems or myself. Lol! Maybe just some red nail polish to indicate right might be a safer bet. Now, I just need to find a brand that doesn't easily chip, run off, or otherwise come off easily. Hopefully, I won't have the drug store's cosmetic rep call security. Ie...52-year-old man walks into a pharmacy cosmetics department and asks for red nail polish that doesn't easily come off. Police taser him, and dies as a result of pacemaker failure/damage. On second thought...maybe box cutter scratches are safer.
  9. baskingshark
    I would feel pain if I etched my IEM shells. I know there are pros who use lasers to do this though. It may affect the resale value of the IEM also? (but for < $50 USD budget CHIFI IEMs we will most probably just buy another one anyway).
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  10. courierdriver
    Oh, yeah! Please do post pics. I sure do wish that KZ would offer that color combo from factory.
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  11. courierdriver
    Yeah, I don't think anyone buying $50 earphones are concerned with resale value. I bought a set a couple months ago as a daily driver. Was so impressed, I bought another set to give to someone in my family for Christmas. Now, I wanna buy a set in blue, with the blue faceplate. Just because they sound so great, and the blue faceplate on a blue body, would look so cool!
  12. Nimweth
    KZ ZS10 Pro ordered today. I hope they live up to my expectations and measure up to my ZS7!
  13. nxnje
    Both are technically excellent but zs10 pro is more suited to be an all-rounder while ZS7 is more focused in being a super energic IEM for specific genres imho.
    Sure you'll like it.
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  14. Mybutthurts
    I've taken the plunge and bought myself a FIIO M11 and now looking at a Balanced cable to fit my KZ iems. Type B connection as that will fit all including ZS10Pro.
    Either 2.5 or 4.4 as m11 has both.
    And not too pricey
    Any advice.
  15. youngarthur
    I had W60, 846, but sold, as I get around 90% sound from Chi-fi.I also sold HD800, HEK,as I get around the same from Verum1. I think some manufactures will suffer sales, when more people find these type of products.
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