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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

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  1. sweex
    If I'm not mistaken this would be the place to ask for advice about the headphones+amp I wanted to buy.
    I was thinking to buy the Grado SR60i + amp, because if I'm not mistaken I will get more "bang" for my money by doing this than by buying let's say the 125I or 225i.
    As amp I was thinking about a FIIO E7 because it also has a DAC for when I connect my future headphones to my computer an I'm guessing I will get a better sound too when I connect my surround system to my computer.
    This seems like the best way for me to get a great audio experience while still being able to eat during the week :wink: 
    So basically I'm asking for confirmation here and to see if there's something I didn't think of.
    Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. jiggahwhat
    Dear everyone,

    I have a Sony MDR-XB700. Is it worth moving on to the ATH-M50s?

    I listen to electronic dance music, mainly progressive house.
  3. jimmyhart
    Just spoke to an online store and he said they could accept a return for the Beyers but not the Senns as they have a seal on the box. He also said he doesn't think I'd have any need for the 600 ohm. He said the main difference is the treble is slightly different but not massively and to notice any sort of significant difference would require some serious kit. The 250 ohm sound perfect for me, but out of stock [​IMG] Apparently there's no difference at all between them and the 600.
    He said the main differences is the Senns are smoother, warmer and have a better soundstage due to being fully open.
    Think what might be best is to order the Beyers, try the Senns out in a shop and if I prefer the Senns, send the others back. They both sound fantastic from what you guys and he said, but hard to decide without trying them.
  4. jeskinner
    Hi, I started a new thread before I saw this one....so I'll ask my question here too. 

    I'm looking to upgrade from my first set of audiophile cans (Grado SR60i) and I'm not sure what to get. I like the sound of the Grados, but I don't have much to compare them to. While I want good accurate sound, I wouldn't mind if my new pair had a little more low-end punch than the Grados. Other than that, I am looking for a good soundstage, good separation, and as much clarity as possible. Open or closed does not matter. Comfort is also a big deal to me, which is why I think I'm probably looking for full-size headphones. Unfortunately, I don't think there's anywhere in my area where I can go listen to higher-end phones, so I am coming to you guys. I've been looking at the Sennheiser 555, 558, 595, and 518s, but I'm really open to anything. I'm looking to spend $100-200. 
  5. Qui audit
    Hi guys, I'm back here looking for a good portable set-up under £140 using existing equipment and whatever you guys suggest. This setup will be primarily used for jazz 90% of the time (FLAC files, I'm not interested in converting my entire library to 320kbps mp3). So I was wondering if I could get some advice: 

    What I own now: iPhone, Sennheiser CX400-ii (too bassy for me), FiiO E7, E5, and L9.

    I can get a Sansa Clip 8gb for £30 or a 2gb for £23, I can buy a 32gb microSD for £28 or carry multiple 16gb microSDs which will cost me £9 each. I estimate I'll need at least 24gb of space but preferably more so I'm leaning towards the 16gb cards, anybody have experience carrying multiple? 
    Anyway, onto the headphone options atm: Shure SE215 (£76), Sennheiser IE6 (£68), HifiMan RE0 (£52), Shure S4 (£25) or Sony MDREX510PLB (£47). 

    I will also consider in future pairing a set of Senn HD25s, Audio Technica Pro700MK2s or Denon AHNC800s with the setup.

    So, I apologise for the long rambling post, but what are your opinions? Thanks in advance.
  6. gohanssjn
     Of course I go to get the 598 from Amazon and they are back up to $250.  Whoops.  Too late :/
  7. swpr
    Hi guys,
    looking for something that's balanced with good sound stage(hope that does not limit me to  open back only), i want to hear clear triumphant vocals but not the bassy kind, good instrumental melody, and nice bass(I'd like some punchy bass that gives me the boom boom feel but not so much it overpowers everything else, or the muddy sound)
    Here is the list i'm considering and the price I can get them at:
    ATH-M50s-  $137
    Sennheiser HD 598  $223
    Shure SRH 940 $290
    Bose AE2i $130
    Currently I have a pair of Sony NC500d i just got a few days ago, I like the sound quality, except the bass is a bit muddy to me, but i'm planning on returning them cuz it's not very comfortable. the headband does not have enough padding considering these cans are on the heavy side, and my ears hurt after maybe a hr of wearing them. I don' know if its because I'm not used to over the ear headphones or what..  also I realized I don't need noise cancellation, because 1. i'm using these at home 2. requires battery and thus constant recharge, 3. the NC feature emits a low frequency noise(normal for NC headphones) that i find a bit annoying. 4. I think I can do better for the price($330) sound/comfort wise, since a big portion of the cost is probably the NC feature.
    I was so happy when i read the reviews on the Bose, because one of it's biggest pro is the comfort. and apparently it has good sound. but the more i read about them, the more cons they present. ie. low build quality, flimsy cord, and mostly the sound quality seems to be not that great..??? :frowning2:  so i'm confused about what is good SQ, is it so much so personal preference that 50/100 can say they sound amazing and the other 50/100 says its way below what you'd call good sound.....? and will I be able the tell the difference between them and the 'real' good SQ headphones?
    So when reading about the Bose, someone suggested the M50, read the reviews, seems awsome! but how does it compare to the AE2 in terms of comfort? and some say the mids are recessed? what does that mean?
    and for a higher price range, I'm considering the Hd598 and SRH940, which is better? read great great things about the HD598, although don't really dig the look(doesn't matter much). but heard it might start cracking after a while? a flaw of the HDxxx series, the comments about that issue's been fixed or not is also mixed. and also it might not be good if the songs are not really high quality, cause these cans would expose it's flaws, and as embarrassed as i am, not all my songs r of high quality, especially some of the hard to find stuff i got from the internet...
    the SRH940 is more expensive(not sure original retail price vs HD598) is it worth the extra $? how does it compare to hd598?
    Also i came across the Panasonic HTF600, look like it might be a good add-on on top of the HD598 or SRH940. or maybe it's good enough on it's own for my needs? but seems like all the Beyer velour pads are out of stock everywhere on the net.
    Just remembered a few more i was considering as well:
    Sennheiser RS180  @$300
    Thought about this cuz it's wireless, looks good, but don't really know about the sound and comfort compare to the hd598 or SRH940
    Thank you for any suggestions/opinions
  8. PurpleAngel Contributor


    CALs (Creative Aurvana Live) have a nice sound, easy to drive.
    The cups barely fit around my ears.
  9. PurpleAngel Contributor

    It would be so much easier to follow what your saying if you included model numbers.
  10. PurpleAngel Contributor


    You can get the Sennheiser HD-598 for $170 at Electronics Expo, need to use the coupon code "BOUNTII".
    The Panasonic RP-HTF600-S are really great bang for the buck headphones, the Beyer EDT 200 Velour pads should be available by Feb.
    As these headphones cost less then the Shure SRH940, you can afford to get a decent headphone amplifier.
  11. PurpleAngel Contributor

    Sennheiser HD-598 are $170 at Electronics Expo, need to use the coupon code "BOUNTII".
  12. jimmyhart


    Beyer 880 Senn 598
  13. swpr


    Thanks for replying!
    Forgot to mention, I'm in Canada, Electronics Expo does not ship outside USA.. :frowning2:
    So your suggestion would be HD598+HTF600?
    What's a decent headphone amplifier?
  14. BababooeyHTJ
    Has anyone here tried the Samson RH600? It looks like it might be a good option for a budget open set of cans. I'll be honest I'm thinking of giving them a shot. I'm trying to find an open or semi-open set of cans with the least amount of compromise. The more that I listen to my AD700 the more that I miss my bass. 
  15. asur2011
    Do ATH-M50's have good enough sound isolation to protect my ears from acoustic drums while playing them?
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