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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. Wildcatsare1
    Not to be a contrarian, but a DAP that doesn’t stream isn’t a complete product in mid-2019, why limit your music choices to what you’ve ripped? There’s to much great music out their that I don’t have to copy.
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  2. fzman Contributor
    Excellent question.

    I have lots of ripped music, as well as subscriptions to Tidal, Qobuz, and Roon (the latter not streaming per se, but interfaces with both, which I use at home on my wired/wi-fi network). I live in the Chicago area, and use T-Mobile for mobile service. I cannot always rely on having enough data, bandwidth and/or signal strength in any given area, and do not wish to use public wi-fi for security reasons.....

    That said, I do like having a dap with wi-fi, for home use on my secure wi-fi, for sitting on the stoop, back porch, or even a real short walk......

    I stream to discover new music, then buy/rip/whatever to get it stored on my dap.

    As for the 'deeper' issue- can a full-featured dap sound as good as one of the single-purpose file player daps? Seems like they can, but not with the same creature comforts. I have a QA361 and a DTR-1, along with a N6 vii. I use a dap mostly outside-gotta be able to see the screen in daylight. Not all are created equal. Seems like features + great sound costs more $$ though.
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  3. Rockwell75
    How are you liking the Cayin with Solaris? I'm loving it so far and thinking it may be a perfect pairing...hoping to throw down some more detailed impressions soon.
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  4. subguy812
    The last two DAPs I have reviewed and one soon to be reviewed have been "featureless". They have had a focus on sound quality not providing features that, if you don't use, you have to pay for. I also have a subscription to Tidal and Qobuz. I download both of these apps to my phone and stream like crazy. I can stream anywhere and not have to find a public wi-fi connection, saves me carrying multiple devices and the worry of public wi-fi security.

    If I decide to carry two devices I have enough DAP's to satisfy.

    The DX120 is a fantastic music player, less features than DX200, much less money, excellent sound quality. Does the sound quality rival the DX200 or is it diminishing returns?

    The QP2R is an excellent DAP, from what I am told it will hiss with sensitive IEMs, but I have none except Solaris, haven't tried it yet. Featureless, focus on music, rich, organic.

    The QA361 featureless, reference sound, lots of power, no hiss to my ears.

    Just to name a few, please see my signature....

    For my purposes, I am either listening to music critically for reviews or when I am exercising, walking the dog etc. I have DAP's at home and some of those DAPs have a Android based UI so I could download apps if I wish. Everyone has different purposes and listens to music differently.

    If and when I purchase a Kann Cube, it will be a luxury purchase, only. I will let you know if I am streaming when I purchase it. I just know without all of the features it wouldn't be a $1500 DAP.
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  5. Rockwell75
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  6. cr3ativ3
    If you like the qp2r . Try the Cowon PL .. :) it’s the best “featureless” dap I’ve heard
  7. beholdclarity

    Cool write-up, thank you for your impressions. The Solaris does hold its own pretty well, all things considered. Doesn’t it?
  8. cr3ativ3
    this is strange , wasnt my post but named in the quote ? post is from @

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  9. fokta
    hahaha. I thought U post it...

    I think there's some mess up... but at least the content is Nice...

    I was on business trip, and need a handy DAP, so I took my N5iiS again..
    still one of my prefered DAP, in term of Sound Signature. Neutral tends to Warm.
    the Bass is right in the spot. Where as DX221mk2 more focus on layered low (excel in Mid)
    , while AMp8 is boost the bass to the extended Which not in my cup of tea.

    why I move to DX220, is because N5iiS become a feature less DAP... Google playstore alrd not working smoothly...
    The Stock player works fine and good. but its like M5s. Android DAP that have wifi, but no apps to installed with... quite ironic....
    I only used 2 apps, UAPP and Spotify from playstore... Having in my smartphone, but need more Sauce (SQ)...

    for my ear, Solaris need reference DAP Sound Sig, to get the best out of it. but this is my cup of tea, can be different for you.

    just my 2 cent...
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  10. Rockwell75
    You should try the N6ii! Brings Solaris to a whole new level.
  11. iBo0m
    Thanks for the remark. It's not about who wrote it but I'm happy if someone found the brief comparison useful :)
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  12. candlejack
    What level was it at before and what level is it at now? I'm just trying to understand what your statement actually means.
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  13. cr3ativ3
    did you heard them with the cowon?
  14. Rockwell75
    I kind of covered it before in our previous conversation. It comes down to a couple things. 1) Firstly and most importantly is that, compared to the N6ii, much of the sound through the ZX300 almost seems a little veiled, like it's covered in a thin plastic sheen. It's not so bad that you can't get used to it if the ZX300 is your only source, but when you hear another source like the N6ii without it it becomes more obvious. In my review I likened it to the difference between using condoms and not-- with them it's still possible to have an amazing experience, but without them a whole new level of intimacy and connection is possible. 2) I find the DD in the Solaris to respond very well to extra power-- this coupled with the tuning of the N6ii (ie., tastefully elevated low end with a warm end and organic less fatiguing highs) brings out the best in Solaris to my ears. 3) Perhaps due to the extra power the EQ on the N6ii is much more effective and it allows me to make my Solaris sound EXACTLY how I want it to. In a nutshell I find the synergy between the Solaris and the N6ii to be very great-- to my ears and relative to my tastes and preference each brings out the best in the other.
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  15. Rockwell75
    No I haven't unfortunately. The Plenue L was another player I was considering but the N6ii ticked more boxes for me. I defo want to hear the Plenue at some point though (the L or any flagship level).
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