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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. cr3ativ3
    Looks very similar to the R1 Zenith...

    This ... ist not as my legend x sounds ... try it balanced and with other tips ...
  2. Rockwell75
    I got mail today :) Too soon for detailed impressions but off the bat I'm very happy and suspect I may have found the perfect dap for my needs and preferences. Sound is rich, powerful and satisfying...the Solaris responds very well to extra power. Extension, details, imagery and separation are all enhanced. Looking forward to more time with this beautiful combination.

    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
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  3. fokta
    Congrats... woah.. looking forward for ur impression... N6ii...
  4. Rockwell75
    I got mine yesterday and can confirm it's a beautiful match with Solaris...definitely my favorite so far. Will post some more substantial impressions in the next couple days and I look forward to reading yours.
  5. candlejack
    For the sake of science, can you do a blind test. I find these very interesting and quite doable when it comes to DAPs.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2019
  6. Wildcatsare1
    Don’t have the Kann Cube, but the original Kann plays very nicely with the Solaris. It, and my Hiby 6 feeding a Vorzuge Pure II are my favorite portable rigs with them, though the lowly AK70 sounds quite nice!
  7. Rockwell75
    I might get around to it a bit later...for it to truly work I would have to get someone else to perform it with. That said I'm pretty firmly convinced about this one. The slight veil on some tracks through the ZX300 was always gnawing at the back of my head, though I usually ended up just dismissing it as being latent within the recording. Listening to Cassie O by George Ezra and (especially) Horse With No Name-- it was unmistakable. I went back and forth a few times and the sound through the ZX300 was slightly veiled and much less rich in comparison. This won't be obvious on all tracks but on some it jumps right out at you.
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  8. subguy812
    While the Solaris is super easy to drive and it doesn't need the power of the QA361 its reference sound is excellent. I have my sights set on Kann Cube, not sure why, just in that mood to spend money I guess. I probably have more than enough DAPs.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
  9. Rockwell75
    I would have seriously considered the KANN if it weren't 2.5mm. As it stands I'm stoked on the N6ii. The Solaris is easy to drive but its DD responds VERY well to extra power.
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  10. subguy812
    I had the original Kann, liked it, but the Cube has me enticed. Check the power of the QA361, super powerful.
  11. fokta
    Any Hiss noticable with Solaris?
    I was being told to try this DAP.

    Yes, The power is quite powerful for DAP... quite overkill for Solaris...

    When reading the spec... both of jack output are 3.5 SE and 3.5 TRRS... quite troublesome if u plug to the wrong one...
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2019
  12. iBo0m

    I’ve had a chance to compare u12t and Solaris, so I’ve decided to share a few very brief thoughts... I’m not much of a reviewer, though. I don’t want to comment much on a fit (nor based my review on it) because Solaris housing is huge, and it wasn’t much comfortable for me - after a long listening my ears even hurt because the diverging nozzle pushed my Antitragus/Antihelix. However, for the time of comparison I was able to get I good isolation with both – I’ve found some ear-tips after some serious tip rolling.

    Bass: I’d say equal from a certain point of view - u12t is faster, the punch is there (for BA) as well as the precision – I’ve found the bass accuracy on high level with both – bass instruments as well as electronic bass. Solaris doesn’t hit deeper, about the same as u12t, but the bass is wider (overall the sound has more openness and spaciousness) and response leaner with a longer duration, which might cause a feeling that the lows frequency extends much more than in the case of u12t, but it’s mostly the mentioned duration thus the bass is “more fun” you can enjoy it more. Anyway, it’s typical difference between balanced armatures and dynamic driver bass – very high standard in the case of u12t, good enough (depth / resolution very good) but very well-balanced hybrid rendition with mids and high in the case of the Solaris. (No winner here, I’d favour Solaris over u12t a bit because I enjoy the bass more).

    Mids: u12t is more natural, even though not reference tuned. Solaris are somehow backward in comparison to u12t, even though u12t mids are not the clearest and optimally positioned as I’ve heard from an IEMs. Listening to a solo without instruments or background music, the vocals sounded nice on both, Solaris was maybe a little bit better here - they made everything sound more “3D”, while u12t sounds more focused and thinner. Vocals with background music and instruments (either pop, orchestra, electro, jazz, rock’n’roll, alternative modern genres, etc.) sounded better on u12t, imo. Vocals are more forward in comparison to Solaris. (I’d prefer u12t, just for the vocals. Vocals are my favourite parts of songs (while I enjoy classical music as well – like opera) and while both performed solid, I have other favourites).

    Treble: Firstly, I’m slightly treble sensitive thus I sometime found the treble annoying. Solaris performs very solidly (hard to find any downsides here nor anything amazing either except for the openness and extension – this shows how were balanced Solaris is) while u12t is significantly brighter. If you are treble-sensitive u12t treble might become annoying in certain songs. On the other hand, brighter sound is typical for most of the 64audio IEMs. (I’d prefer Solaris as a better all-arounder, the reason is that I'm treble sensitive. In case the song isn't "screaming" I'd prefer u12t).

    • Solaris is much more source dependant and more “hissy”.
    • Solaris performs way better in the low volumes, you have turn the volume up significantly to hear u12t shine.
    • u12T is more musical - I mean, the goal of 64audio to be focused on musicians is obvious.
    • Technicalities and instruments interpretation go in the favour of u12t.
    • Layering is about equal.
    • Solaris sounds more fun in a way (everyone defines fun sound differently :)).
    • Instruments are separated on both about equally, but u12t is much more precise, while Solaris is much more open and spacious.
    • Resolution is about equal.
    • Soundstage and openness go in the favour of Solaris (TOTL performance).
    • u12t is brighter and more natural (still far from neutral).
    • Both are good all-arounders.
    • With u12t I liked ear-tips with thinner nozzle (Final E, Sony Hybrid Tips, SpinFit) while in case of Solaris ear-tips with wider nozzle (Acoustune 07a, Azla, Symbio W).
    • The good solution for Solaris if the nozzle makes a pressure to your outer ear are Azla ear-tips – its shape is longer thus deeper insertion and solid sound isolation.
    Please, take all of this as my own opinion which usually differs from person to person, not as a dogma.
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  13. 8481
    I have tried the Kann Cube with the Solaris, although it sounds great with them with minimal hiss, it’s a little too large in size for my liking. Feels cumbersome to comfortably use OTG.
  14. subguy812
    I hear no hiss...if someone else has the QA361 and Solaris please feel free to chime in. If a wonderful GUI is needed or important to you, the QA361 is not for you. I don't care about a touch screen or graphical menus or even album art, for that matter. If a DAP has it, great. The scrolling is super fast on the QA361 and the sound is reference.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
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  15. fokta

    sound reference means Neutral right?
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