campfire audio solaris
  1. elChefe

    SOLD:::Campfire Solaris SE

    SOLD::: Letting go of these beautiful, practically brand new, Campfire Solaris SE. Decided to focus more on full size headphones recently so these haven’t gotten much use and I’d rather put the funds towards something else. ULTRA LOW HOURS.. 5-10hours max on these. Stunning abalone, zero...
  2. justsomesonyfan


  3. 8481

    FS: Campfire Audio Solaris OG, free 4.4 Pentacon SPC cable. Will accept USD/EUR

    SOLD. Looking for $1000 or € 925. Hi everyone, I am selling my pair of Campfire Audio Solaris as they don’t get much use out of me anymore. They come with all original accessories, cable has the memory wire removed. I can also provide a free 4.4mm SPC cable if you desire. Brand is a local...
  4. circafreedom


    Purchased in July 2019. These iem’s have been well cared for. It will come with everything you’d get new. I’m at a point where I’d like to try something new and go for a custom. Campfire has a two year warranty, so these are under warranty until July 2021. Shipped out priority mail. PayPal...
  5. cr3ativ3


    Hi all, im interested in the Solaris SE model. if you are EU located and have one for sale , shoot me an offer :)
  6. fallooffie

    *SOLD* WTS Campfire Audio Solaris IEM and other accessories

    SOLD Hello all. Getting back into car audio so I now have up for sale, original owner, excellent condition Campfire Audio Solaris IEM’s packaged with original cable, packaging/accessories along with more goodies! These were purchased new from Bloom Audio 8-21-19. The Solaris IEM’s are in like...
  7. Tristy

    (SOLD) please delete (SOLD)

    Up for reluctant sale are my Campfire Audio Solaris Hybrid IEM's. These earphones are the best of what Campfire Audio has to offer with 4 Drivers (1 - 10mm dynamic driver and 3 BA drivers) and bests the Andromeda in every way. They put out the widest and most holographic soundstage I have heard...
  8. LifeOnMercury

    FS CA Solaris IEM mint /w box SOLD

    Condition: 8.5/10 with box and accessories Price : $1000 shipped Very low hours, excellent condition Pics on demand.
  9. Adnan Firoze

    [SOLD] Campfire Solaris w/ Null Audio Symphonym Tiburon 8 Braid Cable

    Hi, I'm selling my "best" IEM till now. It's 2 months old in perfect condition. I have everything from in the package (stock cable, warranty card, tips, even the CA clip thingy)). Besides that I am adding a Null Audio Tiburon Upgrade Cable (4.4mm balanced)...
  10. winterhalter

    Campfire Audio Solaris

    Campfire Audio Solaris Open box, mint condition Additional ALO Super Litz 4.4mm balanced cable included Free 2-day shipping; USA only
  11. justsomesonyfan

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  12. A

    WTB: Campfire Audio Solaris

    I am interested in buying a CA Solaris. Seller preferred from EU as I am not keen on paying customs. PM me if you have one to sell. Thanks!
  13. cr3ativ3


    no longer looking
  14. Homrsimson

    WTT campfire Solaris for 64 audio u12t

    Title says all, I have a near mint Solaris complete with everything that I would like to trade for a 64 Audio u12t in comparable condition. Willing to discuss options. PM me if interested.
  15. Kenneth Galang

    SOLD Campfire Audio Solaris

    had to make a new post to separate this from my SE100 post. Mint Solaris SN: 00215 200h Selling because in need of immediate funds only small silicone tips have been used. haven't touched the foams or final e tips. just used the small silicone ones to test and then stuck to my spiral dots...
  16. masahito24@chart

    SOLD: Campfire Solaris - No. 004

    I've picked up a few new IEMs recently and the Solaris was a bit large for my ears. I enjoyed them and the Solaris pairs extremely well with a WM1Z. They've been used indoors in a pet and smoke-free environment. I have all the accessories and none of the tips have been used. IEMs are in mint...
  17. BlendS

    SOLD - Mint Campfire Solaris

    SOLD Selling my Solaris as I can't justify keeping both the Solaris and the U18t. Bought in December 2018, I am the original owner. The receipt can be provided if desired. These were always used indoors, in a smoke free and pet free environment. Very mint condition as the pictures will also...
  18. damart81

    FS: Campfire Solaris SOLD

    I am the original owner of these incredible IEMs, serial no 30. These are in pristine condition, no scratches, kept at home in a smoke free environment, and under warranty. Comes with all original accessories and packaging, will include some Spinfits if wanted. Asking for SOLD (reduced)...
  19. AEIOU9

    SOLD: Campfire Audio Solaris + 2.5MM Super Litz Cable

    Selling my Solaris and 2.5MM Super Litz Cable from Campfire Audio. The earphones are in great shape and come complete with the original box, case, mesh carrying pouch, tips and the 3.5MM Super Litz Cable. Small price drop and splitting out the cost for the Solaris + 3.5 MM cable vs 2.5 MM...
  20. F

    WTS: Campfire Solaris

    Selling my solaris I'm the second owner and they were purchased on 10/28/2018 So I have all original accessories and packaging and sonically the headphones are perfect The reason I'm selling is , There are a few faint scratches on the gold surface and I would prefer to sell them while...
  21. demo-to

    [SOLD] FS Campfire Audio Solaris in mint condition

    Hello, I am selling my CA Solaris. It sounds beautiful. It was purchased on December, 3rd at The package content is complete. The condition is of course like new. Current sales price in Germany at is 1.599€ I am asking for 1.200€ paying with PayPal...
  22. I

    Campfire Audio Equinox vs other CIEMS, Solaris

    Hey everyone! This is my first post so please excuse me if there are things to improve. Would love constructive comments if you see how I can make this post better. Anyway, I currently own a Shure SE846 (only pair of IEMs) and was interest in the Campfire Audio Equinox’s. I was wondering if...
  23. KB

    Campfire - Solaris

    Dear all, Unveiling at the fall Tokyo headphone festival. More details coming, please stand by. Thank you, Ken