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Campfire Audio Equinox vs other CIEMS, Solaris

  1. icero
    Hey everyone!
    This is my first post so please excuse me if there are things to improve. Would love constructive comments if you see how I can make this post better.
    Anyway, I currently own a Shure SE846 (only pair of IEMs) and was interest in the Campfire Audio Equinox’s. I was wondering if people could give me tips on the Equinox vs other CIEMS at around the ~1000-1500 range. Additionally, how would the Equinox compare in terms of sound stage and color to the Solaris? Would the Solaris be a better buy if I’m just looking for good sound quality?
    The only source I have access to right now are my phone and a Fiio E17 (left amp/dac at home, moved out for college now).

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