1. Q

    about Volume on Sp2000 using Solaris SE

    Hi guys, find the volume 1 too loud for me using 2.5 balanced Solaris SE on Sp2000. Any suggestions?
  2. T

    new Solaris OG or used Solaris SE?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and looking for some help on Solaris (not sure if this is the right thread to ask and let me know if I should move this to elsewhere) I've been a long time user of UE TF10 (10 years) and love it for its timbre and didn't mind the V shape though I wasn't looking...
  3. chanman96

    Dog walking with Andromeda Gold, Solaris, and trusty Shure 215

    I'm not an audiophile so for those looking for a super nuanced detailed review for a buying decision, this ain't it, sorry. But if you ever wondered what a total novice would think if he/she borrowed your headphones - sans any hype, I'll share a more informed impression on this thread after...
  4. N

    Looking for my End Game IEM, confused :-( (pro/experienced help needed))

    Hello Good People First must say I love this forum, up until now just as a reader and enjoying the threads. I really need some help from the IEM experts here, where I live, there is not much reference to listening to, so when thinking about buying, I cannot try before, so I know what I'm...
  5. klash

    Cables for CA Solaris

    Hey. Recently got the Solaris and I’m looking to get a balanced cable for them. Any recommendations? I’d also like to get a cable with lightning connectors for use with iDevices, in case I get desperate and have to plug them into my phone.
  6. R

    Thoughts on Campfire Audio?...

    Hey, I’m new here, but spent a fair amount of time skulking around and reading stuff. Great to just browse, but I’m blown away by just how knowledgeable everyone is in this damn place! Anyways, I was just interested to hear people’s thoughts on Campfire Audio in general, everything Ken has...
  7. Raf2411

    CA Solaris: good match with Cowon Plenue 1?

    Hi everyone, So far, I have been using my Cowon Plenue 1 with the RHA CL1 (together with the RHA Dac/amp L1 as an amp). I keep reading (very) enthusiastic reviews about CA's Solaris IEM, and I'm more and more thinking about upgrading. However, I'm afraid that they would not be a good match...
  8. KB

    Campfire - Solaris

    Dear all, Unveiling at the fall Tokyo headphone festival. More details coming, please stand by. Thank you, Ken