1. BeerNuts

    [SOLD] Campfire Audio Solaris

    Selling my OG Solaris, they are in flawless shape no paint dings or marks. They come with their original box, paperwork, case, all eartips, and the silver litz cable. The cable was actually near used because i always used my custom 4.4. They treated me well so I treated them well! $900 Shipped...
  2. elChefe

    SOLD:::Campfire Solaris SE

    SOLD::: Letting go of these beautiful, practically brand new, Campfire Solaris SE. Decided to focus more on full size headphones recently so these haven’t gotten much use and I’d rather put the funds towards something else. ULTRA LOW HOURS.. 5-10hours max on these. Stunning abalone, zero...
  3. SteelCookie

    [FS] OG CFA Solaris + BTR5 Combo [SOLD]

    Bought these from Bloom Audio late February 2020. Audible driver flex upon insertion if that matters to you. Weird banding in the finish on the left IEM from manufacturing only visible under certain lighting and angles. First owner, non-smoker. I have a pet turtle though. Includes the leather...
  4. CL14715


    Looking for mint u12t's
  5. B

    SOLD: Campfire Audio Solaris OG - HUGE Price Drop!

    I am the second owner of a Campfire Audio Solaris. This is not the new 2020 version. Sold! It comes with the super litz cable, box, papers, leather case, CONUS only, buyer pays shipping and I will cover paypal fees. sony wm1z, sony wm1a I can throw in fiio M15 to trade as well.
  6. justsomesonyfan

    wts / fs cfa solaris OG , 1k incld paypal + shipping.

    solaris OG in used/mint condition. price is 1k w/shipping and paypal fees, or a trade for rhapsodio zombie mk2, or an ier z1r with me adding 200 usd. some accessories may be missing such as the tips that came with them and maybe some bags, but not anything major such as the cable. no hollowness...
  7. circafreedom


    Up for grabs is an excellent set of Campfire audio Solaris se. The abalone on the se are even more beautiful in person. Hate to part with but have to free up for funds a VE Elysium. I bought these from the original owner last week. Comes with everything you’d expect new. Throwing in four extra...
  8. Q

    about Volume on Sp2000 using Solaris SE

    Hi guys, find the volume 1 too loud for me using 2.5 balanced Solaris SE on Sp2000. Any suggestions?
  9. T

    new Solaris OG or used Solaris SE?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and looking for some help on Solaris (not sure if this is the right thread to ask and let me know if I should move this to elsewhere) I've been a long time user of UE TF10 (10 years) and love it for its timbre and didn't mind the V shape though I wasn't looking...
  10. BB124T


  11. Svstem

    SOLD: Campfire Audio Solaris

    For sale is my CA Solaris. Very good condition overall though the previous owner did leave a surface scratch on the left faceplate which is best seen under certain lighting/angles (I tried to capture it as best I could on the photos). Other than that, no flaws I can detect. I've owned them for...
  12. BB124T


    Brand new solaris se, not open yet. $1700 covers paypal and shipping fees. Reason for sale: I decide to buy other things,and need some cash.
  13. Tristy

    (SOLD) please delete (SOLD)

    Up for reluctant sale are my Campfire Audio Solaris Hybrid IEM's. These earphones are the best of what Campfire Audio has to offer with 4 Drivers (1 - 10mm dynamic driver and 3 BA drivers) and bests the Andromeda in every way. They put out the widest and most holographic soundstage I have heard...
  14. chanman96

    SOLD: Campfire Audio Solaris with original packaging (price drop)

    I purchased the Solaris pictured from a forum member in January 2020 along with a pair of Andromeda Golds. I like the AGs a bit better so I’m going to let these go. By my standards, I think the condition is very good but I’ll let you judge for yourself. The only blemish I see is some light...
  15. Adnan Firoze

    [SOLD] Campfire Solaris w/ Null Audio Symphonym Tiburon 8 Braid Cable

    Hi, I'm selling my "best" IEM till now. It's 2 months old in perfect condition. I have everything from in the package (stock cable, warranty card, tips, even the CA clip thingy)). Besides that I am adding a Null Audio Tiburon Upgrade Cable (4.4mm balanced)...
  16. chanman96

    Dog walking with Andromeda Gold, Solaris, and trusty Shure 215

    I'm not an audiophile so for those looking for a super nuanced detailed review for a buying decision, this ain't it, sorry. But if you ever wondered what a total novice would think if he/she borrowed your headphones - sans any hype, I'll share a more informed impression on this thread after...
  17. winterhalter

    Campfire Audio Solaris

    Campfire Audio Solaris Open box, mint condition Additional ALO Super Litz 4.4mm balanced cable included Free 2-day shipping; USA only
  18. pfurey89

    FS - Campfire Audio Solaris

    All accessories as new. Great condition, working perfectly. See photos and ask any questions. My feedback here is perfect. Asking $999 shipped ConUS via USPS priority with signature confirmation. At this time I won't ship internationally.
  19. justsomesonyfan

    -TRADED- FS/T ier z1r for trade, looking for cfa solaris only! good condition!

    -TRADED- (price includes shipping global and paypal fees!) selling/trading my ier z1r, they don't have all the tips and the white z1r box that z1r came in got torn and scuffed a bit, everything else is in terrific condition! trading because the sound is simply not for me. these come with extra...
  20. Tulku1967

    SOLD Campfire Audio Solaris

    Perfect condition. (SOLD) With all accessories and original invoice. Currently not in use. Reason for sale: I build IEMs, I don't need them. Otherwise, a very coherent IEM that can be listened to endlessly. Do not buy it with small inner ears! I have a big inner ear, so it was comfortable...
  21. pfurey89

    FS/FT - Solaris (for U12t only)

    See title, ha. Can add cash on top. I have all accessories I believe, pair is in great condition. Will sell as well for $1,075 shipped. See feedback, buy with confidence. Photos to come.
  22. T1000

    FS: Campfire Audio Solaris -SOLD-

    Hi Guys, up for sale is a Campfire Audio Solaris in a new-like condition (no scratches or anything). All original accessories are included except some of the tips i used. I am the original owner and bought them in germany in 10/2018. I’d prefer sending these within the EU, thanks. No trades...
  23. BB124T

    [SOLD]Campfire Audio Solaris

    Selling this pair of solaris. Except a scratch on the left one, it is in very good condition. I post the picture to show the scratch. The price is $999 which includes shipping fees. I will also give a new pair of acoustune AET08a eartips. I think it pairs with solaris perfectly. If you need...
  24. R

    (Found) Campfire Audio Solaris

    Hello, Looking to buy CA Solaris IEMs. Please ping me if you have one for sale. EU region only. Thanks!
  25. cr3ativ3