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CA Solaris: good match with Cowon Plenue 1?

  1. Raf2411
    Hi everyone,

    So far, I have been using my Cowon Plenue 1 with the RHA CL1 (together with the RHA Dac/amp L1 as an amp).

    I keep reading (very) enthusiastic reviews about CA's Solaris IEM, and I'm more and more thinking about upgrading.

    However, I'm afraid that they would not be a good match for the Plenue 1, as the Solaris seem to require a source with a very low impedance. I'm afraid that the Plenue 1's 3 Ohm output impedance will create hiss.

    Has someone already tested this combination?

    Could the Solaris users among us confirm the type of source that the Solaris need?

    At the end of the day, I will certainly have to simply try and figure by myself, but it would be nice if I could already have your input :)

    Thanks in advance!


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