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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. cr3ativ3
    To sad , if you have the chance to listen to the PL do it :) and you can give some Brief compare to the n6ii .
  2. Rockwell75
    I would love to...for some reason high end Cowon players are stupidly hard to get a hold of in Canada. If their next player comes with USB C I will be seriously tempted.
  3. cr3ativ3
    germany too... had to import it from italy
  4. iBo0m
    Very pleasant reading! :) I had a similar feelings about the Solaris --- surprisingly well balanced for a hybrid with a massive DD that proved in Atlas how intense and deep bass can sound.
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  5. Rockwell75
    Glad you enjoyed it man...my impressions have not changed at all in the intervening months. Totally stoked on the Cayin N6ii right now...it's a great pairing with Solaris.
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  6. iBo0m
    Ye, I totally got you :) While not being absolute best sounding for each frequency or certain instruments, the balance and wide-open sound make them an excellent all-arounder that doesn’t offend in any music genre. Like I’ve mentioned in my 2 cents only the vocals could be put more forward, but it’s maybe because of my preferences.

    I’ve heard them through Plenue S (lately, my favourite DAP), AP80 and ZX300 and overall, sound was very pleasant for a long listening (fit :X) - switching between genres without fading. Also, the pairing via phone was quite nice, I guess that the higher sensitivity contributes to listening “just from a phone”.
  7. Indeez
    I also like that review in part of its wording and impressions. Thanks for that. Next are my impressions.

    I have bought Solaris today. Unfortunately, for me Solaris seems like "Andromeda with improved bass", not as synergy of Andromeda and Atlas. In comparison to Solaris, Atlas is unbeatable. Atlas is very universal regarding genres, has fuller sound, crystal highs, great bass, spherical soundstage with very good width and depth. Very sweat IEMs. On the other hand, highs and mids of Solaris are harsh and thin. Soundstage of Solaris is not bigger than one of Atlas (that was my primary consideration). It seems like it is simulated, synthetic. I guess this is due to BA drivers.

    In sum - Solaris is mediocre IEMs. As an attempt of merging two worlds - BA and DD - it is pointless. It could be considered as evolved Andromeda, but it is far from Atlas. May be because I definitely don't like sound of BAs. Comfort of Solaris is much worse than one of Atlas - Atlas are unbeatable here too. Disappointed. Will sell my Solaris.

    I suppose that sound of Solaris could be improved after burning in. But I doubt it will be changed drastically.

    P.S.: Source is LPGT, both balanced and unbalanced outputs.
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  8. Kitechaser
    You don't like the sound of BAs, neither do I. They sound like plastic to my ear. Stick with Dynamic Drivers.
    Good luck with the sale.
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  9. Rockwell75
    It's amazing how people can have such different impressions of the same IEM. Subjectivity rules in this hobby and there's no substitute for hearing something for yourself. I love the Atlas but couldn't go back to it (or the Andro) after hearing Solaris. To each their own.
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  10. Dt1193
    Hi everyone, how is the soundstage on these? i'm a huge fan of big soundstages (lcdi4, fourte, andromeda)
  11. Dt1193
    Hi everyone, just wondering... if i already know that i will buy the andromeda no matter what, is it worth it to also get the solaris? in other words, is it worth it to have both andromeda and solaris or are they too similar that its not worth having both? thank you.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2019
  12. cantsleep Contributor

    Same for me. I consider solaris to be an upgrade from both andro and atlas, in all aspects. Only complaint that i have with solaris is the size.
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  13. hiflofi
    Have you heard the Solaris? At first, when I heard it, I thought of it as an Andromeda with improved bass. Of course, after a little more listening, it's a bit more nuanced than that and I have a untethered my opinions of both those IEMs, but it's still very good. I might suggest the Solaris instead of the Andromeda if price isn't a factor.
    To me, the Solaris has the same precise imaging, vivid highs, better bass.
    But imo one plus the Andromeda has is the stage size and some trickery with the openness (not sure what causes it for me). There is more outward diffusion of the sound with the Andromeda than Solaris, and that was the wow factor.
  14. iBo0m
    You must have your Atlas divinely burned in. To me Atlas is much more one-sidedly sounding than Solaris and Andromeda thus not convenient for every genres, don't get fooled by the single DD putting "everytjing more forward"... Also, I don't consider Solaris to be an Andromeda with better bass, to me Andro leads in mids and not just by vocals, also by higher level of details revealed. As mentioned if your preferences are in a single DDs, then it's another point of view.

    Anyway, this is what I really like - we all have different preferences thus our own IEMs charts :wink:
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  15. Indeez
    It seems that I have understood my preferences. Previously I thought that I don't like BA IEMs due to poor bass. After listening with Solaris I have eventually got it clear: no, bass is not a problem for me (and no, I'm not bass-head, after all). The main problem is BA-nature of sound versus DD-nature, in any range. While I'm impressed by bass of Atlas, at the same level I'm impressed by whole sound of Atlas. For me BA-based sound is dirty, plastic (as was mentioned above). If such sound is "higher level of details" - ok, I accept that it could be very well for BA fans. But for me it is evidence now, that I'm definitely in DD camp, not even in hybrid one :). It would be interesting for me to see (in future) hybrid IEMs from CA that have multiple DDs, and only DDs.
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