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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. Dt1193
    hi, thanks for the good information. you said the andromeda has more wow factor. the wow factor is what i want. so you are sure the andromeda has more wow factor than solaris right thanks.
  2. Tristy

    I have owned all three (still own the Atlas and Solaris) and even being somewhat of a bass head I can wholeheartedly say that the Solaris is on a whole other level compared to the Atlas AND Andromeda. Both seem two dimensional in comparison. Each have their strengths with the Atlas being more visceral and can be considered the more “fun”, the Andromeda being more clinical but having sweet and sparkly highs and the Solaris beating both out soundstage width, depth, instrument placement as well having a hefty bass and sub bass kick when the music calls for it. I couldn’t live with the Andromedas complete lack of sub bass so that’s why she had to go.... that treble is missed though.
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  3. Indeez
    Soundstage of Solaris is not wider than of Atlas. At max it is the same. Depth of Solaris soundstage is smaller, sometimes practically flat. Atlas is much deeper. Atlas provides 3D sound. Per my understanding, probably it could be imagined that soundstage of Solaris is bigger, but just because sound is thin. Bass is mediocre, highs are sandy. Overall impression is like I'm listening 128kbps MP3 via Apple EarPods. If Solaris is on another level, then that level is lower. I would stay with my Sony XBA-N3AP which are well balanced and much cheaper, rather than would buy Solaris.
  4. Tristy
    Are you sure you’ve bought a genuine pair of Solaris’s? Because your opinion goes against every one else’s on the planet that have listened to both
  5. cr3ativ3
    Sure u had a right seal ? cause this is pure bull**** :D sorry
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  6. Indeez
    Yes, I'm sure. I auditioned Solaris two months ago and had the same impression. But at that time I used Mojo as source. Also it was the demo, and I listened them very briefly. That time I thought that this is problem with my source as, with tips, and IEMs are probably not burned in. Now I have tried several tips - all from Solaris package plus Comply Comfort. Most suitable for me are CA Marshmallow and Comply. Also, Mojo, while hisses with Solaris, is better than LPGT.
  7. Tristy
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but me, along with many others who have owned / extensively tested both have opposing opinions. I’m inclined to believe you either have a faulty pair or you're a full blown bass head and any IEM with any midrange presence would be considered “thin” to you.
  8. Rockwell75
    rutter is that you?

    The first thing that impressed me about Solaris (coming from Atlas) is its holographic imagery and massive soundstage...it's not even close. Atlas feels almost cramped in comparison (I still love it though).
  9. Indeez
    Ok, it could be well that my expectations were different from what Solaris addresses. I expected to obtain improved Atlas, but have obtained mod of Andromeda. I don’t understand what Solaris has in common with Atlas. Yes, there is the same DD, but “DD” does not mean “Atlas”. And Atlas not just about bass.
  10. Kitechaser
    It's not just the BA plastic timbre, it's the incoherent integration of the drivers.
    To my ears all hybrids sound jilted, like the sound is coming from a bunch of different drivers, which it is.
    Some people pick up on it, and ignore it, others can't hear it at all.
    If I had to guess, that is what you are hearing. Single drivers in my estimation, just how I hear it, are superior in more ways than one.
    This isn't just a Solaris problem, the Sony IER-Z1R has an even bigger issue with this, and this is why the mids stand out like a sore thumb.
    To me this is why reviews are useless, we all have different hearing and tastes, and it is incredibly important to try these iems for yourself.
    The next wave of triple driver hybrids give me a headache just thinking about them (electrostat, BA, DD all mixed in one).
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  11. Indeez
    It seems like most precise description of what I am feeling! Many thanks for explanation! :)
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  12. fzman Contributor
    I own the Vega and the Solaris, and have heard and like the Atlas and the Andromeda, the latter of which I never quite 'got' until I had the Azla tips for my giant ear canals... That said, they all present the music in different ways, equally well, but different. They all have a family resemblance to each other, as KB makes them to sound right with real acoustic instruments, i.e., they are all quite coherent and have great timbral accuracy. If I had megabucks, I would happily own them all, and swap them out from time to time. I like dynamic drivers, and prefer single drivers to arrays, hybrid or otherwise. That said, there's more than one right way to make good sound.
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  13. Kitechaser
    Completely agree. Now tell that to the reviewers that rank iems, and trash ones with frequency responses that don't stick to arbitrary curves. :)
    I know, still beating a dead horse :deadhorse::deadhorse:
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2019
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  14. EarDrumExplode
    just finished my first song on my Solaris's, Tool's 10,000 days part 2 (favorite song) and I'm playing Simon and Garfunkel's The only living ln NY. I don't remember them sounding so good at CanJam NYC
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  15. Jackpot77
    Rankings should always be taken with the requisite ton of salt - its just one person's preference or idea of ideal sound, written down for others to see.

    Using scientific method in reviewing can be useful, but to me is inherently problematic because you are trying to use measurement to describe something arbitrary that's is interpreted by the brain. For example, you can accurately tell how loud or quiet something is (science), but some people prefer listening louder than others, so you can't predict how two people listening to the same track at the same volume will react without knowing their personal preferences.

    Also, you can accurately measure wavelengths of light to identify what colour something is, but how can you know what two different people actually "see" in their minds eye when they look at it - their brain may present two entirely different looking "colours" to the different people.

    Long winded way of saying measurements can be useful, but never more useful than actually listening to something to see if it sounds good. Also, preference is almost as big a connotation as performance when you get into the higher end IEM market - everything is pretty good, but it may not be good for everyone.
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