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FS: Andromeda S # 1990/2000

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by candlejack, Aug 13, 2019.
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  1. candlejack
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Europe
    For sale are my Campfire Audio Andromeda S limited edition (s/n 1990/2000).

    Condition is absolutely pristine (please see pictures below), with less than a month of very careful use. This is one of the last sets made by Campfire Audio, so presumably all the early production kinks had been ironed out by that point. All original accessories are included.

    I originally bought the Andromeda S new (s/n 321/2000) in Nov 2018 (15 months of warranty remaining). I requested a repair in March 2019 because the R side would make a clicking sound whenever the pressure in the enclosure decresed, e.g. when tilting the head to the right. Campfire replaced my old set with this brand new one in April 2019. I used it almost every day for about a month until I received the IER-Z1R. I love both these IEMs, but the IER-Z1R fits my taste a bit better. I was also able to find an EQ for the Z1R which gets me close to the vocal presentation of the Andromeda S, so I cannot justify keeping both any longer.

    - 830 Euro (price reflects age, condition, collectibility and serial number)
    - PayPal fees are included

    - Free Shipping to Western Europe (other regions possible at extra cost)

    About the pictures:
    - Photos were taken just before posting this classified.
    - High resolution macros: they show more than you can see with the naked eye.
    - The blue stuff you see around the screw heads are bits torn from the microfiber cloth I used to clean IEMs (I didn't notice it until I opened the images on my monitor).
    - Two shots were taken in each position, one with near focus and the other with far focus, to make sure that all details can be seen clearly.

    Thanks for looking!

    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
  2. candlejack

    AndroS_17.JPG AndroS_16.JPG AndroS_26.JPG AndroS_15.JPG AndroS_21.JPG AndroS_20.JPG AndroS_19.JPG AndroS_18.JPG AndroS_25.JPG AndroS_14.JPG AndroS_24.JPG AndroS_13.JPG AndroS_23.JPG AndroS_22.JPG
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  3. candlejack
    More pics

    AndroS_07.JPG AndroS_06.JPG AndroS_05.JPG AndroS_04.JPG AndroS_10.JPG AndroS_09.JPG AndroS_08.JPG AndroS_03.JPG AndroS_02.JPG AndroS_12.JPG AndroS_01.JPG AndroS_11.JPG AndroS_00.JPG
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  4. twiceboss
    What these are eye candies! Hope you will love your new andros gold :wink:
  5. candlejack
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  6. polarbipolar
    PM sent!
  7. akared
  8. candlejack
  9. candlejack
  10. candlejack
    Price drop.
  11. candlejack
  12. ZeDuK
    PM !
  13. BananaOoyoo
  14. candlejack
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