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Are grados the best headphones for rock music? Will i need a headphone amp to reach there full potential our will i be fine with my ipod touch?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rocksounds18, Jul 23, 2012.
  1. Rocksounds18
    I dont know much about headphone amps or even these nice headphones since this will be my first time purchasing one. Can someone please fill me up to date on the best headphones(closed or open) for rock music like alterbridge, creed, shinedown, digital summer, stereoside, etc. Also when i do buy a pair do a need to buy a amp for them our can i just use my ipod touch? Ive heard good reviews on grados, sennheisers and shures. 
  2. GL1TCH3D
    Do you have a reference point for what you like?
    Some people don't like grados, others do.
    That being said, I did enjoy my grados for the short time I had them for rock. (Grado SR325i)
  3. Rocksounds18
    Ive heard that grados are uncomfortable but i less care for that and care more for the sound. Im kind of lost because theres so many options. Maybe you could help piont me in a direction. thanks
  4. GL1TCH3D

    It depends on what model you're going for.
    I had the Sr325i and after 3 hours it was pretty unbearable.
    I ended up buying the bowl pads for them but the sound became thin and almost tinny so I ended up selling them.
  5. Rocksounds18
    whats your take on sennheisers like the hd380 pro or do you and any suggestions?
  6. GL1TCH3D

    I don't listen to much rock anymore.
    I've also never heard the hd 380 so I can't comment on that.
    My best recommendation would be to go audition headphones at a local store if at all possible. You'll get an idea of what kind of sound signature you prefer.
  7. obobskivich
    I don't know about the HD 380, but I will say that Grado headphones are among the best overall at musicality and tonal balance - don't buy the myth that they're only for rock and roll. Having said that, they do very well with rock and roll. Comfort is a bit touchy to describe - I think the SR-325 are too heavy and sound too bright, but found the SR-225 to be perfectly comfortable, and I regularly wear my RS-1 for hours and hours on-end (like any other headphone).

    Tell me what you're planning on plugging them into, and we'll talk about amps.

    As far as other open-back headphones that will do good with rock or overall, will lead you to the Koss ESP/950, AKG K701, Sony MDR-F1, and perhaps the Ultrasone PRO2900 or HFI-2400 if you don't mind the extra bass and treble (in the case of the 2900).

    Closed-back is a bit more contentious - I don't like a lot of closed cans, because a lot of them do something very wrong. The Kenwood KH-K1000 are probably my favorite, and do everything well, but are somewhat heavy. For less money (and less weight), the Bose QC15 aren't a terrible choice to look at, the same goes for the Sennheiser HD 280 and Koss R/80. The Denon AH-D2000 were/are (they're being closed out right now) also worth looking at, but availability will probably be a problem moving forwards.

    And before you say anything about prices: yes I realize the price-range of the models I just mentioned is literally all over the place. Price doesn't correlate to performance in absolute terms.

    Just saw the full title in the URL - you mentioned an iPod touch (it's also "their" not "there");

    Of the models I suggested/mentioned:
    The Grados will have no problem, the same will hold true for the Denon, Kenwood, Bose, Sony, and Koss sets, the Sennheiser and Ultrasone sets *should* do fine, but I haven't ever confirmed. The AKG will very likely work fine, but I'm maybe one of four people that will tell you that, so be prepared to be sold on an amplifier. :xf_eek:

    With the Koss ESP, I would suggest an LOD to feed the E/90.
  8. wallace
    I suggest you get a pair of Grado SR80i's,still my favourites.You won't loose much if you don't like them.Better than any Senns for rock.My old pair work fine around the house straight out of my walkman,unamped. THIS COULD BE THE START OF AN EXPENSIVE JOURNEY,Have fun,and remember ,upgrading is all in the mind......[​IMG]
  9. Douger333
    I have been a Grado fan for many years. You are not mentioning a budget, and I don't know how much an ipod will drive. Grados are great for rock, and after they break in they handle a lot of different types of music. Do you have access to a dealer who could help guide you?
    The comfort issue  can be dealt with either by bending the topband or substituting pads. Can you give an idea of what price range would work for you?
  10. Rocksounds18
    i was thinking max 200 dollars. i heard the 225i are good. since you have experince whats your opinion on the right one. also whats a good headphone amp for little cash that i could get?
  11. SanJoseCanJunkie
    You absolutely want a Grado over a HD380.  I haven't heard a 225i (only the MS1i and RS1i/RS2i), but an RS1 sounds fine out of an iPod touch (a bit bright with a bit less bass, compared with my tube desktop amp).
    I would recommend a MS1i (Alessandro, but it's a modified Grado SR80i SR125i).  If you get them, and find that there isn't enough juice or enough bass from your iPod (unlikely, unless you are deaf), you can get a PA2V2 for like $40 bucks (maybe $50??), and you'll be really rocking for well under your budget.
    Keep in mind that the Grados are open headphones, so will not be good outside unless you live in the wilderness.  I don't know what a good closed headphone would be for your tastes, but I KNOW that a 380 is not going to be it; I know that people have different tastes, but I absolutely detested those headphones when I had them.
  12. Douger333
    225i is a very good set, may need a little break in. Check other opinions about amps.
  13. tme110
    just be warned that there is no such thing as best and everyone likes things differently.  I personally love grado's and listen to them with everything.  Many poeple who complain about grado's comfort are poeple who listen to them for several hours - which I rarely do.  I like the 325's but they are also the heaviest (all metal) which makes them more prone to becoming uncomfortable.  My Rs-1's by comparison are so light I can barely tell they are there and I'm not sure why they would become uncomfortable. You do not need an amp for grado's, esp models under the 325, but it will help - so you can keep that as a future upgrade.  Grado's are low impedance and very sensitive but an amp will still make it better.  Though honestly most rock albums are recorded so poorly that the improved transients etc that an amp can give you (with better mastered music) may not be all that noticeable....YMMV....
  14. LCfiner

    I've had a bunch of grados. for 200 bucks I would recommend the 225 sure.

    But, if you're willing to buy used, I would get the Alessandro ms2 for about the same price. I think those are some of the best ones ive heard. I was not a big fan of the 325, though. Too aggressive.

    And for the 225 and lower numbered headphones, I would go to ttvj audio.com and buy a pair of flat pads for 35 bucks. (I dont think these work that great on the ms2). These will increase bass presence, make highs less harsh and Mids sweeter, they will also shrink the soundstage compared to bowls on the 225.
  15. TK277
    I had the SR-225i and found they performed phenomenally for classic rock. I was satisfied with the other genres of rock and other genres in general. Their discomfort, however, made my ears feel on fire after 30 minutes to one hour, and in the end, I didn't really need them; I sold my pair to someone who would appreciate them more. If you go Grado I suggest buying the 80i as they are praised as almost identical up to the 325i models in the line. If you think you've got an interest in modding, go with the 60i to further save money. If you go with the 225i anyway, buy an adapter with it because Grado does not supply the adapter necessary for using mini jacks on computers and iDevices.

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