1. daniel0407

    What Headphones buy this December?

    Hi! I am looking for a new par of headphones to buy this December. I currently have the Sennheiser HD 558 and until now I am very happy with the sound when pair with the Ipod Classic without amplification.   The ideal headphone to me should be relatively easy to drive, circumaural open...
  2. draacor

    The search continues

    Ok last time I left off i returned the Grado SR80i because of comfort and sound leakage.  I returned the ATHM50s because of comfort.  Now I am returning the K550 because of fit.  I love the sound of these cans but i cant get them to fit snug on my head for the life of me.  I even tried bending...
  3. Profoundsoup

    Best closed back headphones for $600 or less without "Sharp" Treble

    Title says it all :)
  4. nangryo

    Mini review of Govibe Vulcan+ The Versatile Headamp with Hardware EQ! + the Mod!

    I'm sorry if the review is not adequate. So that's why I called them mini review. This is purely my impression, so forgive me if there's a lot of miss spoken word in my review   Not to be mistaken with Govibe Vulcan that has DAC and Amp, Vulcan+ only is an amp only unit, and also more...
  5. wnmnkh

    AKG K551, Kenwood KH-K1000

    Recently I have obtained Shure closed headphones, and it fits the purpose better than my other closed headphones. Price shown below is CONUS. Need to discuss if it is international shipping. K551 : Near mint condition with original packaging. I am seeking $130 including shipping and paypal...
  6. Gorkem

    Returned AKG K550 and VmodaM100. Would really appreciate some feedback for my search!!!

    Hi Everyone,   This is a follow-up to my previous post regarding choosing in between AKG K550 and Vmoda M100. I bought both and was hoping to choose one to conclude my research for a semi-portable headphone. Unfortunately, I returned both. My requirements were:   Best sound quality I...
  7. always learning

    Kenwood KH-K1000 at a fair price

    If it's time for you to move on from your Kenwood KH-K1000 at a fair price, please send me a PM. Thanks, Ken in Seattle
  8. seqasim

    Kenwood KH-K1000 or ATH W1000X ?

    I have been STRUGGLING with this decision for some time now. Both can come in at the same price (399.99).   My current setup: Laptop -> Audioquest Dragonfly -> Schiit Lyr -> HD650/DT990 Premium   I am looking something that complements the HD650, especially in terms of making my female...
  9. bthall

    Most Comfortable full sized Headphones

    It would be interesting for everyone to list their THREE most comfortable cans they've ever worn.... BarryT
  10. gamingdave

    Narrowed my short-list down to 4 of the common favourites but have some specific questions

    I am looking for advice concerning a new purchase of some closed back headphones. The primary use will be in an office environment during the day, but they will also be used for travelling and possibly some late night gaming or film watching. I currently own a pair of Sennheiser HD 595 which are...
  11. CFabian

    FS: Kenwood KH-K1000

      My Kenwood KH-K1000 is up for grabs. This is a great sounding pair of headphones that I don't feel have received enough recognition. To my ears these are better all-rounders than popular mainstays in their price category like the K701 or HD650 (I've heard both the older and newer variants of...
  12. mike1127

    imaging: Hifiman orthos versus K1000

    I used to own a K1000 and I remember that it had superb "outside the head" imaging. I sold it a while back. I just picked up a Hifiman HE-500 and I'm impressed with the imaging, and it does get "outside the head" and feel "open" almost to the degree the K1000 did, but it's been a while since I...
  13. carlchip78

    SOLD Kenwood KH-K1000

    SOLD These headphones are in perfect condition. Purchased from AudioCubes for $400 a couple of weeks ago and only used for a few hours. Warranty till October 2013.
  14. daveDerek

    For Sale: Kenwood KH-K1000

    i'm placing my kenwood kh-k1000s up for sale. they are in excellent shape and i have the original box.  they are considered to be one of the best closed non-uber cans, sort of like a closed sennheiser hd650. they are also very comfy. price is $280 + shipping (+ paypal fees if non-gift) - conus...
  15. hekeli

    Kenwood KH-K1000 (EU) (excellent closed phones, nearly new)

    Parting with my dear Kenwood's, since I have really no use for them.. and my LCD-2's require cash. ;-)   Generally considered one of the best closed mid-fi cans (maybe think of HD650 as closed).   This is the main discussion thread:  ...
  16. idratherbeflyin

    Kenwood KH-K1000

    Looking for some excellent condition Kenwood KH-K1000's to try instead of my AKG K550's (which lack bass to me).   PM me if you would like to sell/trade. PayPal only; shipping to CA or local meet in the Sacramento/bay Area regions.   The K550's have about 3 hours on them but no box...
  17. Mad Dude

    *SOLD * Kenwood KH-K1000, excellent condition *price includes shipping* -- final price drop

    * SOLD *     * Price includes shipping within Europe. Buyers outside of Europe, please ask for a shipping quote *   Hello Head-Fi'ers,   Up for sale is this beautiful pair of Kenwood KH-K1000. I am the second owner; I bought these from a fellow Head-Fier who originally purchased...
  18. psu63

    Kenwood KH-K1000

    I would like to hear comments from users of Kenwood KH-K1000 headphones.   Someone say that they resemble Sennheiser 650?   I have sony mdr cd3000   If Kenwoods are half as goos as the sony I buy it ;-)
  19. DaveBSC

    Kenwood KH-K1000

    I'm no longer using my Kenwood KH-K1000 so I've decided to put them up for sale. These are comparable to the Denon D5000 but have a more forgiving treble region. They are also probably the most comfortable headphones I've ever tried. Condition is perfect.   Asking $200 shipped, anywhere in...
  20. ColinC

    Best Closed Can, Wide Sound stage, Good bass response Headphones? UNDER 250

         I am currently running a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M 50's. They sound very good, but their sound stage is pretty much non existent, and I find the bass to lack quite a bit. I listen to a lot of atmospheric, chill step, mellow indie, dubstep, and trance music with a little bit of pop / rap...
  21. H

    Is B&W P5 worth it?

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, so I'm still a Dummie on headphones.   I have a Bose AE2 and since I saw the P5 I've been thinking if it's really worth it for 300 bucks if I paid 150 on the AE2s. I don't really care for noise isolation. And I wanted a headphone for home use and the sound...
  22. Fedelesk

    Looking for HD280 upgrade, similar sound much higher price range wanted

    First, please forgive me I did recently just post, but I wasn't able to edit my thread (was too much text before). Right now I own the hd280s, I have for years and absolutely love them. But about a year ago I decided upgrade time, and got some BeyerDynamic DT880s. Back when I got these I was...
  23. eifersucht

    Headphones to compliment my HD598's (ie make up for lack of bass)

    I love my Sennheiser 598's but I feel for certain types of music they are lacking in bass.  I'm looking for headphones that would go well as a contrast to these headphones, with a budget of up to $300 but not a hard limit.
  24. Gilly87

    My new quest: full size cans to match my SM3

    Hey all, I've been mostly into IEMs for the 2 years I've been on Head-Fi, and I've got pretty much everything I want in that department, but I'm beginning to dabble with a friend in producing electronic music, so I want to take it to the next level and get a real full-size can.   I have 3...
  25. Xcuz

    You decide Head-Fi.

    Right now I currently own the ATH-M50's and XB500's. I'm looking for something that has detailed sound quality like the M50's, but they lack some bass(to me atleast). I got used to the bass on the XB500's and I'm a basshead, but I also love outstanding sound quality. So, maybe something similar...