1. Almost Tactful

    Have Been Rocking Some 250OHM DT770's - Love Them But Looking For More

    Hey everyone, I've been using a pair of DT770's like the title says and I started on a PA2v2 amp, and moved over to my Sony DG800 as my amp for now. I'm looking at picking up a Schiit Valhalla and another set of cans. I love my 770's but I'm looking for more low end, they need to be a closed can...
  2. noosphere

    Good closed headphones for office use?

    I have a pair of Grado SR-80s that have done me well for several years, but of course they have an open design so my coworker is able to hear my music. I'm looking for a decent set of closed headphones to use in the office, for ~$200-250 or so. I mostly listen to metal, and don't really want...
  3. S

    Lawton Audio modded, Denon AH-D2000s!

    First post! Hi my name is Troy. Title describes the cans in my current "portable" setup.   The setup being: 5(.5)th gen iPod Fiio L9 (or L11 for charge and play) pa2v2 (Thanks Gary!) LA M-D2ks (Thanks Mark and Lawton Audio Team!)   Not that I actually listen to the huge cans...
  4. Chics LI

    Amp Question

    I use an Apple iPod Classic and Grado PS500 . I am thinking about buying a PA2V2 portable amp. Am I wasting my money on this amp or should I go with something else, (not too expensive). My music tastes are all over the map.I am happy with my setup but an amp should make listening even more...
  5. Russell Tan

    Apple Earpods Review

    The Apple Earpods are packaged wonderfully. A step up from the cheap plastic wrap that Apple used to use. These are packaged in a wonderful plastic box, expertly wound to exhibit all of the plastic craftsmanship and quirky design. These definitely are better than the old Apple earbuds. For...
  6. A

    Need something cheap with an inline controller/mic

    Something for the gym and in bed listening. Don't wanna spend more than $50 if I don't really need to. Source will be an iPhone 5 at the gym or amping through a pa2v2 or E17 in bed. Currently using Apple Earpods and they aren't good obviously.
  7. Empire

    Ghost/Unknown Headphones?

    My friend and I recently dug up old headphones from a box (moved), and we found these Audio Technica ATH - L2s..tried googling or binging them, no results whatsoever, no even an image, and yet not even on Head-Fi or in their vintage phones section... Here are some pictures. They sound decent...
  8. imranh101

    Want to use E11 as a permanently-plugged-in solution. Ideas?

    So, I have an old E11 that I used to use when at school and such. No longer at school it hasnt been used for a while.    Want to use it so I can use headphones w/ TV but that would require me to charge it then un plug it all the time. Would rather just be able to plug it into a USB port on my...
  9. shak85

    Best headphone amp for bass fan (electronic music , rnb , and rock music)

    Hello   I need your wisdom to choose an amp for me . I have bass headphones , hippo vb , vsonic gr02 and xiaomi piston . I was wondering which amp of these will help me get the full potential of my headphones .   I already ordered pa2v2 but i heard that it doesn't give much bass boost . I'm...
  10. shak85

    A question about amp changing sound

    Hello everyone. I m new to portable amps and i have a question. An amp basically amplifies the volume without distorting it . I have hippo vb which are basically for bassheads. Is it possible when connected to an amp to make the bass less impactful? I mean can an amp change the sound of hippo...
  11. mendiola

    Chipamp vs Cmoy

    I have a lm4880 headphone amplifier and I want to know if a cmoy with an opamp opa2134 will sound better than a lm4880 or a TPA152 chips ?
  12. shak85

    Need suggestion for 300usd IEM

    Hello . I want to buy a new set iem for about 300usd. I want sound to be detailed and have clarity . I listen mostly to rock and edm music. Fit is also important since i use the small foam tips on all the iem i have. So iem for big ears wont have a good fit on mine i believe. I have portable...
  13. kurt_fire

    Best ~$30 mini to mini (3.5mm) interconnect?

    I'll be using this cable to run from my computer soundcard to my headphone amp, a PA2V2. My headphones are MS-1s. As of now I'm torn between these two: Cardas 1M Mini to Mini cable from HeadRoom.com --> http://www.headphone.com/products/ca...mini-cable.php and a Blue Jeans Cable custom...
  14. Macmuffin

    Cheaper Amp

    Does anyone know of any half way decent amps that can be plugged into a sound card that will not break the bank?     I am new to all this so please bear with me.     Thanks
  15. manufelices

    Looking for a ultraportable amp

    Hi! Any good ultraportable amp for my iphone/ipod (no Fiio)?? Thanks!!
  16. thecowslayer

    Looking for a good portable headphone amp...

    Hey everyone, I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 pro headphones, and I've notice that the bass seems low when listening through my iphone, and is also a bit quieter when listening through my computer. I was wondering if anyone here has a good recommendation for portable headphone amps, for both...
  17. burtontrail

    DJ Audio Interfaces vs. audiophile DACs

    Hi folks,   I was wondering why people spend so much money on their DAC for a headphone while DJs fill clubs with sound using audio interfaces. Generally, they seem to cost more, but there are audio interfaces for 600 bucks that give you 10 channels. So on the price, the DJ audio interfaces...
  18. commando

    Recommend the cheapest amp that's not awful for Mad Dog/Foxtex T50RP with Android phone

    I have a good setup at home (DAC/MisterX PPA/LCD2) but I'm looking for something cheap and not too nasty for work. Mains powered, very compact so I can lock it away if required, preferably in the $50 to max $100 price range. It will feed the Mad Dog modified T50RPs, which I'll only buy if I can...
  19. craziplaya21

    Would a Pa2v2 be good enough for HE-400

    Just ordered an HE-400 off headamps for $300. I currently have a Pa2v2 amp from http://www.electric-avenues.com/amplifiers.html that I have been using with my PC350. Would the two pair well?
  20. Halonoonan

    Help me pick out my Christmas headphones

    Looking to get new headphones that will be played from my iphone. I'm looking for something with good bass and soundstage. Can be open or closed. Listen yo variety of music, but especially metal (I love Opeth). Been looking at: Hifiman He 400 X1 Beyer 880 Price range less than $400. Will...
  21. theIEMguy

    best portable amp under 100$ to use for IEMs

    Hi, I'd like to purchase a portable amp for my IEMs to use with my iphone under three digits because I'm trying to put money aside for a trip in asia . post your suggestions on this thread
  22. tanner116

    Hifiman HE-400 with a PA2v2?

    Hello there! I'm looking into purchasing a pair of Hifiman HE-400's. I know they are very efficient and can be driven easily, but I'm still wondering. So, will a PA2v2 drive the HE-400's well? If not, would an O2 do any better? Please let me know! Thanks.
  23. Andy Andy

    Hi Everyone!

    Hello everyone! It's very good to be able to post a thread for the first time in Head-fi.org, considering i have been lingering this website for years seeking for general knowledge of audio reproduction :D.   English isn't my first language, so please excuse any errors, i'm trying my best...
  24. ChrisCaubin

    Fiio E11 vs E10 vs E7 vs E6 vs PA2V2 Headphones Amplifier vs Bravo Audio V2

    Hi, I have an extremely strict budget, and these amps are my current options. I may build a CMoy, but for now it is between the aforementioned. It is a bonus if it is portable (E11, E7, E6 and PA2V2 Headphones Amplifier). But if it isn't, and the sound quality is far superior, I would make the...
  25. mrarroyo

    38 Portable Amps Review

    It has been about 9 months since Rob (Vorlon1) and I did a portable amp comparison. Since then I have had an idea of going back and adding additional amps. I hope that the additional listening time and perspective of all these months allows us to provide a better insight especially as we all...