1. Maciek1988

    Koss R80 - What do you think about them?

    I can get them for about 60 bucks. Are they worth it?
  2. durden

    New on ear headphones

    Hey guys. I'm looking at moving into the on ear realm of headphones. All through college, I was into IEM's and got excellent recommendations from you all as to what set would best suit my taste. So I'm looking at something around $50 US, on Amazon (as I have gift cards to spend). I listen to...
  3. fairlycrass

    Closed headphone recommendations, under $50.

    Looking for some advice on closed headphones.  My wife and I share a home office (3 feet apart), and I need something to drown out the little, distracting noises, so I would like something that is sealed well.  I listen to just about anything, music-wise, and appreciate decent sound.  I have...
  4. SoulShocked123

    Need Help for choosing two awesome headphones

    Hi, i am stuck at a a stalemate between the ATH-M50's and the Shure SRH750 DJ i read tons of reviews on both of them and just cant seem to reach a decision. I am not a bass head i want clarity over bass basically i would like headphones that are not muddy i understand that under 200$ is a small...
  5. xzifi

    Neutral headphones under 50$

    I'm looking for a neutral headphone under 50$. I know there aren't alot of options at that price, but that's what I got. I mostly listen to electronic music, and while I know a bass oriented headphone might fit my preferences more, I don't like headphones that emphatize bass as the mids sound...
  6. jorich

    Some questions about the QC15

    Right now I am using a pair of Bose QC15. A friend of my dad gave them to me a couple months ago. He had lost the original cable that Bose makes for them so I went and picked up a Belkin Auxiliary cable so I could try em out(mainly cause I'm lazy and impatient and didn't feel like waiting for em...
  7. please22

    Choosing between ATH M50 vs Philips Fidelio L1

    I hesitated to post, wasn't sure as a newbie with a low post count but here goes...   I was over at Headfonia looking for versatile phones that don't leak much, are more closed than open, and that I'll be wearing around town. I listen to less aggressive rock, electronic (trance), movie...
  8. Itskewl42

    Lookin for sub $50 headphones

    I have radius atomic bass 2s which i am very happy with but i want some over ears and my knowledge of those goes about as far as some $30 skullcandys. I listen to rap/reggae/house/dubstep so i want really good bass but i need clarity too. Thats about it but please actually own these before you...
  9. headsounds

    New to the world of headphones! Don't have a single pair of my own, looking to buy!

    Cliff Notes: I want to aquire comfortable, closed, around the ear headphones that have an emphasis on range and balance, clarity and imaging only using 100 dollars. Is this possible? How?     I hope that these kind of threads aren't terribly common, or frustrating....   So I've already...
  10. Pierrel

    Most bang for 200$ ?

    I'm new to the Head-FI world, but I've had a few years going with a speaker and amp setup. Due to some circumstances (sold the Amp and speakers) I've began to think about getting a head phone setup. I now need your help and input to make the most out of the 200$ budget I've set. This is the...
  11. Rapalino

    Some advice about Grado headphones

    Hello, forum. I'm pretty new around here and I don't have any experience in this forum, so, if this thread is misplaced, feel free to put it where it is supposed to be. Well, here's the thing: I'm thinking to buy some headphones, a good-quality ones actually, and I'm not very familiarized...
  12. squirrelboy1210

    need for warm headphones

    k after extending my collection a bit, i have to say i am totally not cool with bright headphones, especially since they hurt your ears at higher volumes. what i'm looking for are warm, full sized, closed headphones, with clear (but not too bright) treble and punchy bass. any suggestions?
  13. Erikk

    Need advice for over ear headphones for son

    I'd like to get my 8 year old a pair of over the ear headphones for his birthday. He saw the Monster, I think beats, headphones in a commercial and got all excited for them...
  14. binman13

    Budget quality headphones

    Hi, I know this is going to make people stew, but I am looking for a pair of quality sound headphones around the $80 mark. I dont care about the looks, (well, to the point it can be worn in public) and I am looking mainly for sound quality. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :D
  15. Rocksounds18

    Are grados the best headphones for rock music? Will i need a headphone amp to reach there full potential our will i be fine with my ipod touch?

    I dont know much about headphone amps or even these nice headphones since this will be my first time purchasing one. Can someone please fill me up to date on the best headphones(closed or open) for rock music like alterbridge, creed, shinedown, digital summer, stereoside, etc. Also when i do buy...
  16. Rocko1

    Looking for the next level in budget cans...

    Having little experience(or cash) with cans I bought the Panasonic RP-HTF600 and really enjoy them. I plan on giving these to my dad and wanted to know what the next step(small?) up in great budget cans is. $45 is my max. Like the bass and smooth highs of the HTF600's. Is there something a bit...
  17. NickAcrobat

    Best headphones for 50 bucks?

    My choices are skullcandy Hesh, skullcandy Agents, Koss UR50, or Koss R80.   If anyone knows of anything better than these close to $50-$60 please let me know.   Im looking for a headphone that covers the ear, with minimal leakage, and low frequency response like less than 20 Hz. Thanks.
  18. Alexium

    Monitor headphones under $200 - are there any?

    Greetings!   I'm quite new to the world of hi-fi headphones. Until now I only have had 2 models worth mentioning: Koss KSC75 and KOSS R/80, and I have also listened to a bit more expensive Grado SR60i. That pretty much covers all my experience with headphones. I think I'm ready to purchase...
  19. jump3r

    how to delete the post?

    pls delete my post
  20. Jim McC

    Koss R80 owners

    What is your opinion of these headphones? How is the overall sound, bass, comfort? I'm looking for a budget, full size can for home theater use. Price is $34 shipped. Thanks.
  21. HyenaPrime

    URGENT!!! Need good sounding, comfortable headphones for EDM, Rock, and Rap (UNDER $100)

    I am trying to come up with a pair of headphones to ask for for Christmas. I will mainly be listening to EDM, Rap, and Rock. They NEED to meet this criteria: They need to be very comfortable. They need to have crisp sound quality. They need to be just bassy enough (I want to hear those...
  22. Scheisskopf

    Big, comfy closed headphones under $150

    Any recommendations? I've tried the Sony MDR V6 and Creative Aurvana Live, and found them too tight/uncomfortable. My main priorities are 1) low clamping force, 2) large/very large ear cups, 3) thick padding, and 4) excellent comfort for long usage. I'm basically looking for a closed version of...
  23. Gensou

    <$50 Home headphones

    My Pannies HTF600 broke so I am shopping for something a little bit better but at not much higher cost.    I use the Xonar DG soundcard if that matters, it has a built in amp for headphones. I game occasionally:Dota2, Smite, APB, etc. Listen to music: Prog./Alt. Rock, Trance, DnB Watch...
  24. Koss R-80 Home Headphones

    Koss R-80 Home Headphones

    Koss R80 is a home headphones set that is designed for use in the home, with home electronics.PRODUCT FEATURES:Dynamic Element construction utilizes neodymium iron boron magnet structures for accurate acoustic sound reproduction;Oxygen Free copper voice coils for signal clarity;Extra large...