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Lookin for sub $50 headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by itskewl42, Sep 16, 2012.
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  1. Itskewl42
    I have radius atomic bass 2s which i am very happy with but i want some over ears and my knowledge of those goes about as far as some $30 skullcandys. I listen to rap/reggae/house/dubstep so i want really good bass but i need clarity too. Thats about it but please actually own these before you recomend them. You could lead me onto ones that you hear are good but im looking for solid facts. Thanks for your help♋
  2. obobskivich
    The Koss R/80 are decent sub-$50 performers, and one of the few sub-$100 headphones that I like. I'd also look at the >$50 category with something like the Creative Aurvana Live! or M-Audio Q40.
  3. Slickman
    I hear the monoprice DJ headphones are very good for the price. They're the same exact headphone as the one that kicker makes.

  4. Supertoaster
    Where are you going to be using it? Home or traveling?
    I'm going to say the Panasonic RP-HTF600-S for home use and the Monoprice listed above if portability is a concern.
  5. CashNotCredit
    JVC HA-S400. It's about $5 out of your price bracket. I own the slightly higher priced, but similarly regarded HA-S500s, and they are wonderful. They have an extremely punchy bass, but awesome mids, treble, and soundstaging. The one thing that isn't very fun about them is that you have to get them imported from Japan, as they haven't been released in the US yet, and any returns will have RIDICULOUS shipping charges, but for sound like this for $50, you really can't go wrong.
  6. Itskewl42
    Theyre gonna be for home but dj style would be nice. Is there really that much of a difference in size? The ones i woud want woul be the one with the best sound period
  7. Itskewl42
    One more wuestion: would a cheap amp like a fiio e3 or e5 really help anythig like bass or sound? I know cheap ones wont improve quality but how much would they improve bass and volume?O
  8. CashNotCredit
    I have the M50s, the Philips Uptowns, the Brainwavs HM5s (identical clones made by the same company), and have gotten to demo several other $100+ cans. The HA-S500 demolishes all of them, and the HA-S400 is said to be just as good. The HA-S500s don't need an amp, so I don't think the 400s will either. They are on-ear, not over ear, but are comfy because they don't clamp much.
  9. Itskewl42
    Ol so ive got it down to monoprice DJs panasonic htf600s and jvc has400
  10. Itskewl42
    So has anyone tried all of these and which ones are the best
  11. Supertoaster
    the Panasonics have better sound then the monoprice. I have heard nothing on the JVC
  12. Slickman
    I hear nothing but good things about the Panasonics, I might get a pair as I wait for my Terminator V4's to be made. 
  13. Itskewl42
    ya im probly gonna go for the panasonics and a FiiO E6 amp unless i hear some really compelling arguments for the JVCs or against the E6
  14. Supertoaster
    why an amp? The panasonics dont need an amp and dont benefit much from one.
  15. Itskewl42
    Really? My radius atomics BLEW THE **** UP when i used my friends amp
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