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Lookin for sub $50 headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by itskewl42, Sep 16, 2012.
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  1. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Technical Pro HPT990 (Takstar Hi2050), come with decent Velour ear pads.
    They are semi-open headphones and cost $44.99 at J&R.
  2. Itskewl42
    Also i dont want clip ons or on ears or whatever purple angel said. I want over ear headphones and the panasonics sound great (not literally, ive never heard them) i have no idea how good the koss headphones are, but just based on the fact that they are clip ons, i dont want them
  3. Rocko1

    Yep, hard to beat the Panasonics 600's or Monoprice for less than $50.
  4. streetdragon
    well beats do sound pretty much like the how the atomics were described, unfortunately dr dre does not approve of your under 50 budget
    and also please take the posts here with some salt (including this one) 
    well you have only gone as far as a few skull candies so im not surprised of your remark, 
    so it appears you like through the roof bass i would guess?
  5. Itskewl42

    Yes i bought those two or 3 pairs of SCs before i discovered the internet and headfi
  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The Technical Pro HPT990 are over ear headphones.
  7. Itskewl42
    You said they are partial ears
  8. KetchupNinja
    I think you may have misunderstood.  He said that they were semi-open, meaning that the ear cups are not fully closed.  It's still a full sized headphone, it just leaks a fair bit of sound and has a wider soundstage compared to a closed backed headphone.
    These articles may help you if you are unfamiliar with terms regarding audio.
    That aside, I would recommend the Panasonics as well.  The Sony XB500 isn't a bad choice either.
  9. Itskewl42
    thank you but i have one more question, is it meant to be like that or does it just have bad isolation?
  10. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Semi-open (&open) headphones are not designed for isolation, but semi-open & open usually gives better audio quality (but there are some good sounded closed headphones).
    So the only reason you would really buy closed headphones is to block your headphones noise from others around you or to block outside noise from bothering you.
  11. JayOTheFirst
    yep, the panasonic uptowns would be a good choice w/ a little portable amp just improve sound ¡
  12. ShamanSleeve
    For around 50 dollars I really like the Beyerdynamic dt235.. 
  13. rmwayne
    For under $50.00 I really like the Koss PortaPro headphones.  I also own the Monoprice headphones and find the sound quality of the PortaPro to be much better.
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