1. MuzicLife

    HELP ME DECIDE WHICH ONE Arctic Sound E361, Radius Atomic Bass 2, Yamaha EPH-50BL, MEElectronics M31-BK

    Im looking for some iem with the MOST BASS my budget is $60. Lower would be better. Ive been researching for quite awhile now and looking at jokers thread i took out some of the bassiest iems. Arctic Sound E361, Radius Atomic Bass 2, Yamaha EPH-50BL, MEElectronics M31-BK Meelectronics RX-11-BK...
  2. Itskewl42

    Lookin for sub $50 headphones

    I have radius atomic bass 2s which i am very happy with but i want some over ears and my knowledge of those goes about as far as some $30 skullcandys. I listen to rap/reggae/house/dubstep so i want really good bass but i need clarity too. Thats about it but please actually own these before you...
  3. KlownDie

    Consumer Bass Headphones/Earbuds

    Hi,   I am looking for a pair of headphones/earbuds that have some really strong bass. I listen to Rap/Hip Hop.  I bought a pair of Monster Turbine Gold Pro ($350), because i read they were great for bass. After 1 week, i returned them, and learned the difference between Audophile Bass, and...
  4. marco85

    What is better than Atomic Bass 2 ... bass wise.

    All the reviews make it seem as though there aren't any better ear buds.  Price really does not matter me just under 200$ would be better. I need a pair of ear buds that have the heaviest bass with the least distortion.  I can sacrifice bass for more sound quality.  I have been looking at...
  5. bontoa


    Last week I bought XB1000, before i bought XB700 and RADIUS ATOMIC BASS 2 EAR-IN, too. I 've tested all of them with same tracks. My thoughts; differences 're starting at strong bass; Radius 's output not enough strong bass same=somethings bump to tin. At XB700=bass filled to ear and its good...
  6. Radius Atomic Bass 2

    Radius Atomic Bass 2

    The unique angle of these earphones allow for comfortable and secure fit for all size ears, a locking mechanism for active users and outstanding bass response and audio fidelity Radius Atomic Bass 2 earphones deliver the highest level of best sound quality, superior construction, unrivaled...