Radius Atomic Bass 2

General Information

The unique angle of these earphones allow for comfortable and secure fit for all size ears, a locking mechanism for active users and outstanding bass response and audio fidelity

Radius Atomic Bass 2 earphones deliver the highest level of best sound quality, superior construction, unrivaled comfort and unparalleled style. If you have small ears, large ears or any size in between, these ultra-light aluminum eabuds are designed to fit comfortably and secure and are as functional as they are fashionable. Radius Atomic Bass earphones are a must have for individuals with an active lifestyle.

The Radius Atomic Bass 2 earphones are tailor made to deliver the best bass response that your tunes demand. They are perfect for the slamming bass of hip-hop and dance, but they are tonally balanced for any music style that demands rich, crisp audio fidelity. Precision crafted from ultra-light aluminum, and sporting a gold plated stereo mini-plug, Radius earphones go to the final degree to make sure everything looks and sounds perfect.

Latest reviews

Pros: great sound, more than good enough bass, great build quality, great price
Cons: mids can get dull
these are buy far the highest value IEMs i have ever seen in my life. for $30 you get a full metal, very comfortable, great sounding pair of earbuds that can't be beat, even by beats (ha). when i bought these i was deciding between these and the (i forget the exact name) double x iems, you know the red ones that are supposed to have great base. from what i heard these two were comparable, but when one of my friends found a 100% off coupon for the double x's i got to try them out and they weren't even close. if you want a low cost high quality IEM no question get these


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