1. Bozerol

    New Hd PRO 380 low volume with portable devices....

    I recently bought the hd pro 380 but testing them I discovered that with my nexus 5 even the maximum volume isn't too high. I'd like to know which portable amp would be the best choice in a budget of 50$...
  2. Christo4

    150 Euros balanced headphone recommendation

    Hello guys! After some time thinking about it i have decided that it is time for me to buy a new pair of headphones.   The price range is around 150 euros.   I already have a Senn HD 380 pro and a Fischer audio eterna, but i am looking for something full-size and with a little more...
  3. popcorn123

    Headphone Recommendations

    So I am new to these forums, and I am a teenager. I am looking for a good pair of closed headphones. I have looked at a number of forums have researched a lot of headphones I can't narrow down. I listen to everything from classical to rap. I would like a a flat headphone. I once tried beats and...
  4. yukidoh

    Pls help recommend a noise isolating/cancelling headphones for home use (not IEM)

    I'll be using this headphone for my study, blocking out household noises and aid my concentration.   my requirements are 1. comfort (hav to wear them for hours) 2. noise isolating or cancelling   indeed sound quality is of less importance to me    i've been looking into the...
  5. thevisi0nary

    sennheiser 380 pro is better than dt 770?

    I have the dt 770 but im still looking for others as i feel these are too heavy on the bass, i tried the 380 pro's and wow they seem very balanced. Anyone else share this opinion?
  6. Profoundsoup

    Best closed back headphones for $600 or less without "Sharp" Treble

    Title says it all :)
  7. Poisoner

    Headphone recommendation for an overwhelmed person

    Hey guys, I have read and read and done a lot of research.  After being an audio lover for many years I decided to get into hi-fi.  I've currently have what I consider a good setup, but I am looking for more.  I am looking for more because I know there is more out there.  However, I get...
  8. redzilla500

    Best headphone under 300$? (my first thread :) )

    Hey guys! Long time lurker here, and I finally decided to join head fi!    I recently received a best buy gift card with 160$ (so unfortunately im kind of tethered to buying from best buy :/), but i also have some cash to throw down on top of it. And I thought what better way to spend it...
  9. xctfeuph

    Advice on first pair of over ear headphones

    Hi Everyone,    I've been looking for a good first pair of over-ear headphones, and I'm just wondering if anyone has some good suggestions. Here's basically what I'm looking for (sorry for my lack of experience, I'm pretty new to this.) They would be used with a laptop and iPod touch. Listed...
  10. Waveboy

    Which 'Closed' Cans produce the least amount of sound in the $100-$250 range?

    As of now, I own a pair of Sennheiser HD595's which i absolutely Adore. The sound that they produce is absolutely amazing. BUT i no longer have the desire to use them for gaming(Total NintenFreak here hehe) because of the ridiculous amount of sound leakage which isn't exactly ideal considering...
  11. skaurus

    Closed headphones with neutral sound - advice needed

    Hi!   I'm looking for a new headphones; they should be closed and I would like neutral/balanced ones, just because I'm that kind of person :-) Also they should be comfortable enough to wear them for say 4-5 hours without significant discomfort (more is better). Price limit is $400.  ...
  12. Rust In Peace

    Need some advice

    Hi, I need some advice.   I have a choice of Sennheiser 558, 518, 449 and PX-360. I'm leaning more towards the 558 at the moment. I will use it mainly for listening to metal/rock/grunge with a bit of hip-hop and electronic/techno too from my PC, record player and a CD player through a...
  13. devluxe

    Apple Earpods vs. Brainwavz Delta

    Hey headfiers I never had good earphones. Only earpods or good headphones like sennheiser hd380 and koss dj200. Do brainwavz deltas represent an upgrade from earpods?
  14. JohnSmith23

    Headphone advice needed please - old pair broke!

    Hi all,   I'm new here, just passing by to ask for some advice regarding headphones. My old pair broke so I'm on the hunt for a new pair... I'm looking for over-ear (or a really comfortable on-ear) with detachable cable and are closed (I think that's the right term?) so outside noise is...
  15. M

    HD 380's with M-100 soundstage: Does it exist?

    Hey everyone! Having a bit of a headphone dilemma...   I really find the Sennheiser HD 380 Pro's to be the most comfortable closed-back over-ear headphones I've ever worn. They don't make my ears too hot. They don't have excessive clamping force. I can wear them the entire day and tolerate...
  16. paralogiX

    First "good" headphones

    Hey! I'm new to Head-Fi, and I'm going to get my first "good" headphones. So, I've read many good reviews about them, but how could I compare them? Price range is under 200$, so there's a lot of headphones on that Here's the list: Audio Technica ATH-M50 Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro...
  17. gabru678

    How to move on and up from ATH-M50's?

    I have a pair of ATH-M50’s that I have had for about 1.75 years now and would now like to pick a new pair.  I have been out of the Head-Fi loop for a little while now and am now interested in getting in and getting something new again.   I would like to keep the budget under $250 and like to...
  18. L7D4N

    Assistance in picking a suitable pair of Headphones

    Hello Head-Fi!   I've been a long time lurker, but recently joined the Forum to see if I could get assistance in selecting the best suited pair of Headphones for my Setup.   I will be purchasing a Schiit Magni Amplifier in the upcoming days, and have drilled down to the following...
  19. lenday666

    Trying to find some good Headphones between £100 - £150

    Hi all,   I am looking for some over ear Headphones to use with iPod, Laptop and various other devices. Preferably closed back, I was thinking something like Sennheiser 380's but i don't really have a clue. I have between £100 - £150 to spend....   Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks 
  20. Christo4

    Closed headphones with fast, accurate, but not bloated/exaggerated bass

    Hello guys, i'm looking for a pair of closed headphones (need the isolation) with a fast and accurate bass. I only have 2 headphones, Grado SR80i and Senn HD 380. While i like the Grado a lot i can't use it all the time because it's open and the environment i'm in is pretty noisy sometimes so i...
  21. kharion

    Sennheiser PXC 350 vs 380 HD Pro

    I current have the Sennheiser 380 Pros, I love them so much, sound great. I am looking at the PXC 350's and they appear to have an identical build, but with sound canceling. What is the difference between the two? Also, what's the difference between the PXC 350, and 450?
  22. TwelveTrains

    New Longer Replacement Cable out for Sennheiser HD 380 !!!!

    3 meter version   Also comes in three shorter sizes. I'm so pumped about this. It will make the HD380 a very viable desktop headphone now!
  23. DerpMaster

    Closed Headphones under $200

    I have sen hd558 and am looking for a closed set of cans that will have a different sound than the senns. Currently I'm looking at the m50/m50x, hd 380/280 pro, dt770, and k550. I listen to mostly electronic music, and i want slightly better bass than the 558. These headphones will be used...
  24. dubstep nerd

    Need Help picking good headphones under $200

    So i am looking into buying new headphones, but i am not really sure which ones to get. Right now the one i am leaning to is the ath m50x but i am not sure if it is the right one for me. My music tast is very strange. I listen to hip hop, rock, edm, dubstep, reggae, and some other sub-genres...
  25. derbigpr

    Review and comparison: Focal Spirit Classic & Sennheiser HD380Pro

    Review and comparison: Focal Spirit Classic & Sennheiser HD380Pro         1) Introduction:   I've been a member of Head-fi for almost 4 years now. When I first joined, all I had was a pair of already worn out Sennheiser HD212Pro's. I've been in love with music since I can remember, and...