1. dece870717

    Which headphones to get based on my just bought AMP/DAC AND main music genre I listen to?

    Couple months ago I sold my Nuforce Icon HDP and Sennheiser HD650, sort of wanted to start fresh and with a set of headphones and amp/dac to match my main music genre. I mostly listen to dance/electronica music and that music really didn't seem to go well with those HD650's. I'm assuming the...
  2. donttouchmyhoho

    Headset for pc/gaming console need help on choice

    Beyerdynamic DT990 (Premium and Pro)   HiFiMAN HE-400 Planar Driver High Efficiency Headphones   Ultrasone Pro 900   Ultrasone Pro 2900       I have extremely little knowledge in terms of the terminology you guys throw out there so helping me decided on these or something else...
  3. bob000000005555

    Can any recommend the best headphones for under $800.00 (USD) / €606 / $771 AUS

    I'm currently looking for headphones to bridge a gap I have, electronic music; my other pair of headphones (Sennheiser HD 380 Pro's) don't quite cut it -- though they're great for metal and orchestra. I am currently using a VRM headphone "amp" which agreeably is probably atrocious.   Liquid...
  4. jchu

    Which ones for Trance/EDM/Hardstyle?

    Wondering which ones should I get for trance, edm, and hardstyle music?   Ultrasone Pro 750 (Can get them for $215) Ultrasone HFI-780 Beyerdynamic DT-990 250 OHM   Open to other options too Using these with a Xonar DX w/ 320 bit rate mp3 files Budget is <$250-$300 For 100% home...
  5. Cman775

    King of the low-budget hi-fi

    Hey guys good news i have finally gonna buy a amplifier and a pair of sweet headphones to go with it. Thing is the amount of headphones is staggering to chose and I'm not sure what i want to get. I want something that is comparable with a HD 650 (which was my original choice)and around that sort...
  6. Justinijo

    Looking for open headphones for home using.

    Hello, I am looking for new headphones. I use headphones at home, priority Open headphones. Price for headphones under 500$.
  7. jazzman161

    Recommendation for High-End Movie Headphones

    Hi all! I am looking to purchase a pair of mid/high-end headphones purely for late movie watching.   I have a couple questions and was hoping I could get some answers and recommendations.   1. I have a Denon 2310 A/V receiver that receives audio & video via HDMI from an HTPC. Do I need...
  8. dmort

    Gonna spend some money - I don't need advice, just fellow audiophiles to discuss options with up to $500 budget

    Howdy all - like I said in the title, I need to chat with people as opposed to just reading threads....   I have a decent flac collection, foobar, etc. I use a Gilmore lite + psu and an emotiva xda1. My current phones are AKG k601, AT ESW9, JVC HA s500, and a pair of px100s. (I also have the...
  9. trentrosa

    HD650s and Fast Music.

    I've had my HD650s for a couple of years and I love them, they're sound signature is beautiful, however I'm finding their performance lacking in faster, more complicated music. For slow music, or music with less treble and fewer instruments they are amazing; smooth, laid back, and non fatiguing...
  10. heddycans

    Ultrasone pro 2900's or Beyerdynamic DT pro 990's for mixing and mastering hip hop, trap, and edm, My problem is getting clear basses and 808's I need detail!

    what would be better for mixing and mastering hip hop, trap and edm? I can't decide weather to buy thr pro 2900's or the beyer dt pro 990's I'm buying one of them tonight.. please help, if it helps my main problem is that on my monitors low bass's and 808's, don't punch through the mix clearly...
  11. MohawkUS

    Limitations of IEMs, or are these just really bad?

    It took six years but my AKG K81 has finally given out. Rather than replacing them with another small headphone I decided to try a pair of in-ears. Prior to these my only experience with in-ears has been a $15 pair of Sonys that I owned well before I got into audio and all I remember from them...
  12. sorroundsound

    Advice on Buying Used Ultrasone Pro 2500

    Hi All,   I am new to Head-Fi.   I am looking at buying a used Ultrasone Pro 2500. After browsing around I come to understand that the product is no longer being manufactured(?) I have been using In-Ear so far and this will be my pair of cans.    So from the forums here I shortlisted the...
  13. Audiofail

    Unexpected good portable source for the Ultrasone Pro2900!!! The A1059 iPod 4th Clickerwheel

    I bought my Ultrasone pro2900 last year on Amazon when it was $384.   Before I hit the old classic iPod 4th gen monochrome clickerwheel, I have been through iPhone 4S, Schiit Audio Asgard(amp), Audio-GD NFB 5.32(DAC-AMP), Little-Dot DP_I(portable player), the Acoustic Research AR-M1($830...
  14. mrenvy

    Which headphone to get? HD800 or T1?

    I currently have the following headphones. Ultrasone Pro 2900 Fidelio X1 Beoplay H6 I am considering to add a flagship class headphone to make my collection more versatile. Should I get HD800, T1 or others? I need some advice. Thanks.
  15. nananan

    Ultrasone Pro 2900 VS Sony MDR-DS 7500

    I can't figure out which one I should get. I love both headphones for its sound. However, Sony has to use some kind of receiver it offers with headphone, so it can be used, but the system is Dolby 7.1.   In my country, on the same price, I can't decide which one to get. I use it for...
  16. nananan

    Help me: Ultrasone Pro 2900 OR Stick with HFI 580 & Get AMP-DAC

    Here is my first post guys... I'm now really indecisive as I own HFI 580. It works well for me except that I had a try of Pro 2900 last week and it sticks in my mind! However, Pro 2900's price is quite too expensive for me, plus I'll use it only for movie. I'd like to ask if DAC could...
  17. Luczez

    Ultrasone 2900 + portable amp or amp/dac

    Hello there, It's my first post on this forum and I'm looking for some help. I'm planning to purchase Ultrasone 2900 Pro (thanks to the opinions found on this forum) but because of my limited resources at the moment, I'm only looking for portable devices to support the cans. I was thinking...
  18. Luczez

    Ultrasone 2900 vs Hifiman HE-400

    I've been planning to buy new headphones for a while now but I've been stuck between those two cans. I know there have been a similar topic before where those two headphones were compared with Denon D5000 but the Ultrasones were ruled out because of their price at the time. I'm usually listening...
  19. Citan

    Is the pro 2900 a real upgrade from the proline 2500? Are there any upgrades at around $500?

    As the title suggests I'm curious as to whether the pro 2900 would be a significant upgrade to the proline 2500.  Additionally, I wonder whether there are any legitimate upgrades at the $500 price point, and not simply a bit different sound.  I enjoy detailed, crisp clear presentation, and...
  20. MohawkUS

    Looking for a darkish amp for Ultrasone PRO 2900, >$350

    I've always been a little intimidated of the amp section here, there are so many amps out there, and there is always going to be that feeling that there may have been something better once you get one, so I'm just going to trust headfi, and hope for the best.   I don't know anything about amps...
  21. hanii

    Beats PRO, Sony MDR-XB1000 or ULTRASONE pro 2900?

    Hello everyone :D   I looking for some high-end headset with good sound and some crazy Bass. and my problem is that i don't know much about speakers, so i could really use some help to choose some. What i have been looking at is these 3 headset:   Sony MDR-XB1000...
  22. AzraelDarkangel

    Ultrasone PRO 2900 vs. Audio-Technica AD2000?

    anyone have both
  23. Arion

    Amp for Ultrasone Pro 2900?

    Hello everyone, I am going to be purchasing the Ultrasone Pro 2900 soon and was curious as to what would be a good amp for it. I was looking at the Schiit Asgard as its made for low independent headphones. My budget is $300. I am not to picky if I have to buy a DAC later when I have the...
  24. Fearless1

    Pro 2900 vs He-400

    I have the itch for some new cans. I am looking for an open soundstage with good bass response. There are very few reviews on both of the heaphones I mentioned, any chance someone on here has tried both? I realize that the He-400 may take a while before I can purchase one.
  25. Raw Science

    Ultrasone Pro 2900 - Mixing/Critical listening???

    I'm new here so firstly wanna say hi...Great website you guys have got here, very informative.   I have been producing jungle drum and bass for around 8 years and circumstances have recently pushed me into requiring headphones for mixing, almost in place of my monitors.(I am aware this is...