Ultrasone 2900 vs Hifiman HE-400
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Mar 23, 2013
I've been planning to buy new headphones for a while now but I've been stuck between those two cans. I know there have been a similar topic before where those two headphones were compared with Denon D5000 but the Ultrasones were ruled out because of their price at the time. I'm usually listening to electronic music (progressive house, electro, some dubstep) and sometimes some good old hiphop. Any help would be appreciated!
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pro 2900's are on the bright side and he 400's not

pro 2900 have almost the same presentation as pro 900's with less bass and still medium recessed

IMO he 400's are way better cans (heard pro 2900 and 900's once)

He 400 are great for electronic music and hip hop, good bass and nice presentation without listening fatigue, beautiful mediums
They are made for music lovers with 399 $ to spend with no regret, a real good deal !!
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HE-400 all the way, no comparison.
The Pro 2900 is very sibilant with most recording, the bass is bloated in comparison, and the highs are metallic and strident. The overall presentation of the 2900 is unrefined. Only reason anyone would want the 2900 over the HE-400 is if they love booming, bloated bass (maybe a supreme basshead?). Otherwise, the rather clean and clear sound of the HE-400 is superior. They aren't neutral by any means but they have excellent bass, great mids, and good highs. They can be a bit shrill at times but never over sibilant like the 2900. They are a great value, and are much better headphone overall than the Ultrasones.

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