1. MetalMessiaH

    Ultrasone Pro 2900 or AKG Q701

    Hi i am going to buy a new pair of headphones this is going to be my 1st (hi fi) buy. I stoped between the pro 2900 and the Q701,i listen to power/heavy metal. Can some one help me decide the pro 2900 i can buy for 250 euro from a local store,the Q701 will cost me 328 euro (from thomann)  ...
  2. charliesheen

    Which amps go well with PRO 2900?

    Hello,   I've just ordered Ultrasone Pro 2900 as my first headphones. I'll be mainly using them for listening electronic music (deep/tech mostly).    They will be connected to my laptop most of the time which has a Realtek HD card, but it will be nice if they are also portable.  ...
  3. Naphta

    Upgrade to Ultrasone PRO 2900s

    Just looking for an upgrade, no budget really.   What I like about my current phones is that the sub bass is really nice and I can feel a significant amount of depth in tracks. However at higher volumes they're definitely too bright for me and I'm a huge treble whore. I'm not bothered if its...
  4. Naphta

    Looking for a DAC for my Ultrasone PRO 2900s

    I'm currently using an Asus D2X soundcard and I'm planning to upgrade it to a DAC. I'm going to be using a Neco Mosfet Amp and figured that my source is probably due an upgrade.   Apologies if this is in the wrong section.
  5. androidisbest

    Best headphones under $300

    I have a pair of M-50 and want something new, under $400-$200, I like to listen to pop (mostly), rock, alternative, Rap, and bassy music so please give me a list or a pair Thanks
  6. ickyman

    Looking for suggestions... $500 budget, closed back basshead phones, mangi+modi

    I'm thinking about a new pair of phones. Let me start off with that I have a pair of Ultrasone HFI-780's that I am pretty happy with, though I'd like to upgrade from them. I really do like these phones and I am hesitant to buy anything else because I'm not sure the money is worth the reward. I'd...
  7. AyeVeeN

    Sub $400 headphones

    Basically been looking through tons of headphones but still don't know what to get. Input would be appreciated.   For reference, my current headphones are the FA-011 and the Westone ES3X. Current speakers are the Swan M200 mkii. Not much of a fan of the FA-011 anymore; it is fun but it's...
  8. Fedelesk

    Looking for HD280 upgrade, similar sound much higher price range wanted

    First, please forgive me I did recently just post, but I wasn't able to edit my thread (was too much text before). Right now I own the hd280s, I have for years and absolutely love them. But about a year ago I decided upgrade time, and got some BeyerDynamic DT880s. Back when I got these I was...
  9. eifersucht

    Headphones to compliment my HD598's (ie make up for lack of bass)

    I love my Sennheiser 598's but I feel for certain types of music they are lacking in bass.  I'm looking for headphones that would go well as a contrast to these headphones, with a budget of up to $300 but not a hard limit.
  10. Dhanijel

    You're my only hope...

    Hi!   So I've been looking up headphones and soundcards all day to gather information on what's good and bad. I haven't bought a headphone for about 7 years so I'm kinda out of the loop. What I have now is "Sony MDR-V700" (which I really loved when I bought them) and a Creative Fatal1ty...
  11. davidsh

    What to get for Christmas?

    The title says most. I am wondering, what you would get, if you were me. The budget is around 350 dollars, and alternatively I can get my money back on my new dt-880, which would get me approximately 350 dollars extra.   I would really like a CIEM, but i am only 17, so i guess it would be...
  12. spittis

    If I was to change my DT-990 Premiums for something else...*updated*

    Edit: The question is not relevant anymore, I just replied with an update to the situation.   This is more like a "what if..." scenario at the moment, I'm not seriously considering it at least yet. But yea, I got my pair of Beyerdynamic DT-990 Premium headphones, and while they do sound...
  13. Randolph Duke

    Home Theater use Beyer DT990 or Ultrasone pro900?

    I have an old Pioneer wireless headphone amp running off my Rotel. It's a wireless system- but the included pioneer headphones are a big large and the signal cuts out too often.   It has a 1/4 output for a second set of wired headphones. I have been plugging in my Ultrasone pro 900's and...
  14. vegitto4

    Headphones for movies

    Good evening, I write from Italy, sorry for my English. I'd like to buy a headphone for movies (I usually watch blu-ray and/or mkv with Powerdvd or MPC-HC). Budget is not a problem, but I'd like to buy a very high quality headphone. Which one is the best for movies and some games? I read that...
  15. impetus2

    Need some suggestions

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and it seems pretty awesome. I was asking a friend about some headphone suggestions and he linked me this site. I don't know that much about headphones or amps but I'm looking to buy a pair and I could really use some recommendations. I like to play games and...
  16. gorgorsan

    Stuck with Sony MDR-F1's and Heed Canamp. What now?

    Hi, Guys. the 2 are not compatible as phones are only 12 Ohms so what do you suggest to sell and what to keep? I've searched for amp recommendation for this current hungry cans but couldn't find any. Also, if you suggest to keep the Canamp instead (will probably be cheaper thus a better option...
  17. smodtactical

    Headphones with soundstage of ad700 but also bass?

    Do such headphones exist? I'm a pc gamer but also listen to techno, jazz, classical. Looking for something that has the nice soundstage for games but also has great bass. I just picked up the superlux 668b and so far really liking them. Haven't tested in gaming yet but music is a big step up...
  18. Poetic

    He-500 worth price tag?

    I've been listening to my Sennheiser HD 650's and Hifiman he-400's for a while now. But I really want to know if the He-500's are worth the price tag/upgrade. I plan on using this on my Hisound Studio 3rd anniversary. Are the He-500's hard to drive? Do they require more power than my He-400. and...
  19. jordi81

    In Search for Alternative for Beyerdynamic T70--> Lack of Bass

    Hi all,   I have the Beyerdynamic T70 in loan use now. I completely unlike the sound it produces on my set! (DIY TPA BIII, IVYIII with Ventus EZ headphone amps)   It is quite detailed but for the rest the sound is penetrating my head on a manner that it hurts my tooth and the sound is...
  20. Xcuz

    You decide Head-Fi.

    Right now I currently own the ATH-M50's and XB500's. I'm looking for something that has detailed sound quality like the M50's, but they lack some bass(to me atleast). I got used to the bass on the XB500's and I'm a basshead, but I also love outstanding sound quality. So, maybe something similar...
  21. merigoldsass

    recommend Audiophile Headphones comfortable with glasses/ virtual surround sound

    I am looking for audiophile grade headphones to be used with gaming, movie viewing, and music. I have a few questions that would help me pick a set. I will pay a lot if it is worth it. Budget is up to $500, preferably much less however I would spend closer to $500 if iy made a difference. I...
  22. jamieuk147

    So gaming isnt as enjoyable with closed headphones vs open?

    I understand that with closed you get really good bass! which is great in games like call of duty etc when someone throw a grenade right at you! and you feel the explosion!.   With open headphones I hear people mention about better soundstage, so I am guessing this makes the environments you...
  23. SmettMark

    Ultrasone Signature Pro vs Beyer T70p vs Beyer T5p for rock and metal?

    I'm currently deciding between these three headphones for mainly rock and metal. A lot of people have said the T5p and the T70p sound awful for rock and metal due to the lack of bass, but I plan on EQing the bass with either an iphone or a fiio E17 amp. It seems like both beyers have an...
  24. Akilisk

    Please Help!! Beyer DT770 v.s. Dt990 v.s. Ultrasone HFI 580 v.s. HFI 780 v.s. Ultrasone Pro 750

    Hi guys I'm a new member here (I've actually been through head-fi.org for a while, but I've just registered ^^). I now have Beyerdynamic dt880 600ohm with O2 amp. I feel that they are too flat for me. I mostly listen to Symphonic Rock/Metal, Movie OST songs ,and fir Movies/PS3 gaming. So I've...
  25. kmitschiener

    Best way to spend my $1000

    So I'm kinda new to the world of hifi, but I'd like to get a really good set up to keep me happy for a while. I listen mostly to unplugged, rock, and jazz with a little bit of rap once in a while. I've decided on two possible rigs, the first is to buy the audeze LCD-2 and use them with my...