Can any recommend the best headphones for under $800.00 (USD) / €606 / $771 AUS
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Dec 13, 2012
I'm currently looking for headphones to bridge a gap I have, electronic music; my other pair of headphones (Sennheiser HD 380 Pro's) don't quite cut it -- though they're great for metal and orchestra. I am currently using a VRM headphone "amp" which agreeably is probably atrocious.
Liquid "dubstep", house, D&B, stuff like this .. basically terrible taste :p. Blackmill (
I currently have lined up a potential deal for used AH-D7000's lined up, though I would be the third owner. I was also for a time looking into the 5000's as new from a Japanese dealer. I wasn't so sure about the AH-D600's, the current Denon flagships are outside my price range. 
Anyway I would appreciate any recommendations -- I'm going to be stuck with these for at-least a year or two. If you disagree with the headphones I'm about to buy, please do tell me
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My college age son is into the music you're mentioning, and he absolutely raves about the W5000, which can be had for well within your price range.
I have a pair that I listen to some types of music with, but the HD800 is pretty much my headphone of choice atm.  He got his own pair, as mine are balanced now.
They don't require an amp to sound good either, although they will sound better properly amped.

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