Help me: Ultrasone Pro 2900 OR Stick with HFI 580 & Get AMP-DAC
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Mar 22, 2013
Here is my first post guys...
I'm now really indecisive as I own HFI 580. It works well for me
except that I had a try of Pro 2900 last week and it sticks in my mind!
However, Pro 2900's price is quite too expensive for me, plus I'll use it only for movie.
I'd like to ask if DAC could help HFI 580 to get better sound (I know it can't compare to Pro 2900 anyway, but if there's anyway to upgrade it...)
or should I save money for Pro 2900. PLEASE HELP....
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Obobskivich mentioned that the Pro 900 sounds similar to the Pro 2900 if you add Pro 2900 pads to it. I haven't heard this combination, so I wouldn't know, but it might be worth looking into considering how much cheaper the Pro 900's are right now (even though they have the same list price).
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I think Amazon is willing to deliver to most countries for added shipping charges... The Pro 900's have been $300 there lately, I think even with shipping they should be less than the 2900's.
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Thank you 

I really love pro2900
but I don't think it's 4 times better than 580
as the price is almost 4 times more.
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pro2500 might be worth looking into it'll be cheaper than the 2900 anyhow.
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Pro2900 with pro900 pads sounds horrible. Just saying.

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