1. mrconfuse

    Does price determine how big of a jump I will get with sound qaulity?

    I'm looking to purchase a new headphone and I'm tempted by the Ultrasone edition 8. It is also expensive but I have no issues with that if it's going to have great quality. Question I have is how much better is the sound quality to something that's lower in price? Is the jump in sound quality...
  2. HiFiGuy528

    Summit-Fi headphones?

    Aside from Stax, HD800, T1, & Audeze LCDx what else are on the market if you own those already?
  3. midflder92

    Grado vs Sennheiser vs AudioTechnica

    I've been into hi-fi stereo for the last ten years (half my life) and now that I'm satisfied with my setup i'd like to get into headphones too.  I'm leaning towards the new Rega Ear as it shares technology with the Brio-R I love so much.  What I'm looking for is a pair of headphones that is full...
  4. hojomojo96

    Hopelessly lost in a sea of headphones - ***Another "help me choose" thread***

    What do I want? I want headphones. Yes, that'll do. I want full size headphones. I want headphones that are a great value at the price I get them. And I would like to have phones that I can build a fairly nice system around when I want to, not have to buy new phones, a new amp, and source just...
  5. Carson k

    What are the best headphones for Dubstep.

    I have been making dubstep lately and cant really feel the bass and other audio. So I considered getting new headphones and I cant find good ones. I don't care what style but the audio has to have good bass and be able to hit the high notes too. I am willing to pay any amount. (but not like...
  6. iJimmy

    Denon D2000 (custom cups, D7000 cable, MarkL (?)) vs Ultrasone Pro (2)900

    Hey guys,   I was wondering if someone has both of these and can compare them for me. I'm looking for a new headphone, for use at home. I would like it to be closed / semi-closed though, so I don't disturb others too much. I like bass, but I don't want the mids to suffer. I would like the...
  7. JoshNurse

    I need high quality headphones for electronic type music. (Budget around $500)

    Ok I listen to dubstep and artists like armin van burren. I want to buy great headphones.  Budget is up to $500 or a little more if they are nice.
  8. HawaiiR

    Suggestions from current & former owners of ATH - AD2000 headphones?

    Hi,   So I've been the happy owner of a pair the Audio Technica's mentioned above for some time now. A HUGE thank you to everyone on the boards that helped guide me to that decision. I have absolutely loved the headphones since purchase.   That said, I think it's time for me to get...
  9. Nordwestlicht

    OPEN headphones with the TIGHTEST bass!

    Hi folks,   I'm just curious about what you know (not think without really having actually heard!) about open headphones with a really tight bass.   I only ask for OPEN headphones. No semi open and of cause no closed ones.   What do I mean with 'tight bass'?   I don't mean how...
  10. T

    Ultrasone pro 900 vs pro 2900

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I have been searching for full sized headphones and have broken it down to the ultrasone pro 900 and the pro 2900. I am aware that they are both the same thing other than the fact that the 2900's are open. Is there any serious differences in the sound? I...
  11. HeadphoneNoob1

    Help me blow my Christmas money on some cans! DT990? Ultrasone 900 2900?

    Hey guys I made a thread a few months back here and ended up kinda waiting till I was in a better financial position. I am using some AT AD700s and I love how crisp they are but the bass and low end is just to recessed for my tastes. I really wanna get a great set of cans that are going to...
  12. Eargasmo

    Best Pairing of Headphones to Song in your collection

    List the best pairing of headphones to song/album.   When you want to show off how great your headphones are, what song do you play for your friends?  Please do NOT list genres...too nebulous.  want specifics.     I'll start:   K550: Rush - Tom Sawyer Annie Lennox - Little...
  13. tomatoshoe

    Ultrasone Pro 2900 Longer Cable

    Hi, I was thinking of purchasing a longer straight cable with a 6.3mm jack for the Ultrasone Pro 2900 and stumbled across these two on their official website:   http://ultrasone.com/stores/us/Cable/Extension-cable-33-36.html   and  ...
  14. joker97

    Any cans with Xtra bass with similar detail and price to Senn HD600?

    I love my HD600 to bits as it is so detailed ... but I am after another set with skull crunching bass (both in quality and quantity) but having as much other detail as possible, around the $300-400 mark ... the fact that I am EQ-ing all my music to increase bass from 16-125kHz suggests I need...
  15. MetroBBOY

    Ultrasone Pro 2900 Thread

    2900 Owners/Interested parties!   I hope this thread provides a lot of insight and builds enough information for potential buyers.    There has not been a comprehensive review of this headpone thus far, so feel free to contribute for all the existing and new Pro 2900 owners.   Cheers
  16. bookaboo

    Ultrasone Pro2900 - The Hidden Gem?

    Is the Ultrasone Pro2900 one of the most underrated headphones on Head Fi? I think it should be regarded in the same mid fi tier as the classic mid fi trio HD650/K702/DT880.I would love to hear from others who have had experience with this headphone and have them share their view as I feel that...
  17. Jabse

    <$500 immersive AIRY/transparent open headphones for trance, VETERANS please help

    I have an e17  + (z2300 amp) so I can get good volume but nothing EXTREME so it would be nice if the hp's you recommend me don't need EXTREME amping, but mention them anyway   I'll be upgrading from my current sony xb700, i like their sound signature quite a lot so i'm basically looking for...
  18. georgelai57

    Flat down?

    Hi. I store all my full size headphones flat. Does it make a difference whether the earpads face up or down?
  19. Shananagins

    in eed help on deciding between Sennheiser 650 or 600, mostly for rock and electronic.

    I like a "fun" headphone, I don't analyze music I enjoy listening to it. I listen to indie rock,pop,indietronic,electronic,popsynth and some folk music. I need help on deciding between the 650's or the 600's.I do not have any places that I can demo either.  Any help is appreciated. :) 
  20. tomatoshoe

    Ultrasone Pro 2900 vs Sennheiser HD-650

    So I tried searching the forums for comparisons between the two and didn't really come up with anything. Maybe one or two posts and no threads. I'm curious as to how the two compared. Having never listened to the Sennheiser HD-650, I really want to know the differences. I currently own the...
  21. cactus_farmer

    Lying down wearing headphones - does the sound quality change?

    Does lying down with headphones (assuming you're lying down on a very hard pillow so the pillow doesn't dislodge the headphones) change the sound quality vs sitting down with headphones?   Maybe the clamp force is affected so there is less bass?   This is kinda what I think I'm hearing...
  22. mindcloud

    Current Ultrasone PRO 750 user, looking for something new

    Ideally, I'd like to stay in the $300 or so price range - maybe something just a little different.  Currently I have a macbook pro and don't feel like I need an AMP and I am pretty okay with the sound quality of the 750's but they are 5 years old at this point, and I'm thinking it's time for...
  23. Raw Science

    Headphones to compliment Ultrasone pro 2900 (critical listening)

    I've had a pair of pro 2900's for around a year and think they are fantastic in just about every way..the only downside to the headphone, for me, is they are slightly too sharp on the high-end for very long sessions (great for critical listening - as is the low end). I'd like to find another set...
  24. Mysti

    Headphone recommendation for vocals/trance/house (possibly a DAC/AMP too)

    Hi,   Just to start off, I'm probably kind of new to high-quality audio. I don't know what everything means but I'm learning. I currently use a Sennheiser HD598 and Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro for my PC as well as a Sennheiser HD25 and Technics RPDJ1210 for my DJ setup.   I will soon be on a...
  25. Ultrasone PRO 2900

    Ultrasone PRO 2900

    Using stiff titanium-plated drivers, the PRO 2900 will convince with its outstanding distinctive and accurate sound reproduction. The black PRO 2900 includes all latest Ultrasone technologies and promises sound professionalism. Due to its open-back design the most airy and transparent sound is...