Ultrasone Pro 2900 - Mixing/Critical listening???
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May 15, 2012
I'm new here so firstly wanna say hi...Great website you guys have got here, very informative.
I have been producing jungle drum and bass for around 8 years and circumstances have recently pushed me into requiring headphones for mixing, almost in place of my monitors.(I am aware this is taboo)
I have narrowed down my search using comparisons on this site and Gearslutz, to either grab the Pro 2900 or the sennheiser hd650/ Maybe the hd800 @ a push. I need a very high level of detail and bass needs to be tight, deep and defined at high volume. Obviously a close-to neutral headphone is very important but i can imagine headphones like the AKG k701 (which i have owned in the past...But may not have given a chance) could push me to add more bass than necessary whereas these phones could potentially, from what i have heard of the Pro 900, inspire the opposite.
The bottom end of the frequency charts i have seen for the Pro-900 have pretty much ruled them out for me. Hopefully from what i have read here about the 2900, these phones may have calmed that bass slightly...Yes?
I wonder if anyone here can give me a good insight as to whether they would totally flatter my music....Or are they relatively true to the source?
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The Pro2900 are very detailed yet bassheavy for open headphones and match up well for your demands. But there are even better headphones with extra price tag like Beyer Dynamic T1, LCD-02, Grado GS1000 and D7000, they need good AMPs to bring out there best.
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Thanks for that...they are definitely becoming more and more appealing.
Ideally i would like to keep fairly near the 2900 price range but i would definitely consider more if it is going to make the world of difference...I just get a feeling from what i have heard that they will be ideal having that slight bass cut from the 900's. 
If anyone else has suggestions or knowledge of these headphones and or Music production through headphones please share your thoughts.
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Hey Raw Science, I used to own the pro900 and now I own pro2900, Lcd-2 rev2, and rooth custom iems with 6 drivers. The pro2900 are more neutral than the pro900. Albeit being heavy and hard-hitting, the bass seems neutral and very tight. Bass response seems rather flat. The treble is slightly forward and the mids can sound thin if they aren't properly driven. Anyway, I'd recommend the pro2900 to someone who's mixing, as they are very detailed and revealing. The LCD-2 are slightly more detailed, but because they are more forgiving and less analytical, details and poor mastering aren't as apparent. The pro2900 has extremely good bass for a dynamic driver headphone, but the Lcd-2's bass sounds far more realistic. I doubt that's of importance in mixing/mastering. Lastly, I've also listened to the HD800 and think that they sound rather similar to the pro2900. I suggest you give the pro2900 a try and see from there. 
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Thanks for your input...that was just what i wanted to hear :wink:
I'm going to order them this week...I'll report back in a couple of weeks and share my thoughts.
Thanks again
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No problem, man. Anticipating your impressions! 

You should post them on this forum: http://www.head-fi.org/t/577311/ultrasone-pro-2900-appreciation-thread/255#post_8357904
Also, have you ever considered getting custom iems? They are probably best type of headphone when it comes to mastering tracks.
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For mixing/producing, I would also highly recommend looking into monitor emulation, either through software or hardware like a Focusrite VRMbox.
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Thanks i will do...i was gonna ask the initial question in the Appreciation thread but decided against it haha!
As for the Custom IEM's i was looking into that as you are right, for critical listening they are fantastic. the only problem i have with them is the volumes.. i would be deaf in no time!! With in-ear headphones i am forever cranking them right up to get that bass to fill my head, which is murder over a ten hour mixing session! I reckon i am going to go for the 2900's and hope for the best, not alot of shops seem to stock them in the UK so i'm gonna have to chance it without a demo and hope for the best. Thanks again for your help.
Armaegis - I'm going to be replacing my dying interface when i get the headphones and the main contender is probably the saffire pro 24 dsp... i think that has the VRM built in so i will definitely look into that...I had assumed it would be a kind of novelty addition to the interface but the reviews seem pretty inspiring. Thanks.
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Well, the shure srh940,from what I heas is one of  the most detailed cans that you can get. They have prestine highs and  mids, and the bass is very tight. It sounds like exactly what you want. Oh btw it's pretty cheap compared to the cans you're looking at.
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Thanks, yeah i had looked into the srh940 but i i've decided to go for the 2900's..Ordering them now.
If anyone in the UK or europe is planning on getting a pair of 2900's...Thomann seems to be the cheapest place @ £311..Plus thomann gives a three year warranty on all their products and free shipping. :)
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