1. mc21

    $450 shipped!!! Westone es5 $450 Shipped including paypal fees(Custom IEM/CIEM for reshell)! Will ship internationally!

    MDR-7520 in like new condition and will come with all the original accessories including the original cable and an additional audioquest cable.   Link to Audioquest cable $30 Shipped for the cables       $450 covers shipping and paypal fees. Westone ES5 is in excellent condition...
  2. ayaflo

    Sony - A review in retrospect

    Magnifying a short point in the massive history of Sony, I would like to showcase the awkwardness of Sony in its R&D between early 2000 and a decade after. I would explain my take on two of Sony premium products - one is the SA-5000(SA5k) from early 2000 and the latter era is represented by the...
  3. cedboe

    Sony MDR-Z1000

    Selling this nice headphone as I'm simply not using it enough to justify keeping it. I'm the first owner, bought in late 2012, great condition. Comes with both 1.2m and 3m cables and original box.   Would consider a trade with V-Moda M-80 + $$ or Audio-Technica ATH-ES10. Need something for...
  4. mc21

    Sony MDR-Z1000 cables

    I just purchased the MDR-7520 and am quite pleased with it as my portable headphone. However, I am not pleased with the coiled cable and would like to purchase the shorter cable that comes with the Z1000. Anyone happen to know where I can purchase this cable? I tried googling and searching the...
  5. S

    HD280 Pro or MDR-7520 (Z1000?)

    Need some new sealed headphones and am looking for good isolation and a flat response. Budget is not a major concern but I'm not planning on spending more than $1000, and the less I spend, the more I have to spend on other gear - I need to get a new amp as well.   From looking at...
  6. Dyaems

    Sony MDR-Z1000 Squeaking Noise Problem

    Not sure where to post this.. But mods, feel free to move the thread to the appropriate forum   Hey guys, anyone encountered this problem?   My friend has a Z1000 and everytime the cups gets moved, it makes a squeaking noise. I think it is related with the joints but I haven't tried...
  7. Supertoaster

    The Ugly Headphone Duckling

    List some headphones that can be considered ugly/strange/funny looking but actually have a very good sound
  8. yuotver

    Alternative for denon ah d2000

    Hello I ask for your help in the choice of headphones. I purchased a pair of denon ah d2000 and now after a month, the seller tells me that it can't send because they are finished.   Now I need an alternative. I listen r & b, nusoul, hip pop, brit pop, indie and pop and very important film...
  9. hifimat

    [WTB] Sony mdr 7520 or sony z1000 UK

    Offer me if you have one for sale. Thank you.
  10. reddragon

    my ears have become "sensitive", "vulnerable"?

    Beyerdynamic dt990 has become my main home phone for a while and people have said its harsh on the treble but I didn't have problem with it. However, recently I get ear fatigue very often. Today while listening to music (iTunes calls it jazz, I just call it female vocals) for half an hour on low...
  11. k3oxkjo

    FS Sony MDR-Z1000

    For sale Sony MDR-Z1000. Bought new by myself in very good contion except a mar on the left bracket above the N and Y of "SONY". Not sure how it got there. With Box. A real nice pair of cans.   Price; $250 plus shipping.
  12. mvtm

    Amazing Headphones <$500

    Hi! I've been a long time member here. It's been more than 5 years since my last post. I'm looking for the very best headphones under $500 or $300. I've had 2 Grado's SR60 and a Grado SR80 thanks to your recommendations. This time i'll like something closed, to have a change from open air. I...
  13. cyrex

    ...need some advice for buying a new over the ear head phones...

    Hi everyone. I am using a shure se215 IEMs which i got 3 weeks ago and i love them. I am planning to buy a new pair of closed back headphones but im confused. I mostly listen to rock (all kinds of sub genres of rock). I want a punchy & correct bass but not overpowering the mids and the highs...
  14. Duncan

    Urgent - Purchase imminent - Grado SR325iS

    Hi All,   I'm building up my home rig again, and have myself a Burson HA160D amp - very happy with it, however - the AKG Q701s I bought don't have enough life / slam for more uptempo music...   My Sony Z1000s are relatively good all rounders, but - again - still not fantastic for rock /...
  15. iim7V7IM7

    Accurate/Neutral Sounding Headphones for Recording, Mixing, Tracking and General Listening for $200-$400

    Hi,   These headphones will be used with my iMac and my audio interface (30 ohm output) for both home recording (guitar) and general listening.  Since I will use them also for tracking isolation and lack of leakage when recording with a condenser mic is important.  I have idenified a number...
  16. Bersercci

    Street cred with hipsters and overears, $500?

    New job, and new rules for me. I'm 40 years old and going to join a bunch of younger tech savvy hipsters that all look sooo cool. Office rules say that listening to music with cans must not bother others and is a aign you want to work in privacy. So in this setting I need overears a) with...
  17. schaaf

    looking for a closed can that's on par with the HD598

    Hey everyone   I have some HD598s that I just got for use at work, and they sound great, much better than my HD555s, but they leak too much for my office mate. I didn't think they'd bother her, but they are apparently too loud.    I listen to mainly acoustic stuff, some rock, daft punk...
  18. BMT

    Sony MDR-Z1000 discontinued / replaced?

    Based on a couple of recommendations here, I was trying to decide between the MDR-Z1000 and the MDR-7520.  I was just at the Sony website for the Z1000 and it says "No Longer Available".  Did the Z1000 get replaced with something else?  And if so, is that something else comparable to the...
  19. earthpeople

    FS: Sony MDR-Z1000

    Overall, these Z1000s are in great condition, with a couple small flaws shown in the pictures. There is a very small chip on the finish on one of the cups, and the cup hinge part is slightly losing color, as seen in the third picture. Also some small microscratches on the "Sony" logo part (since...
  20. earthpeople

    IC/FS: Sony MDR-Z1000

    Not sure I want to sell these yet, but figured I would throw them up to gauge interest. Currently taking offers while I consider whether to keep them or not.   Overall, these Z1000s are in great condition, with a couple small flaws shown in the pictures. There is a small chip on the finish on...
  21. earthpeople

    IC/FS: Sony MDR-Z1000

    Not sure I want to sell these yet, but figured I would throw them up to gauge interest.   Overall, these Z1000s are in great condition, with a couple small flaws shown in the pictures. There is a small chip on the finish on one of the cups, and the cup hinge part is slightly losing color. Also...
  22. Gclef

    Anyone own both D2000 AND M-80 ???

    I'm really happy with my D2000 cans that I use at home, but I'm also looking for something portable.  I consider myself a "bassy-head", not so much a "basshead".  Unlike most, I dont' really consider the D2000 to be "basshead" cans - while they do extend quite low and have some rumble - the bass...
  23. woodfiend

    Ultra portable setup with full size Headphones.....?

       I hope I am posting this in the correct area (it was here or portable source)   Does anyone have any experience with making an ultra short cable (removable or not) and directly attaching a small player (Sansa clip etc.) directly to the cups or band in some way?    I am sure I saw a pic...
  24. Grey Owl

    Why such a thing happened with my Z1000?

    Hi,   Yesterday I received My Sony MDR-Z1000 & I was really happy with its sound & comfort. It is a huge step forward from my Presonus HD7 (Superlux HD668B Clone). I listened to music with Z1000 for 2 hours. But today I wanted to go outside and I borrowed my brother cheap Sony MDR-EX100 which...
  25. Norman314

    Closed ear for classical, electronic, heavy metal via iPod, $500 including amp

    I've had a pair of Denon AH-D1001 for almost three years now. They are my first pair of headphones costing more than about $20. I've been using them without an amp. They've revolutionized the way I listen to and appreciate music. However, they have taken some bumps over the years, due in part to...