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    At CanJam @ RMAF 2012, Sony's Naotaka Tsunoda brought both the Sony MDR-7520 (left) and the MDR-Z1000, so that I could compare them both, as I'd initially thought both were the exact same headphone, just in slightly different liveries--they're not. They do sound different, my preference being for th
  2. hun009

    Just bought a cheap logitech transporter se, need recommend of amp and headphone...

    Just bought transporter se for $730 after tax. But suddenly found that it don't have earphone output...Could anyone suggest some combinations of headphone and amp(with two earphone output better)? I like rock and new age music. For the headphones, I'm thinking of HD600/650, HE-500, mdr-z1000 or...
  3. kskwerl

    So what's Sony's current flagship?

    Is it the Z1000?
  4. seag33k

    Characteristics of Open Headphones

    I was reading another thread and someone recommend the Q701s so I read a review about them.  They sound like nice headphones so I wondered what sort of characteristics do open vs. closed headphones have?  I was a bit concerned by how delicate these cans seem to be by design since I'd have to put...
  5. Kukuk

    Mid-centric closed headphones?

    I've been kind of out of the loop with new headphones lately, and am wondering what closed headphones out there are very mid-centric. I've owned the AKG K271s (which are great) and the Sony MDR-CD900STs (which are beyond marvelous), and I've heard, very briefly, Beyerdynamic DT48's, but I'm...
  6. MrViolin

    Sony Fan Club!

    So guys, mind telling me why there isn't a Sony fan club? I'm pretty sure there are some sony fans out there, just wondering why I haven't seen one.  There seem to be ultrasone, grado, and fan clubs for specific phones though.    If you could tell me, thanks!
  7. librarian

    Headphones to match Hifiman HM-602

    I recently got the HM-602 and I have sold out almost all my portable gear. I just find the sound of this dap to be simply great! The analogue-like sound of the non oversampling td1543 dac chip is just what I have been looking for. I enjoy it very much with Yuin G1A. This is my favourite. The 150...
  8. mikenuss

    Need Advice! Inexperienced With Headphones and would appreciate help!

    Hello,   I am hoping someone could help me out in finding a pair of headphones that would best suit my needs...   1) Price Range: $250-350 2) Over-Ear, Closed (maybe Noise Canceling?) that are good for all types of music... I listen to a lot of progressive house as well as a lot of...
  9. jukebox

    I can't decide.

    I'm looking to buy a closed can, very noise isolating, with good bass.   I'm looking to spend around 200 and i have came up with a few choices but am not sure which is best in terms of overall sound quality.   So far I have been interested in the:   Sony z1000 Pioneer hdj 2000...
  10. DDKL

    I need a jack-of-all-trades headphone

    Getting right to the point.   Used for:   -producing music, especially electronic. -listening to music for pleasure (obviously) -gaming (counter strike, horror games, etc.) -closed-back -analog, not USB -as flat as it can get -soundstage not too important, but sure why not...
  11. RaheemJamaal

    $300 RANGE (I am new to Head-Fi as well)

    I definitely do not consider myself an audiophile yet, but I am starting to develop my ear for it. I am on a serious search for some new cans. I've owned the Audio Technica M50s which I loved, but the wiring frayed in the input jack. So I am planning on getting those completely re-cabled because...
  12. S

    Replacement Sony earpads

    It has turned out to be a particularly hot summer this year, and I am finding my MDR-7520 too hot to wear for hours at a time now. I don't think there is anything that can be done about the headband, but the earpads are replaceable. 1. Does anyone know whether the MDR-7520/Z1000 can use the...
  13. ldzhjn

    What DAC should I get for my laptop and my phone?

    I've been using a Dell M6700 mobile workstation for work and play. Recently I purchased a Sony MDR Z1000 for both of my laptop and my cellphone which is Galaxy  note 3. Now I'm thinking of geting a DAC to maximum the performance of Z1000. So I'm seeking advice here.   I guess my laptop has...
  14. Chime Bells

    FS: Sony Z1000 3m 7N OFC mini-mini, mini-1/4 cable (price drop)

    It came with Sony Z1000, which I have given to a friend.    It's a high quality 7N-OFC Litz cord. 3 meters long. One end is standard 1/8 with 1/4 screw-on. The other side is a 1/8.    So works fine as an interconnect.  A decent upgrade for 1R as well
  15. msflsim

    (Q) Sony MDR 7520 or Sony MDR Z1000 replacement cable? (coiled or straight)

    Hi guys,   Sony tried to charge me £240!!! for the cable only!! And this is from 2 different companies. The 7520 costs around £400 here and it does not make sense that the cable is half of the cost, I will not accept that, it is CRAZY! They said that it is because the cable uses 'speclialist...
  16. MrTechAgent

    Sony MDR-Z1000 for 250$ in India (It is a steal)

    As it turns out Sony is very kind with Asian's :P. I got the zx700 for Rs5200 in India around 100$. I wanted to get the z1000 but was sure that a $500 headphone in US would be around 600-650$ in India but I was wrong the z1000 was only made for Asia and all the US versions were imports and...
  17. wmyjkl

    FT/FS: Sony z-1000 for your PHILIPS FIDELIO X1

    Almost brand new Z1000 with all original accessories. I was bought it on AMZON for almost one year, run-on 50 hours. Trade For your PHILIPS FIDELIO X1
  18. Ultrazino

    Sony MDR-Z1000 flagship portable over-ear

    I am selling my Sony MDR-Z1000 headphones in very good condition. There are no noticeable scratches or other signs of usage. I have a small head, no animals and I don't smoke. There is practically no wear on the headphones. The leather pads are still brilliantly soft.   All accessories are...
  19. vc1187

    FS/FT: Mint Sony MDR-Z1000 (Shipping + PayPal Included in Price)

    Up for sale is a mint pair of Sony MDR-Z1000.  This pair of headphones is now discontinued.  Those that need an introduction can find one here:   Personally, I found it to be an amazing pair of portable headphones due to its excellent...
  20. denis


    These headphones have 20-30 hours of listening on them. They come in their box with all the original accessories.  
  21. drmind

    Sony MDR-Z1000

    Will sell the MDR-Z1000. I bought these from a local store about a year ago.   Headphones are in excellent condition, come with all the acsessoires and the original (slightly damaged package).   The shipping is included into the price.   PayPal only. You can use the gift option or...
  22. Oof Oink

    Favorite Over Ear Headphones For Library Setting

    Hello everyone. I'd like your opinion on what you personally think would be the most suitable over ear (not on ear) headphone for use at a library. I've been spending more and more time at the local library, and listening to earphones is not as enjoyable for me. I want a set of headphones that...
  23. Ra97oR

    [WANTED/IC] Audio Technica ES10 or Sony Z1000 [UK/EU]

    Wanted a pair of Audio Technica ES10 or Sony Z1000, hit me with any reasonable offer, we might have something worked out.
  24. HiFlight

    F.S. Sony MDR-Z1000 headphones

    I have for sale my mint condition Sony Z1000 headphones.  These are currently the flagship model from Sony and sound like it, as they are extremely neutral and are able to reveal the most subtle nuances in one's music.    They are, in all respects, in "as new" condition with all of the...
  25. tk3

    Sony MDR-Z1000 (EU), now €300!

    Selling a Sony MDR-Z1000 in like-new condition. I bought it while I was in Hong Kong at the Kingsound headphone store, but I really don't need another portable headphone like this. Lightly used and carefully handled over 2 weeks, I haven't had much chance to use them because I was mostly on...