1. swbf2cheater

    Loaner Sony Z1000 - Seeking a loaner set of z1000s to complete a review

    Howdy, I was hoping someone out there would be willing to loan me their Z1000 for a few days to complete a review I've been working on.  If anyone wants to help, please PM me :)   -mike
  2. allyl

    Sony MDR-Z1000

    Selling my Z1000s, used for less than 5 hours and in perfect condition. Will come with original box and all accessories.   $330 shipped CONUS.
  3. swbf2cheater

    Sony Z1000

    Hello, I am looking for a used but great condition Sony Z1000.  Please toss me a private message if you have one for sale. -mike
  4. Kerraine

    Assistance in Choosing. Sony MDR-7520 or Z1000 ?

    Hi everybody.   Hailing from Singapore with my first post in Head-Fi here.   I'm gonna type this short and neat if you guys don't mind...   Previous headphones: Shure SRH-440 Current headphones: Sony MDR-7505 Preferences: Leaning towards neutral (Especially for future field...
  5. vkvedam

    FS: Sony MDR-Z1000 Studio Headphones (Used)

    All   Sony MDR-Z1000 I've acquired these in mint (almost brand new) condition whilst doing a trade with my mint DT 1350s. They have to go unfortunately as there wouldn't be enough head time for these to stay, not that I don't like them. These are now officially discontinued as well. Boxed...
  6. allyl

    Sony MDR-Z1000

    Haven't had nearly as much of a chance to use these as I had hoped, so I'll send them along to another user. This is the third pair I've owned (I just can't seem to make up my mind) and has seen less than 5 hours of use.   $325 300 shipped CONUS
  7. priest

    Sony MDR-Z1000 Studio Monitor Headphones - Excellent condition!

    Hello, I am selling the MDR-Z1000. I have owned these for about eight months, and have used them for 50 hours or so, maxium. Purchased from an authorized dealer, for a great price, which I am passing on. Includes box and all original contents.   Payment via PayPal only please. I will absorb...
  8. wrathzombie

    Want to Trade: HD 650| Hifiman HE400| AKG K702 for MDR Z1000

    I have an MDR Z1000 recently purchased in India (26th Nov 2012). Retail Price in India ~$355. I am including the pictures of the original box, pouch, cables and headphone. I would like to trade these for an open pair of headphones. Maybe HE400 or HD650 Or AKG K702 in excellent condition or...
  9. fureshi

    Shure SRH1840, Sony Z1000, Sony XBA-4SL

    Up for sale are the following headphones:   Shure SRH1840 - Purchased last year but barely have any hours on them.  $475   Sony Z1000 - These were my work cans for a while.  Over 500hrs.  $380   Sony XBA-4SL - These IEMs were purchased in Japan when they were first available.  I've...
  10. danny93

    Sony Walkman Z1060 (Z1000, WM-Z) Free Fiio L5 - will ship worldwide

    Great sounding DAP that I prefer to my old iMOD 5.5g  paired with an E11 and somehow its slimmer and got a 4.3" screen What haha!    I´ll meet near London, England also if your near!    Check the reviews its been getting, I´ll deffinatly be getting another in the near future...once i get...
  11. NicoCat

    FS: Sony MDR Z1000 & Sennheiser HD25-1 II [UK]

    The MDR-Z1000 were purchased from Amazon in May 2012, in a conservative 8.5/10 condition, i.e. there are few signs of use and the outer box is a bit worn, see the posted pictures for the scratches an dents. Come with all the accessories - 2 cables, 6.35 adaptor, the leather pouch and Amazon...
  12. roma101

    Sony MDR-Z1000 SOLD

    Back up for sale with a big price drop. These sound spectacular but I would really like to try something new. And so I just cannot afford to keep these. The headphones are in minty, like new condition and come with box and all accessories. If you're interested in these, feel free to send me a...
  13. Flillycake

    Problem with the Sony MDR Z-1000

    Hi I recently bought one a Z-1000 and was really happy with my purchase.  Recently though there has been a constant creaking noise that has become very annoying.  I know the solution is probably obvious but what do I do to stop the creaking?  They're pretty expensive for me and I don't want to...
  14. otakuflick

    buying sony Mdr-z1000 headpone original cables or cheap aftermaker ones.

    I'm looking for both 1m and 3m original cable, whoever happen to have spare ones can pm me or email me at i can buy a Diy 1m cable if its within my 100 usd budget.I pay with paypal verified account.
  15. Kukuk


    It's looking like now is a bad time to trade or sell these, so I'll be closing this ad.
  16. Chime Bells

    SE535 Clear for your Z1000

    Sadly they are not my cup of tea. Never get enough head time, so up for trade/sale. 
  17. Chime Bells

    FT: W4 for your Sony Z1000/ Beyer T70p

    I have this pair of W4 up for trade. Awesome IEMs.   Not sure if I want to sell them yet. 
  18. danny93

    Sony Walkman Z1060 (Z1000, WM-Z) Free Fiio L5 - will ship worldwide

    Hi all grab yourself a bargain guys!   Last week I got my Sony Z1060 but looking to get some new headphones instead...    Great sounding DAP that I prefer to my old iMOD 5.5g  paired with an E11 and somehow its slimmer and got a 4.3" screen What haha!    I´ll meet near London, England...
  19. compicat

    SONY MDR-Z1000

    Like new, Sony MDR-Z1000 is for sale. It is mint, it does not have any cosmetic or functional problems. I have all the box, papers, cables etc.   Price includes worldwide shipping (registered airmail). Paypal gift or add paypal fees please. Thanks.
  20. M-13

    FOR SALE: SONY Z1000 - Like New Condition *Free Shipping*

    Selling to fund a differnet hobby. I've been steadily selling my full sized cans and this is the last one. I really didn't want to let this one go, but it's on the block.   Purchased from Adorama Camera (authorized dealer) on 9/11/2012. So they're not even six months old. They have about 50...
  21. Jtom94

    Sony MDR-Z1000 Driver Connection Question

    On the Sony MDR-1000, I know the left driver is connected to the cable by a screwing it on. My question is how is the cable connected to the right driver? Is there a cable that goes from the left driver through the headband to the right driver much like the same design as the V6/7506?    ...
  22. alamba78

    Samsung Galaxy 5 vs Sony Walkman Z1000??

    I'm looking at both of these DAPs as an alternative to an ipod.  I definitely would like an Android device as I already own an Android phone and am very familiar with the OS.  Also, my phone's battery and SQ definitely pale in comparison.  What I'm looking for advice on is the SQ, battery life...
  23. Z

    Sony MDR-Z1000 and Sony MDR-7520 - Essentially Identical?

    Starting this new thread because this subject/question keeps arising about these two top headphones.    Are the MDR-Z1000 and MDR-7520 identical other than the color, supplied cable, and support offered by Sony?   ("Support offered by Sony" = since the 7520's are part of Sony's...
  24. HeroicPenguin

    FS/FT: Sony MDR-Z1000 for Sony MDR-1R/Sennheiser Momentum

    I'd like to trade my Z1000 for a mint condition 1R, black preferred or a mint Sennheiser Momentum. Unfortunately, while the Z1000 is very capable, it's sound signature isn't quite right for me. Lovers of the EarSonics SM3 on the other hand should love it, as it shares a lot of characteristics...
  25. DJBaila

    My LNIB Sennheiser Momentum (Brown) for your Sony MDR-Z1000, Sony MDR-7520 OR Sony MDR-CD900st

    Trading my Sennheiser Momentum (Brown) "LIKE NEW" with box, all accessories and Bestbuy Ticket for warranty purposes. For your Sony MDR-Z1000, Sony MDR-7520, Sony MDR-CD900st OR Sony MDR-7550.     Interested in Denon AH-D600 and Shure SE535 Too.