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Got some ety hf5s!

  1. canikickit1
    Lovin em so far. Two things, do they need burn in and do they soundd better with comply tips
  2. mastershake2393
    They do not need burn-in because they are BA (balanced-armature drivers never need burn-in.) Burn-in is still a theory after all, even with dynamic drivers...
    I cannot comment on the Comply tips for the Ety's as I never used them on my er6i, but from my past experience with various IEMs using the Comply tips, I can tell you that with those IEMs (IE8, MTPC, TF10, MD Tribute, etc.) they did muddy up the sound of each IEM to a certain degree. The IE8 were the most affected by the Comply's, but the least affected were the TF10, so there are mixed results I guess. *shrugs*
    Long story short, Comply's will never make an IEM "sound better." If anything they will improve the seal you get with your IEM; at worst they actually degrade the SQ.
  3. canikickit1
    Nice thanks..
    I got used to the triple flanges so it sounds wonderful.
    Finally found the ones!!
    Went from 
    iBeats --> Klipsch S4 --> RE0 ==> HF3 --> Shure SE215 --> Rezero --> HF5

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