1. bizkid

    Sony MDR-Z1000

    My Sony MDR-Z1000 is for sale, i bought it on 1st July 2011 from, it's in perfect shape, no signs of use, non-smoker home, comes with everything, box, receipt. I ship to EU countries which should be around 10 Euro. Shipping withhin germany is included in the price.    
  2. JorgeC

    Just Arrived at HeadRoom: Sony MDR-Z1000 and MDR-ZX700 Headphones

    Please stay tuned for our in-depth HeadRoom reviews and head-to-head shoot-outs on these new Sony monitoring cans within the next few days!       Cheers,   jorge HeadRoom...
  3. Thecoolguy

    FS: ***Sony MDR-Z1000***

    -Exellent condition (no scratches)   -Comes with everything, including all of the original packaging, the carrying bag for the headphones, paperwork and receipts, both cables, 1/8th inch to 1/4th inch adatper, and even the little bags the cables came in lol   -Headphones have around 60...
  4. allyl

    Sony MDR-Z1000

    I am selling a brand new (< 5 hours of total use, including burn-in) Sony MDR-Z1000. As would be expected, the unit is in pristine 10/10 condition. It sounds wonderful, but I could use the cash at the moment more than the headphones. They will remain in the box untouched until you receive them...
  5. Amarphael

    Mint Sony MDR-Z1000 SOLD

  6. ballcall2

    Are the Sony Z1000 an upgrade from hd598

    I currently own hd598 and I like them, but sometimes I fill that something is missing, I don't know what. Then I found the z1000 that look like a good headphone for me: very good SQ (in the same level as hd650/dt880) that are also portable and quite easy to drive. Do the z1000 worth it? Will I...
  7. mAsh

    ATH-W1000X vs Sony Z1000

    So my ATH-A900 are nearing the limits of wear and tear. Been looking for an upgrade, and have narrowed my decision to the W1000X or the Sony Z1000. I need headphones that are relatively easy to drive and do not need a massive/expensive amp to bring the best out of them. I think I would prefer...
  8. bitbonk

    Sony MDR-Z1000 vs. Sony MDREX1000LP

    When it comes to pure sound quality (accuracy, details, sound neutrality, frequency range) and suitabilty for jazz, classic and some folk, independent rock with a tendency to acoustic instruments, what would be the better device for my ears?
  9. CML86

    FS: Sony MDR-Z1000 Mint Condition

    Up for sale is a pair of Sony Z1000.  I'm the original owner.  The headphones are in like new condition.  They are barely used (less than 10 hours total).  Includes all the original accessories and box.  I'm asking for $290 shipped.
  10. Gclef

    Does "punchy" and "impact" refer to the same or similar characteristic? (Z1000)

    If my definitions of these bass terms are correct:   Punchy = quick, sharp, tight (as in no reverb) bass notes Impact = high level of force or great weight in delivery (like the thumping of a subwoofer)   I have to ask, can you have impact without punch or punch without impact?  How...
  11. FortisFlyer75

    Sony MDR Z1000 Vs Denon AH D5000's? Please help!

    Has any one heard both the Sony Z1000's and the Denon D5000's to be able to to do a direct comparison or especially with the Z10000s just elaborate on what few reviews there seem to be currently on here for the Sony's.   I am without full cans in my inventory due to selling my K702s to fund...
  12. Richard-iu

    WTT:EQ-7 + P&D DAC/AMP for Denon A100 or Z1000

    Hippo case is not include. EQ-7+ P&D DAC/AMP trade for Z1000, Denon A100, ES10. PM if interesting
  13. Chime Bells

    FSFT: Sony EX1000 for sale or for your Z1000

    For sale is a pair of ex1000's,  Slightly over one year old.  Great condition, with all original accessories.   Will trade for SONY Z1000
  14. Dubwicht

    Sony MDR-Z1000 - Near Mint - For Sale

    Please see the attached add for details and photos:
  15. gustavQ

    Sony MDR-Z1000 - NEW!

    I'm selling the Sony MDR-Z1000. Never been used, or even left the box.   Because it is my first deal here I took some pictures where you can see my nickname and the date when I purchased the headphones.   If necessary I can take more pictures, even inside the box with the headphones...
  16. zenpunk

    Sony MDR-Z1000

    SOLD     I have a pair of Z1000 in mint condition ( less than 50 hours use). I bought  those on Fleebay and were sold as new ( unwanted gift). To my surprise they came in a real wooden box instead of the usual cardbox packaging. Asking for £180 including postage to the UK, Paypal gifted...
  17. dathisper

    Focal Spirit one or V-moda Lp2 or Sony Z1000??

    Hi all! I am currently using Bose QuietComfort 3, and Triple-fi 10 pro daily, and I am looking for an upgrade for my Bose QuietComfort 3, I find Bose's bass kinda muddy and blurry >< not nice! I want a pair of headphones that has detachable cables and it's closed back, because I will be mainly...
  18. pbandstefanwich

    IC: Sony MDR-Z1000

    Just gauging to see if there's any interest in these headphones. They sound quite nice, I just don't use them enough. When I'm actively moving about I prefer iems, and when I need a good set of portables for stationary use I have Ultrasones for that. These are in very nice condition with...
  19. Liver

    UE TripleFi 10, Sony PFR-V1, AKG K271 MKII, Sony MDR-Z1000, Klipsch Image X10

    I really need to thin the collection.  I've bought too many headphones and I must sell some to justify getting additional ones.   Some disclaimers.   Keeping prices for posterity.   PayPal only and priority USA shipping included in price.  I really don't want to ship outside the US...
  20. Mad Dude

    *ALL SOLD* Stuff for sale: Sony MDR-Z1000, Philips Fidelio L1, Meier Audio Headsix

    *** SOLD! ***       Hello Head-Fi'ers, I'm selling some equipment to fund a new portable setup: Philips Fidelio L1: I received these on March 27th. These are really good - excellent mids - but they're too bass heavy for my tastes. Used for five or six hours, condition is...
  21. Specialone

    Sony MDR Z1000 or Beyerdynamic DT1350 ?

    hi, I have a question for those who have tried these two models. I'd use them primarily to listen to rock music. which one has a better soundstage? which of the two has a greater extension of the low frequencies? In your opinion, what should be the choice? thanks anyway.   P.S. i'm...
  22. BattleBrat

    Sony Z1000's MINT! Less than 10 hours!

    For sale a pair of MINT Sony Z1000's they have less than 10 hours on them. Includes Both cables, I have original packaging.   UPS Ground Sig confirm full insurance buyer pays all shipping. ONCE THE ITEM LEAVES MY HANDS IT IS BETWEEN  YOU AND UPS, IT DOESN"T ARRIVE OR ARRIVES DAMAGED TAKE IT UP...
  23. audiosceptic

    FS: Sony Z1000 Headphones

    Sony Z1000 Headphones in outstanding condition. I haven't really used these and they really aren't even broken in yet. Includes box, manual and all accessories. Sale is for US only. Shipping will be via USPS for a flat rate of $14.95.
  24. h1a8

    Difference between Sony Z-1000 and f800?

    What is the difference in features and sound quality? Is the flac on the f series gapless (with native sony player)?
  25. HiFiGuy528

    Sony MDR-Z1000 & MDR-7520 comparison video and short review

    Thought I show you guys how the two compares. Hope you like the video.