1. drdang

    Urgent Noob advice

    Hi all I've been wandering the forums and this is my first post. After tons of broken or simply unsatisfying budget IEMs, I have decided to buy some real good ones. I have saved money and since the time is right (don't ask) I wanted to order them as soon as possible. I listen to Alternative...
  2. jepitoabuan

    NuForce ne-6 vs. klipsch image s4

    Who has a better sound overall? I know both IEM's packs with bass but which is better in terms of the sound they deliver? any ideas? thanks.... really need your help..
  3. artistofdivine

    Shure clear flex sleeves

    Hello I am wondering if the included tips with the image s4 are the same or like the shure clear flex sleeves cause the pictures look sort of the same. I am getting the westone UM2s and they say that the shure clear flex sleeves work great with them and right now i own the klipsch image S4s
  4. Etymoantick

    Are Monster turbines, pros or klipsch s4 best for uber bass?

    Basically, i want a decent set of earphones that provide awesome bassiness (yes, that is a real word).   The main comparison is the monster turbines and the klipsch s4's considering that the monster turbines are about $100 more in the UK or should I wait out and get the pros which are about...
  5. solaris7

    Monster Turbine Pro Gold vs Klipsch Image s4 [UPDATE!!!]

    Make no mistake that I am in the wrong by comparing two IEM's at vastly different price points. I am only doing this because I want to know what else, more precisely, what more I will hear when I upgrade from the s4's to the gold's. If anyone has had experience with both of these pairs could...
  6. Dekimasu

    Buying in Japan--are any of these good deals?

    Hello. This is my first post on these forums, so I apologize if I make any mistakes in etiquette. I tried to find a similar thread, but wasn't successful, so here goes.   I'm looking to buy my first real set of IEMs, with a special eye to what will do the best job of isolating sound on the...
  7. nate5709

    Headphones with good bass?

    Hey guys.   Are there any <$80 IEM's with strong bass, good mids and highs, and a somewhat open soundstage? I'll be using them with an mp3 player (no amp) and I typically listen to alt-metal.   I love my Beyer DT770/80s so if there's anything that similar to those, I'll try them out.  ...
  8. ketan7s

    difference between Klipsch s4 and SE HPM77

    Hallo friends, I am having the Sony ericsson W995 phone, which came along with the HPM77 in ear phones. Until now they are the best I have heard, the sound separation and punch. I wanted to buy the Klipsch S4 thinking of upgrading in curiosity of greater sound quality. So, should I go for the...
  9. dbkcarter

    Klipsch Image S4 - to amp or not to?

    Here's the deal, I have some S4's on the way, and they'll be used mostly with my old video ipod, and with my samsung impression via audio adapter. Mostly with the samsung due to hard drive issues on the ipod.  The audio out on the samsung isn't absolutely terrible; but it's a freakin phone so...
  10. DGarces89

    Shure SRH-750 on ebay - Knockoff?

    I just won an auction for a set of Shure SRH-750s on ebay for an astounding price of $85 after shipping. The only problem is, this price is about $50 than what I've seen them going for, and I'm worried they might be knockoffs. Is there any way to tell once I get them?   I haven't heard them...
  11. Bacon_N_Cheese

    Are Klipsch S4 a significant upgrade from m6's?

    I'm trading my RE0's for either the Klipsch Image s4 or the Audio Technica ES7     I already have the M6's and the Sennheiser HD485, so which item would be the bigger upgrade?
  12. solaris7

    Time to take another step (Klipsch image s4 ---> ? )

    Hi all, So I have been lurking on the forums for quite a while and its all your fault that my first purchase was a klipsch image s4 :). So, I have finally decided, that after listening to my friends bose iem's that the s4's though known for bass did not blow me away as much. I am not saying I...
  13. kristianfredrik

    Go for the S4?

    As I need i new player, ( think i will go for the clip+ 8gb ) I also want a new pair of IEMs. The Klipsch Image s4 seems like a good pair, and I think they will be my choise,   I already own a pair of creative ep630 and listen almost exclusively to metall. How big improvement in the sound...
  14. LaikasRevenge

    I need recommendations for earphones under $100

    Hey nerds,   I'm currently in the position of having to replace the earphones that came with my iTouch and I'd like to get a decent pair of in-ear earphones. I've been looking for a while, and I've even lurked here a bit, but I still haven't come across an earphone that seems like it would...
  15. stonyboys

    Klipsch S4: E1, E3 or E5?

    Hello, I am going to be purchasing the S4s, and I get to choose which Fiio amp comes with it. Which one should I get? I will be using it with my iPod Touch 2G. I listen to most types of music except electronica/dance/techno. Thanks!
  16. txsoccer

    Phonak Perfect Bass 012 vs Klipsch Image S4 vs Monster Turbine (vanilla)

    Hey all, I'm kind of new to the headphone scene and am looking to find an iem to pair up with my ATH ES7 (which I bought thanks to this site  ) and have finally narrowed it down to the above iems. I really like the sound of the ES7s though desire a bit more bass so I figure that these are the...
  17. JJBug

    Software Equalizers

    Hi,   Just finished looking at this excellent thread comparing IEMs  http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/478568/multi-iem-review-100-iems-compared-westone-um3x-turbine-pro-copper-added-08-18.   Being new to quality IEMs I have a question. I have been fortunate to have been in the...
  18. K-MONEY

    Which will you most likely go with?

    All of these 4 IEMs are approximately in the same price range.
  19. laboitenoire

    Really need to find some new portables...

    Hey y'all. Haven't posted in a while seeing as for a while I was in audio bliss with my M50s and my ER-6 Isolators. Unfortunately, I think it's time to replace the IEMs, as my last pair of tips is disintegrating, the strain relief is totally destroyed, the shirt clip broke, the yoke to keep the...
  20. MuppetMorgue

    Help out a Noob

    Hey,   I've been pretty interested in joining the community for a while and there's no time like the present eh?   I've purchased a few decent headphones but I'm interested in making this a pretty big thing in the next few years Sooooooooo I just wanted to ask around If you guys...
  21. IDK

    Need IEM Suggestions asap

    These are my Options - Westone UM1, Sennheiser IE6, Klipsch Image S4, and Ultimate Ears UE700   Needs -   Good Isolation Very Detailed and Good Soundstage Good with All Genres Pairs Very Well with 3rd Generation Ipod Touch's Sound Sig     Which of these would be best?    
  22. johnfl

    klipsch s4 ?

    I have a $100 gift card for best buy and need new in-ear phones for my ipod..I listen to pop,metal,and break beats mainly.should I pick up the S4's or should I try the Bose or Ultimate Ears I walk in the evenings with my ipod and listen to the music at my desk, just a average guy needing some...
  23. mkv1500

    IEM between $40-$75 - basshead

    Hello   This now i was using CX-300 which broke yesterday.    So decided to upgrade.    Here are few things i am looking for in my upgrade   - Budget: $40-$75. Give or take a few bucks - I am a bass head, so good bass.  - It should be comfortable to wear, good sound quality...
  24. vintwang

    Beginner Trying to Decide on IEM - RE0/S4/ER6i/Rain

    Hey Guys,   Currently I'm using the CX300 but am looking to move on. I'm selling off my Dr. Dre Beats Solo because I prefer IEMs over full-size phones. I'm a beginner audiophile since these beats solo are the best headphones I've tried to date (haven't tried many). Before my CX300s I used...
  25. knugge

    ADDIEM, NE-7M or Klipsch S4

    I wanted to take this thread away but I don't understand how?   I saw that there are alot of posts regarding these iems and that no consensus is ever found why this thread seems unnecessary.