difference between Klipsch s4 and SE HPM77
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Jun 16, 2009

Hallo friends,
I am having the Sony ericsson W995 phone, which came along with the HPM77 in ear phones. Until now they are the best I have heard, the sound separation and punch.
I wanted to buy the Klipsch S4 thinking of upgrading in curiosity of greater sound quality.
So, should I go for the S4, or should I but the premium Sony EX 35 LP?

I am just making choices that are available at my place.

see you
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I've only heard the hpm77, and to my ears they sound pretty much identical to sennheiser cx300
Can't say for the s4, but from many reviews here, they are in much higher league than the cx300, so s4 should be an upgrade from hpm77
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This thread can be an eye opener as far as IEMs go, so I'd strongly recommend reading it:
I own (and use on rare occasions) the HPM-77 that came with my SE phone.
On |joker| 's 1 to 10 scale I would rate them around 4. So anything beyond that should be a definite improvement, in my opinion.
Klipsch S4 is a good choice.
For the same kind of signature and price I'd be looking more at Hippo VB or Fischer Audio Eterna. Both of them offer a more sophisticated sound than the S4.

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