1. Sorensiim

    Punchy, detailed IEMs - what to get?

    I just got my "new" refurbished ipod 5.5 and while my UE Super.Fi 5vi sound nice and detailed from the headphone out, I find næmyself missing some "punch" and I don't feel like I'm "in" the music like I did with my AKG K271 mk2s or that I get the aggressive punch I got from my Ultrasone...
  2. Pott

    Sennheiser IE7s: win

    Yeah not feeling very imaginative on the thread title.   I have:   Senns CX500s: bassy Klipsch S4s: good value Etymotic HF5s: bright and clear Super Fi.5 v2: fun   The IE7s actually bring the best out of everything. Soundstage is very, very good. Sometimes I forget I have...
  3. Akella

    Klipsch s4 vs Klipsch x10

    I have been reading around and can't understand is it the big difference between them or not?   I using iphone, no amp and listening to rap, hiphop, pop and electronic music and i need good SQ with good deep bass. Which one of them i should pick up? Or i need something else? If it possible...
  4. youngsm10

    Please help, I think I am going mad

    Hello folks, I never thought I would write apost like this but I'm starting to get desperate. Let me explain. Over the last two years I have owned or tested so many IEMs you would not believe, only to find that none of them were right for me in one way or another. I am starting to think I will...
  5. fortepenance

    Klipsch Image S4 vs. the world

    My Ultimate Ears Superfi 4's broke the other day and I'm looking to buy a new pair of earphones. I liked the UEs since they fit very well, were portable and isolated great but they didn't sound very good (i never changed the tips, but i just learned about that reading these forums) and were too...
  6. caliskimmer

    Do ear tips make that big of a difference on Monster Turbine Pro Coppers?

    I just received my MTPCs yesterday, but the problem is, I can't enjoy them! NONE of the ear tips fit decently. I went the my Sennheiser ie8 tips, but even those felt much different then when they are on the ie8s. Are there any alternatives? I use medium tips. Also, these are replacing my Klipsch...
  7. Lupino

    DEAL ALERT : Klipsch Image S4 Earphones $50

    Bob and Ron's World Wide Stereo offers the Klipsch Image S4 In-Ear Headphones in White for $79. Coupon code "COLUMBUS" drops them to $50.  Free shipping, Coupon expires October 13.   http://www.wwstereo.com/website/ecommerce/productdetail.aspx?product=IMAGES4W     Lupino
  8. Ashwin

    Difference in sound quality output

    Hi,    I was wanting to ask if the audio player mattered if you've a really good / decent set of earphones to go along? (not considering FLAC files or lossless of course, more like MP3s, where its already been highly compressed and lossy)   More specifically would the sound from a COWON...
  9. mastapro

    burning in IEM?

    Hi all, I bought the klipsch s4 and the sound isn't that great.  I thought it would have good bass since I listen to rap/hip hop but it doesn't.  I hear that you have to burn it in.  What's the easiest way to do this?
  10. ScaryFatKidGT

    Really good in ears.

    I have a pair of klipsch Image S4's but I frequently see reviews saying the Monster Turbines are better, then the gold and coppers being sequentually better yet. I have also seen reviews saying the Klipsch Image X 10's (what ever happened to the X 5's?) are better than the S4's and about tying...
  11. jharv92

    Advice on Sub $200 in ear monitors

    These are the qualities I'm looking for. 1.Comfort- must be able to be worn 2+ hours 2.Sound- nothing artificial, I like to listen to the music how the artist intended a.also blocks out a fair amount of noise around me(but requires no additional batteries) b. separation of instruments...
  12. SoNiC1170

    Headphone for Metal/Rock

    Hello, I'm gonna change my mp3 and my headphone. I used Sony NW-A1200 with RE2/Fiio, i like the sound but i feel a lack of "energy" and bass.   I'll buy a Sansa Fuze and i don't know what headphone i should choose. It's for listen to MP3 with a bitrate 192k/bits at least.   I"ll...
  13. bluntman

    Klipsch Image S4 owners

    Have you tried hooking the S4 to an amp and experience how amazing they sound? How come they're so cheap? I mean honestly, they sound very similar to a $250 pair of audiophiles...I have the DT990 600 ohm and they sound very similar to them, all jokes aside. What's the deal here? I've been using...
  14. McAlsop

    Which IEMs would you suggest?

    I currently have Klipsch S4s and I like it with the cord wrapped over my ear. I am looking at getting a different pair that's better designed to wrap around the ear and not stick out far from the ear. The few I'm considering are the Etymotic ER6i, Ultimate Ears 700, Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5, and...
  15. r4tr4tr4t

    best under $80 iem ?

    hello i made this post in another thread but got ignored so im gonna just make a thread, im kinda new to these forums (have read a lot but made very few posts), im currently looking for some new iem's so ive read some threads regarding my issue and so far it seems the best for that price are the...
  16. jnd3344

    Portable Headphones

    I already have the ath-m50s and love them. But dont really take them out of my house. I need some headphones for when im on the gym and on the go. What I care about the most is bass, because I will only be listening to rap and electronic on them. Any suggestions? Thanks.   Are these any...
  17. Wabbla

    Find me a good partner!

    I want   - Bass - Natural Sound - Versatility  - Portability (ALSO Outdoor use, not sport!) - Unamped awesomeness - Around 100$ - Over-Ear (eventually On-Ear) - Moar Bass   What should i go for?
  18. mymail0808

    Another upgrade question..........

    Present : MP3 : Sony A828, Sansa Fuze Music : Pop-Rock, Post-rock, Canton pop Fiel Format : MP3@320   IEM : Klipsch S4   looking for upgrade of IEM, now my list is :     Rockford Fosgate Punch Plugs PP15mm ATH CKS 90 Visang R04 Fischer Audio Eterna REV.2 IEM...
  19. gs23

    $100 Durability

    Hi, recently my Bose In-Ear has loss its sound for the 2nd time. I am looking to buy the RE0 or the S4, I know that these IEMs have great sound but I am willing to sacrifice sound for durability, is there any other IEM that have great sound but can last for awhile?. If not, is there any "mods"...
  20. shadow82x

    Klipsch Image S4 vs Maximo's imetal 590

    I'm sure these earphones need no introduction as they are pretty popular as it. Does anyone know what set of earphones sound better and are built to last? Or if anyone has another recommendation for earphones under $80 im up for it. Thank you in advanced.
  21. Matt B

    opinion: any point to high end iems with mp3 music?

    Ok so I am not an audiophile...small improvements in this area or that area do not do it for me...and when I spend significantly more money on a product, I am looking for a wholly improved product with clear and consistent benefits over a less expensive one. I say this because I am well aware of...
  22. YamiBas

    Klipsch Image S4 vs Sennheiser IE6

    Hello,   I'd like to know what IEM's are the best for heavy bass music? The IE6 or the Image S4? Can anybody help me out on this one because I read positive and negative things about them and that kind of confused me. Thanks in advance   Yami_Bas
  23. ohmightyrv1

    Klipsch S4 Sound with Sennheiser CX 500 fit

    I just sold my Klipsch S4s because I couldn't get a great fit and I found them to be a bit uncomfortable in my ears (even though I loved the way they sounded). I ended up picking a pair of CX 500s on the cheap, but don't think they Senn's hold a candle to the S4s in terms of sound quality.  ...
  24. xero888

    Upgrade from Monster beats by dre tours

    Hey Headfi,   I'm in need of a new pair of headphones that are better than the monster tours that i currently own.  I'm open to any brand but my price range is <$100 if possible.  Recently after lurking around headfi, i've had an interest in the M6 by Meelectronics and the CX500's, are there...
  25. thejoseph

    Commuter IEMs ~$100

    It's time for a replacement: I commute via subway and just had my Shure E3's finally die on me.  I need great isolation and good durability in addition to clarity and soundstage.  I also prefer to wear my headphones over/behind the ear.  My go-to cans are Grado SR60s but they're obviously too...