1. Matthew.C

    Gift: Klipsch S2 or the Apple in-ears?

    Hey guys, I'm planning to get my friend a IEM for his Birthday, this will be his first IEM and I really want it to impress him. I've been searching the net and came down with three choices, Klipsch S2, S4 and the Apple In-ears. The Klipsch S2 seems to be a really good deal, but I was...
  2. Quake120

    Klipsch S4 Initial Impressions

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy S which came with a pair of IEMs that were actually somewhat decent, but it made me want a much better pair. I'm a newcomer to the IEM department. I own MDR-V6s and Senn HD595s, but I wanted something to use at work, while working out, etc... I decided after reading...
  3. cohiba44

    Monster Beats Tour, Monster Turbine, or Klipsch S4??

    Hi, My V-Moda Vibe Duo's died awhile back and am looking to get something to replace them. I didn't really like these as I felt the bass overpowered the sound of the music. I like hip hop and R&B, so I don't mind bass, but the overall sound of these didn't sound clear at all, imo. My old Sony...
  4. ExileMystic

    I'm looking for some headphones and I'm new to the game.

    Alright, I'm looking to buy some headphones in the range of 100 to 250 dollars. At first I was just going to go out and get some Bose headphones but I heard from a friend that they aren't the best out there and that I should check out some other stuff first. So I decided to try and get an idea...
  5. Milesmiles

    Klipsch S4's vs. Etymotic ER6i's

    Which pair of in-ears do you hold in higher regard: the Klipsch S4's, or the Etymotic ER6i's? These are the two main models I'm looking at right now (if you have any suggestions in the same price range, please post them!).    I listen to a lot of electronic music, but also rap, folk, jazzy...
  6. Milesmiles

    New here, trying to decide on headphones to bring to college.

    I'm going off too college in a few months, and want to bring headphones along for those times when my roommates don't want my speakers to be on. I'd prefer to spend under/up to $100, but of course, if you have a good suggestion that is a few dollars over, feel free to post it. I don't have any...
  7. cquedado

    Upgrading from my Klipsch S4. Ideas? Suggestions?

    Hey all   I used to own a set of klipsch s4's but they recently broke (they fell out of my ear while riding my bike and got eaten up by the spokes in my tires)...   Anyways, i loved em a lot for the bass and comfort. But now i'm looking to upgrade. What do you think would be the next...
  8. fromthelane

    klipsch Image S4 - really that good?

    CNET rave about them, average rating on Amazon is excellent, but I can't find much about them on here. So what's the deal with these earphones - worth the $80? Better than anything else in the price range?
  9. iAJB

    Amazon Return Policy (Klipsch S4)

    Okay so this is my first post on head-fi, I've been lurking this past week just gaining knowledge and information on headphones/IEMs etc as I was looking to buy a decent pair.   After a lot of reading and browsing I decided to buy the Klipsch Image S4's, they were well in my price range and...
  10. EMDash

    Recommendations for replacing Etymotic er-6i?

    Hello-   I have been looking around the past two days for a replacement for my er-6is. I have had them for several years, but find them quite fragile and lacking bass (as has been attested many, many times.) I do like their clarity, and due to the fact that I commute via train to NYC, their...
  11. bluntman

    Klipsch Image S4 Owners

    Does anybody has a copy of a receipt that can hook me up with? I honestly bought mine from best buy less than a year ago using cash and there is no way of the store to retrieve the receipt that way since it has been a while...I must've thrown it out by accident when I was cleaning my drawer and...
  12. 000dom000

    Klipsch Image S4?

    I just saw the Klipsch Image S4 on Amazon for £59. Is that a good deal? It's the best I've been able to find. I tend to listen to a bit of everything, some rock, drum n bass and a bit of jazz. I had the cx300 II before but the bass was a little too heavy. I have also considered the Senn CX...
  13. jbmon3

    Sony MDR-EX500LP vs Shure se 115 vs klipsch s4

    I am out looking for a new pair of IEM's and want them to be durrable , under $150 and include high's but be able to acheve a good thumping bass (understand this is hard in IEM's under $150). If anyone had any thoughts it would be a lifesaver if you would post them. I mostly like rock and Alt Rock .
  14. Trendkill

    Another "Which headphones should I buy?" thread

    My budget is roughly $75. I could go slightly higher if the quality warrants it. A 16gig Ipod Touch will be the primary source of music, but I will also use a Shuffle when I work out. Very rarely do I use my PC for any headphone listening. I'd prefer headphones that can be powered by these...
  15. Shasta

    Head-Direct RE0's or Klipsch Image S4's???

    Hiya, I'm a newbie!   I want to buy some IEM's, and I'm hung up on either the RE0's or the S4's. If I'm not used to clear analytical sound, which pair do you think would suit me better?
  16. abeeb

    Headphone replacement for under $100

    I had a par of sony mdrv 900's but the headphone jack on them broke so i am looking for some less expensive headphones or earphones, I don' mind if they are big headphones or small, but if they are big ones I prefer the ones that fit completely around your ear, also ones that come a 6.3mm...
  17. Gorkle

    Help me decide between these earphones!

    I'm trying to decide on a new set of earphones. I currently use Shure SE210s and I am looking to upgrade.   I have a few models in mind and I have listed the prices (in £, but even if you're not British you should get an idea of the relative value I'm looking at). I am looking for best 'bang...
  18. abhijollyguy

    Need earphone for Nationite S:Flo 2

    Hi all the Head-fi'ers   I need a earphone for Nationite S:Flo 2.   My sound preferences are:   1. I do not want harshness in treble. I want smooth treble. 2. Want mids like I can clearly hear every single words or lyrics in a song. 3. Bass wants awesome and deep/punchy but also...
  19. thenightman

    Is there a better option than the Hippo Shroom EB in the sub-$100 category IEMs?

    I'd like to add that I'm not going to consider the RE0s as they seem to lack the 'funness' in earphones. I hear that the VBs will be too bassy for my tastes, as well. I hated the Klipsch S4 (way too muddy), so I'm curious as to whether there are any other better contenders out there.
  20. Fierce1979

    IEM's, under $80, loud guitars, gym. Pretty please!

      I'm sorry to do this, I've just read through about 467 threads that all helped in one way or another so I promise that I'm not just being lazy!   I'm upgrading my headphone collection, and have ordered some Phiaton PS320s for everyday use, and now have approx $80 to spend on upgrading my...
  21. chnsawBrutality

    Need a new player, my ipod is dead.

    My 30GB, 5th gen iPod's battery has bit the bullet, it only works when it's being charged..   I need a replacement.  I would like to avoid iTunes, it always ends up crashing on my PC or ends up deleting things I don't want to be deleted I have an iPhone 3GS, but it's not really used for...
  22. DarkAurora

    New Earbud Purchase Help

    Hey guys, I've been looking to pick up a new set of earbuds and found some pretty good deals on these three:   Sennheiser CX 500 - $38USD Etymotic 6i - $76 Klipsch Image S4 - $79   Just wondering what you think I should get, or have a suggestion as to another set of headphones I can...
  23. rmmm

    Klipsch S4 vs Head Direct RE0

    Hi, I am looking for a new pair of iem's. I live in India and don't have too many choices here. I have to decide between the Klipsch S4 and Head Direct RE0. Both cost exactly the same here. I use a Cowon D2, and was using the PX-100s until now, but want to upgrade. I mainly listen to...
  24. evanagreer

    Monster Turbine vs. Klipsch S4

    Which is a more preferred IEM on the board?   Klipsch S4 or Monster Turbine?
  25. evanagreer

    Amp for Klipsch S4

    Would it make sense to amp Klipsch S4s?   I'll be running the S4's from an iPod.   What amp would complement the S4s?   Thanks!