1. mastapro

    best headphone for on the go?

    Hi, I was looking for some headphones to walk around my college campus/ use on the bus.  I currently have the ATH-m50s but they are just too big and the cord is too long to take on the streets.  My current music players are sansa clip+ and ipod touch.  I was looking to get the Klipsch s4 for the...
  2. kmhaynes

    Klipsch S4 vs HJE900?

    For those of you who have heard both, how much better is the HJE900 over the S4?  (or is it?)    I've had the S4 and did not care for the (to me) overwhelming bass and treble that tended toward being hot/harsh.   I currently have the Ety MC5 and like the details, but similar to the RE0...
  3. --connor--

    Klipsch S4's, Denon C551's, TDK EB900, monster turbine, hje900

    So basically i've been constantly researching for some proper bassey low profile iem's. Ideal for very heavy dubstep. Narrowed it down to the S4's, C551's and EB900's. I've always been interested in the more expensive option of the hje900 and more recently been dragged into liking the monster...
  4. mindy123

    ATH ES7 vs. Klipsch S4 vs. Etymotic ER6i

    I am torn. I know all three have excellent sound but I was just wondering which is better for my music: electro-house, techno etc? I know the ES7 is a headphone and the other two are earphones. The ES7 is a bit more expensive and was wondering if the price difference is justified? If not then...
  5. jazzyb1

    Looking for some IEM for the iPhone 3gs

    Hello everyone, I need some help with purchasing some IEM's for my iPhone 3gs.     What I'm looking for in the IEM's is the ability to control volume and playback functions also to have a mic. The music that I listen to is mainly Hip Hop, Rap and RnB so i want it to sound good in these...
  6. dofindale

    Klipsh S4 Impressions?

    Hi gang, im new to this hifi headgear stuff, and i must admit its addicting.  Being new, im in a dilema... I just bought the Klipsch S4 from bestbuy for $80 and think they sound great.    Just ordered the coppers from onecall for $249 after reading the countless positive reviews.   Im...
  7. miggs78

    Klipsch Image S4 vs Maximo iMetal iM590

    Hi Guys,   Looking for some budget IEMs and searching around the forums here and on the web found that these are probably the best bet.   My budget is max CAS $80, so if you're gonna suggest something else please go ahead. I'm getting a descent deal on the Klipsch which makes it just $10...
  8. 408mike

    My thoughts on Image S4, Turbine and Turbine Pro Gold

    I listen mostly to trance, some house, some drum n bass. Rock thrown in for good measure, occasionaly hip hop though not very often.   The S4 was my first pair of decent cans and I liked them very much. I still miss the isolation and seal with the silicon tips. Having said that, the bass was...
  9. Rotatous

    Best earphones for listening to metal...

    Hey guys, this is my first post here, so don't be too harsh    I really need some help with this. I'm looking for some earphones in the price range of $70-130.  What I'm looking for are some earphones that sound good and have really good noise isolation that are great for listening to...
  10. crossroads69

    Beatles fan needs new IEM's - Klipsch S4 or Etymotic MC5

    Hi All,   I'm in need for new pair of IEM for use at the office, the gym and on flights. I used to own a Sennheiser CX300 (which I recently lost) and want to upgrade to a better sound.   Home Set-up   I either use my Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones through a Nuforce uDAC or Athena...
  11. raghunath

    About Indian Classical Music and Suitable IEMs, DAC and AMP for that

    Hi,   I am new here, and I have been following these forums for quite a few days now. I have learned much, but there is always this problem that very few people here listen to Indian Classical Music (ICM), so making your valued opinions related to my life has been hard, that's why I started...
  12. equivicae

    Klipsch Image S4 / X5 vs Fischer Silver Bullet / DBA-02. Help me choose!

    I've been doing some research on IEMs and I am debating between 4 choices.   1) Klipsch Image S4. (70 bucks new) 2) Klipsch Image X5. (200 bucks new, might try to buy used.. these are a bit pricey for my liking.)   3) Fischer Silver Bullet. (70 bucks new) 4) Fischer DBA-02. (no idea...
  13. bloosnail11

    Purple hippos? Pink platypuses? Need new IEMs NOW

      Hello, I was thinking of buying a new pair of IEMs. I want ones that are around the $100 range and are well balanced. I want them to have a big sound stage and pretty good isolation. Clear highs aren't really a necessity, because I heard that they can fatigue. I want ones with good mids and...
  14. theroots1993

    IEM for around 80$ - Alternative rock / all rounder

    Hey, I new to this forum. I hope to give you as much information as possible. I own an Ipod touch and an Ipod 5.5 80 GB. My fiels are usally 256/320 kb/s. I mainly listen to Alternative rock, but sometimes Hiphop is played on my Ipod aswell. So I'm looking for an all round IEM. My Budget...
  15. buntwo

    RE0 and kpop?

    Hi I am looking for a new iem at the moment, I just returned my Klipsch S4's because they were too harsh in the treble (eg fatiguing) for me even after burn in. Having done lots of research here, I've narrowed my choices to either the RE0 or the HJE900 (though I am still up for reconsideration...
  16. Music-etymotic

    klipsch s4 vs custom 3

    which 1 is better im getting one for reallly cheap and i have to pick 1 of them. which have good bass n sound?
  17. nardow12

    Audio-Technica ATH-EW9 or Klipsch Image S4/X5?

    Been thinking about getting a new pair of earphone for a while and I'm gonna pull the trigger now. I'm looking at the Audio-Technica ATH-EW9 and Klipsch Image S4/X5. (I wish the Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 is on sale now ) Music type: pop, r&b, electronic, etc. Don't listen to rock or heavy...
  18. NR76

    Klipsch Custom 3 at $109 - good value?

    I have seen a few posts on Klipsch Custom 3 here, but I cannot make out if they're good value at $109 or not. I am aware of the cable issue with them, but in temrs of sound, they seem to get rated along side TF-10, SE530 and some of other more expensive phones.   I owner ER6i, and am looking...
  19. 000dom000

    Klipsch Image S4 replacement eartips?

    Hi all   My dog (don't ask!) managed to eat the earbuds off my Image S4 and I'm looking for some new ear tips. I used the medium ones but I can't find anywhere that sells them. Anyone have any recommendations?   Thanks for any help.   Dom
  20. Phalangees

    E2Cs failing: Replace with Klipsch image S4 or Head-Direct RE0?

    Hello everyone,   I'm sure you've seen this countless times, but even after reading through numerous threads I'm having a hard time deciding on what I would like to get.   I've used my E2Cs for 2.5 years, and today, the right earphone is beginning to fail. I found a specific spot on the...
  21. TheRH

    Klipsch Image S4 vs. Sleek Audio SA1

    Hello,   I have the Klipsch S4's and I and pretty pleased with them with my Sony Walkman. I was curious does anyone know how the comepare to the SA1's?   Both are the same price and curious if the SA1's are equal it quality or better?   RH
  22. nate5709

    IEM's with powerful bass, large soundstage, sparkly treble

    Hey everyone.   I'm looking for IEM's with extended, strong, and hard-hitting, but not bloated, bass, warm mids, and somewhat sparkly treble. I also want a large soundstage.   I recently bought MEElec M11+'s after creating this thread. I absolutely love the comfort, but the soundstage...
  23. maxxxsta

    ety mc5s or klispch s4?

    although i can tell the quality difference between cheap 20 dollar iems and expensive ones i can't really say i know how to differentiate the highs mids and what not. i'm new to this forum so sometimes i get confused with all these comments about the quality. but ill learn soon. neway i was...
  24. tjpark1111

    worthy first full-size can upgrade from klipsch image s4 IEM

    first off, i'm a bit of a basshead. i currently own a set of klipsch image s4 IEMs, my first real pair of headphones. i've been reading up on plenty of threads regarding the M50, HFI-580, SRH-750DJ, XB700, etc. but i recently found the useful frequency graph utility on headphone.com, and have...
  25. ddoingwell

    Need advice on my first decent IEMs

    Hiya.   Never thought I'd see the day...I'm about to purchase my first set of decent IEMs after finally and reluctantly buying my first portable player.   The choices available to me and within my meager budget are:   Klipsch Image S4, Philips SHE9800, Denon AH-C551, and VSonic...