1. lebomb

    Klipsch S4 ......... had to do it

    I gave my Sony MDR-XB40EXs to my son............he needed an IEM monitor with a durable cord........besides that, he loves bassy music........hip-hop and the like.  He will be happy.   I will come back in a week or so with my opinion of the S4s.
  2. SHP53

    Kilpsch Image S4/S4i or Head-Direct RE0?

    Which one is better? And what is the recommended amp I should use? I'm really looking for nice, quality portable IEMs great for listening to mostly Metal and Electronic.   So far the RE0 has gotten better review but I just want to make sure, I am new to the headphones world (been using...
  3. Punky

    OUCH! I need better tips for my Ety MC5s!

    Okay so I exchanged my Klipsch Image S4s yesterday for Etymotic MC5s. The S4s had a weird angle that rubbed my ear the wrong way, so after about five hours (before my workday ends) it starts to hurt my ears.   However, the Etyomtic MC5s are even worse! The triflanges are too small, and the...
  4. Kelevra

    It's time for new headphones

    I've had my trusty Klipsch S4's for about 2 years now and I think it's time to find new headphones. I haven't been keeping up with the headphone world and quite frankly, I'm too lazy to research so I'm looking for some recommendations. My budget is $150 CAD but I can stretch that a bit and I'm...
  5. NightRyder

    S4 vs Re0 vs Hippo VB vs (any other suggestion)

    I'm looking to buy some new in earphones at a price range of 50-150$.  I've seen lots of good reviews on the s4 and have heard highly of re0 and hippo vb.  I can't seem to decide which one earphones to get though.  I currently have a cowon j3 mp3 player which i love, I'm a hugh fan of u2, and i...
  6. albau

    Can’t bring myself to enjoy Phonak Audeo PFE sound! What’s now?

    First I had trouble with shallow fit using stock silicones. Shure olives and trimmed tri-flanges solved that, isolation and fit are good with both of these. Trouble is that I can’t bring myself to like the sound! And that even compared to lowly Shure E3 I used on temp basis after second pair of...
  7. bil2k

    IEM Recommendation.. here's what I like

    I'm looking for recommendations for IEMs. I prob don't want to spend more than $100 as I have a tendency to lose IEMs or accidentally wash them :\     Here is what I have heard and my impressions, so that you guys can hopefully steer me in the right direction:   Apple's Dual Driver IEM...
  8. ricardobio

    Portable headphones/IEM under 70 USD - findings from my research

    Hello, I have been looking for some IEM/headphones. I found some interesting alternatives and I would like your help with the decision.   The characteristics they should have are:   To be comfortable (this might be very subjective, I know, but give me you opinion) as I will use the...
  9. ynos6600

    Etymotic MC5, Sure SE102, Klipsch S4, Sound magic pl30 etc.. for music and movies? Which one?

    Hello,   I had Senheiser CX300, bot lost them somehow. They were ok, but several things bothered me, like short cord, earphones were falling out of my ear, cord was knotted all the time... Sound was ok, but not extremelly impresed...    Now I want to buy new pair, but don't know which...
  10. Bumblebee

    Help! Totally overwhelmed with choice!

    Hi there! I am hoping that you can really help me out here and save my brain from mindblowing indecision!  I am looking for an in-ear headphone set that costs less than £100.   *  I saw the Klipsch Image S4 audio and the Phonak audeo PF Bass 012 and had no idea which one would suit.  Are...
  11. Youngblood

    Need new IEMs, all suggestions are welcome.

    Hello, my name is Cody. I'm in the market for a new set of IEMs because my old image s4s broke. anyways, I need something thats portable, and has the best sound quality for the price. these will be purchased over Christmas time and there really isn't a price range, but lets keep it under $700...
  12. showa60

    RE0 - Impressions of a noob + need a little help

    Hiiii everybody!   As some will know, I bought a pair not long ago based on stellar reviews and recommendations and have been burning them in all week (I'd say at least 100 hours). I was pretty disappointed with them out of the box, but I was immediately impressed by the detail and highs...
  13. Kupo03

    Headphone newbie looking to invest in a nice pair

    Hello, I've been doing some research on full sized headphones and I'm looking for the right pair for me.  I'm willing to spend up to $200 or slightly more.  I listen almost exclusively to extreme metal: death metal, thrash metal, black metal, brutal death metal.  I read that Grados are good for...
  14. Punky

    Klipsch S4 replacement tips

    Does anyone know where I can find a good set of replacement tips for my Klipsch S4s? I like them, but the mid-sized gel tips are just a little too big while the small biflanges that are included are way too small. I need something in the middle. Also, is there any tip that improves the clarity...
  15. Starsky5000

    Is The Etymotic MC5, HF5 or Klipsch Image S4 for me?

    I never heard an Etymotic earphone before but i like analytical sound signatures. My only earphone is my Audio Technica CK7 which I love alot.   I also have the Sennheiser PX100 folding portable headphone. Great for portability but  if their is a complaint it would be the sound is a little...
  16. jigawatts

    Klipsch S4 or UE 350?

    I think I've narrowed it down to these two choices.  Both can be purchased at Best Buy, and I'll have 14 days to return them if I don't like them.  But I'd like to get some opinions from others here on which of these two, or possibly others, that they would choose.  $50 for the UE 350 or $80 for...
  17. RaZrReD

    Looking for some good BASS IEMs

    I have been reading around here for sometime now. I am currently in the market for some IEMs with some booming, powerful BASS!  I have  tried: Dre. Beats Tour (I hoped that these would be the "ones") Klipch s4 Skullcandy Titan Monster Turbine  Logitech ultimate ears 350 (which I...
  18. Punky

    A Quick Klipsch S4 Review

    Hey guys,   So I finally broke my V-Moda Vibes the other day at the gym. It was my own stupid fault - I was jogging and I violently slammed the wire with my hand, which messed up the right side earbud. It was pretty stupid of me, and I should've had my iPod on my belt. So don't take that as...

    New IEM ~100 USD - suggestions?

    I am looking to buy new IEM for over 2 years now, but I never got around to do it. The variety of IEM seems to increase very quickly and that's why I decided to get one before it's even harder to get an overview over the market. Even though I spent quite a time on this great forum, I couldn't...
  20. Rufus_Truthfist

    Lookig for iem with good bass with top price around $80

    I have been looking for some iem's for around 80 that have good bass, bass does'nt have to everthing, but just a strong point.  I have looked at the 115 iem comparison thread already and i'm currently thinking about panisonic hj900's, the hippos, and possibly also the fischer audio enternia. I...
  21. dav1d

    Upgrading from S4's: HD595?

    Hi there! Currently, I use the Klipsch S4's with an iPod touch + FiiO E1 or my standard Laptop as audiosource. How does the Sennheiser HD-595 compare to the S4's? What's the difference in sound? Is it even comparible? To be precise, I will rephrase my question: vs. =
  22. albau

    How these IEMs stack against Shure E3c?

    Ok, I’m switching gears a bit compared to my other thread. I realized that to approximate sound signature (darkish, fun, laid back, spacious, reasonably detailed) of my dead UE 5Pro’s I’ll have to spend $200+ which I don’t want to.   Now after my 2nd pair of 5Pro’s are gone I’m listening to...
  23. Q-Tip-81

    Klipsch S4's have bit the dust......looking for suggestions < $100

    Hey guys,   I'm in need of your expertise. My S4's have a short and the left ear is no longer playing. Basically, I'm looking for an upgrade with a similar sound signature and matched comfort. The Klipsch ear gels are an absolute dream.....so I'm a bit worried that I'm going to have a hard...
  24. garych

    First IEM

    hey guys,i'm planning to get IEM and have shortlisted a few.my budget $100 - $150? i'm looking for a fairly balanced IEM,not the bassy ones or those which are in the highs. 1.ultimate ears 700(heard that its more to the high side) 2.westone um1 3.klispsch s4 4.re0   i heard...
  25. Lotharius

    IEM equivelant of ATH M50 ? So a bit bassy IEMs

    Hi   So now I'm in a need for IEMs. Preferably something with similar sound signature to Audio Technica M50 (love them) meaning I want something with a bit more bass (for dubstep, dnb) but good all arounders (classic rock), well, like the M50    The sound output is going to be my iPhone...