1. BrianMB

    New to IEMs; Impressions Etymotic HF3 and Klipsch Custom 3

    This is my first lengthy posting in regards to any audio related field, so my apologies if I'm a bit difficult to follow. Please let me know if there are any improvements I can make as all thoughts and feedback are welcome! So I have recently been required to take a bus to work and with all of...
  2. DTKZ

    Kicker EB141 Earbuds

    Does anyone have experience with these earbuds from a company named Kicker? EB141 Earbuds | KICKER Kicker seems to be a company that specializes in car audio and the EB141 have 14mm drivers which might indicate that they will turn out to be bassy earphones.
  3. Enanthate

    Monster Turbine Pro Copper

    I noticed they just dropped in price on amazon to $254 and an authorized dealer onecall had them even cheaper for $249+free shipping. Being the thrifty guy I am I decided to offer them $200 using their "my price" option. I received an email promptly there after of $224.95+free shipping. Well...
  4. addict4life

    Help a newbie

    Just lost my klipsch custom 3's and am looking for an upgrade set. i had to use comply tips in order to get these things to fit right in my ear. does anybody have a suggestion for 2 possibly 3 driver earphones that are really durable for the gym? i need something that really stays put in my ear...
  5. gus6464

    Shure SE215, Westone UM1 or Klipsch Custom 3?

    Looking for a pair of IEM that are comfy for sleeping, long flights and all around use. Sources are ipad2, iphone4, and ipod nano. Might purchase an XM4 later on to go with them. Which would you say are the most comfortable of the 3 and which sound the best? 
  6. tompim

    Best replacement for Klipsch Custom3

    Hello everybody,   I own Klipsch Custom3 earphones, and I really love their sound. Problem is, the cord is *** and even after getting new ones, the cord started to wear in less than 3 months of occasional use.   What I liked in the Custom3 sound is that it was a very dynamic sound...
  7. tuan2195

    Best portable closed headphones for about $60?

    Hi all,   I currently own a Klipsch Custom 3 and I've just taken up DJing. I've read on some DJ blogs that its better for your hearing to use IEMs for monitoring, but trouble is, I still can;t get used to them. I still prefer headphones to IEM for DJing.   So I'm looking for some...
  8. JFan

    Fischer Audio DBA-02 VS Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10

    I'm trying to decide which one to buy since the left ear of my sonys died. I usually listen to hip hop like atmosphere, aesop rock, mf doom. Which one do you think would be the better buy?
  9. koonyue

    Shure Black foam sleeve, sound quality help

    Hi all, Got the Shure SE115 last week and used the default medium size black foam sleeves for a few days, but found they are just too big for my ears.   Then I change to small size today, now the sleeves can fit perfectly in my ear and the isolation is excellent. However, I found the...
  10. Magnus Cromulus

    Yet another request for help (though this one has a few specific and thanks you all in advance :))

    I'm sure you guys are probably sick of these, but I would like some recommendations.  In searching the boards, there are quite a few posts already, but I do have some specific requirements that I did not see in the posts going back a few months.   What I am looking for is the following...
  11. takoyaki7

    Klipsch Custom-4

    How many drivers? 4?   http://cgi.ebay.com/Klipsch-Custom-4-/150569721921?pt=Other_MP3_Player_Accessories&hash=item230ea7a041
  12. tuan2195

    Upgrade from Klipsch Custom 3 (less than $150)

    Hi guys I'm having a Klipsch Custom 3 and really enjoying its sound - warm and balanced. Unluckily, the C3 is FUBAR - awful cable, broken jack (i've modded a new, but still some problem) and a broken nozzle cause by my lil brother) so i think it's time i upgrade to a new IEM (or reshell my...
  13. tyde165

    Just needing/wanting some general input.

    Hello everyone, I am a rather new member this will be my second post so try not to burn me to much if this is the wrong forum section to ask in. Apologies in advance if needed.   But anyways I have recently been very interested in getting a quality set of headphones. Currently i use a cheap...
  14. ace5000

    IEM with tight snappey bass for electric Jazz?

    Hello all,   I have Monster Turbines which like generally. But, the bass sounds bloated and undefined to my ears. What would be the next step up that would have tighter, snappier bass for electric Jazz music?   What is your experience?   Thanks.
  15. d_headshot

    Need IEM upgrade($100-150 CAD)

    I currently use the ATH-M50s for my fullsize headphones and I really love them. However, I have a pair of old Sennheiser CX300's which have had their time. I think their mids and highs are pretty terrible so I'm looking for a new pair of IEMs which meet the following preferences around the...
  16. scannon18

    I want to customize my Custom 3s

    The Klipsch Custom 3s are fantastic headphones, and really cheap.  I bought a pair and can't stand the cable, so is there a place I can send them to for customization?  So far, I've only found companies that sell custom molded IEMs containing their drivers.  I would love to have the dual BA in...
  17. tuan2195

    Tips for Klipsch Custom 3?

    Hello, guys. I'm new to head-fi. I've been visting and viewing this page for a few months, but now I decided to join it, for the greater good :D   Oh well, back to the main topic.   I have a Klipsch Custom 3 and just lost one of its large ear tips. And now i cannot get a good seal in my...
  18. jackzheng

    New Earphones

    Hello Head-fi community.   I plan to get a new earphone, as my old one broke. I have BeatsbyDre Studio and Westone 3, but I feel these are too expensive to bring outside. I go to school and plan lots of sports, thus I plan to get a durable with a great sound one.   I was looking at...
  19. eshroom

    $90 RE-Zero vs $50 Brainwavz M2 vs $150 Panasonic RP-HJE900E-K vs $160 Klipsch Custom 3

    OK. Before you say there not comparable, this thread is about value as much as it is about sound.   I want these headphones for use on an iPhone and laptop. I will listen to music and watch movies. Also, I prefer to wear them looped over-ear which might rule some out as some are better at...
  20. morizuno

    Durable iems for a metal head

    Budget is MAX 200$, no more or it'll kill me being a student.   I need something as durable as possible, not something that'll short if I wear them when it's raining.   The bands I mainly listen to is the black tide, night wish, hammerfall, powerglove, sonata arctica, sienna skies...
  21. Spladox

    Klipsch Custom 3

    i heard about the microphonics issues with the phones but is it that bad?? i plan to get this for normal usage like on bus/train/walking will the SQ be good for me? i don't like overly bassy iems :)
  22. scannon18

    Klipsch Custom 3; can I replace this stupid cable?

    I just received the Klipsch Custom 3s.  They sound great, but as people had warned me, the cable is awful.  It is wiry, transmits a lot of noise. . .   Is there any way I can replace this cable?  I know it isn't removable, but can I ship them to a company that does this sort of thing?  I...
  23. Airwin

    InEars with BAD isolation ...

    Hi,   for my bicyle tours I'm looking for some InEars with subpar noise isolation (cause I want to hear cars when I'm on roadparts).   Which one could be interesting?   Senn ie8 Beyer DTX100 Klipsch Custom 3 Audeo 121     Or are there special / transmissible pads that may...
  24. jdztunes

    Opinions for new IEM's: Triple.Fi 10; Klipsch Custom 3; IE8;UM2's or Radius Radius HP-TWF11R Pro (again)

    Happy new Year head-fi(ers), I need some feed back in making a headphone decision. I recently had a pair radius TWF11R pros, that met with an untimely death after only about 24 hrs of getting them off eBay for $100, I liked them but didn't spend enough time to really get to know them.  ...
  25. timaishu

    my maximo im-490s arrived today from woot

    I was so glad when they arrived. Ive been without headphones for about 2 1/2 weeks. My old cx300b was sucked up by a vacuum. Anyways, when they arrived I pulled them straight from the box and gave them a listen. I wasn't impressed at first. To me, the highs seemed a bit muffled and the mids...