1. loadafreak

    Klipsch Custom 3 replacement

    Hello guys,   I am currently using the Klipsch Custom 3, as you might know, the cables can be fragile.   I love the sound of these IEM, but sadly it has started to break down and I do hear cracking sounds here and there.   Could you recommend me a replacement with a budget of around...
  2. tstarn06

    Klipsch sale @ half price

    Just received an email from Klipsch. They are selling their entire lineup for half price, so it's $175 plus free shipping for the X10s, etc. U.S. buyers only, it says. Wonder if this is to drive sales or to clear out inventory for new models. Not sure, but here's the basic email I received ...
  3. GaryM63

    Klipsch Custom 3 Review

    I just posted a pretty comprehensive (and I think fair) review of the Klipsch Custom 3's over on one of my sites. The url is: Gadgetnutz I was able to compare these to lots of models including the new Sleek Sa6's (review is coming next week on those) the Klipsh IMAGE, UE Super.fi 5...
  4. rlynch

    Klipsch Custom 3 sound isn't coming through the nozzle.

    I've had these klipsch custom 3s for a while and recently one ear got quiet. I thought the problem was was buildup in the nozzle so tried to get it out with a paper clip with no luck. To get sounds out of the headphones I have to turn it almost all the way up, but the sound doesn't come from the...
  5. Elektrospeed

    Looking for a substitute for the Klipsch X10

    Hi all, I've just gifted my dear X10's to my GF, and tought I could live without them but, alas! I can not    I really love the awesome bass, precision and warmth of the X10's, and would just get another pair but I want to try out something different.   So, budget is around $100 - $150...
  6. jadawgis732

    Entering the Audiophile Realm while Maintaining Portability

    I currently own only one pair of full-size (ATH-M50) and 3 pair of BA-IEMs (Klipsch Custom 3, Ety HF3, and Brainwavz B2), and listen to all sorts of music - but primarily classical and rap (yeah, not a typo).   I'd like to get another pair of full-size, either a pair of either Sennheiser...
  7. James66

    Closed headphones for hearing impaired..read on please

    I need a pair of closed headphones, they need to be loud.  I was born with chronic ear infections so I have no ear drums or bones. My nerves are fine but sound has trouble getting there . Any suggestions, I have about $600.00 to spend. Thanks
  8. meurglys0

    Recommend me Neutral IEMs under 130 $

    I've been using an Earsonics SM3 for a year now and I am very happy with it. A firend of mine is to go into the IEM world with a budget of about 100 $ (130 $ max). He uses a 6th Gen Ipod Classic (un-rockboxable, so no EQ, just crappy presets). We need to get him neutral IEMs. I've used his Ipod...
  9. alphaphoenix

    To Klipsch Custom 3 Reshell Owners

    I know getting your universal earphones reshelled is a craps shoot when it comes to sound preservation, fit, and overall workmanship. Why we choose one company over the other usually involves price and reputation as we know the price for reshell service can be as much as half difference. Money...
  10. ScaryFatKidGT

    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10, Klipsch Custom 3's, Image X 10's or IE8's?

    Thats what I have narrowed it down to. I like it on the bass heavy side but with good trebel detail too, I don't like a lot of roll of on either end.
  11. Alxr19

    Stage iems recommendation?

      The band I play in is going to iems and the pair that come with the system suck. I have been look at some earphones in 100-200 range and wonder what I should get. I would also be great to be able to wear them over the ear. I have a pair of klipsh s2 that I love. There are 3 pairs I am...
  12. carmatic

    etymotic glider tips tearing

    so i've just ordered a new set of etymotic glider tips, i like them for how well they fit my ears and how much isolation they give   but lately the tips have been tearing up at the 'stalk' within days of me putting them on my ER4's ... some of them are already torn while they are still in...
  13. jigawatts

    Klipsch Custom 3 used for $75

    Not sure if this is allowed or not.  If not, feel free to close or delete this thread.  I just put my Klipsch Custom 3 up for sale on Amazon for $75 in case anyone is interested.  All original packaging and accessories included.  The only problem with them is that I cut away a small portion of...
  14. Guldkrull

    200-300 dollar cans for alternative rock.

    Hi,   I'm looking for a pair of cans for about the price of 200-300dollares, and since I basically can not get grados in Sweden, they are pretty much not an option. MUSIC: I would say alternative rock, grunge, metal and pop. Groups like: Pearl Jam, Alter Bridge, Queens of the Stone Age...
  15. talkinmusic

    Warm Sounding IEM £100 or approx $150

    Hi All,   I'm looking for a new pair of IEM's to tie me over for the next few months until I upgrade to Customs.   Ideally I'm looking for a pair that will give me a warm sound and that offer decent isolation/comfortable-ish fit.   Can anybody offer up any suggestions pls?  ...
  16. flamerz

    My earphones broke, and now I don't know any current models. Please help me find a new set.

    I'm looking to pay around $100, but the price is flexible. I like detailed lows, but other than that I'm open to a variety of sound signatures. A detailed or wide sound stage is a pro, but not a major concern. I'll mostly be using these on plane or bus rides, so comfort is a plus. I prefer stems...
  17. Tronz

    What's your " go-to " IEM or portable headphone?

    By " go-to " I mean what you always seem to go back to even through the vast amount of IEM's or headphones you may have.
  18. Lazerborg

    Possible to repair or sell damaged Klipsch Custom 3s?

    I have had a pair of Klipsch custom-3 IEMs for the past few years, and they recently fell victim to a friend's dog; he chewed up one of the foam earbuds (not a big loss) and managed to open the back of one of the earpieces and did some damage to the inside. They still work, with the damaged...
  19. rev

    Alternative consideration to Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10

    Hi All, after having the cash refunded for my Custom 3 after they broke I'm in the market for a new set of monitors; currently in the running and top of the list are Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10, anything else I should be considering?? P.S I liked the Custom 3's but due to exchange rates they...
  20. neeverr

    Abandoning Panasonic HJE900

    premises source: iphone 4, sansa clip + no amp   facts after 1 week using the pana hje900 I've understood this IEM are impossible to my ears. Their harsh/sibilant mid-high are too annoying to me. All the other specs (bass, mid-bass, mid, high, 3d, details) seem to be really...
  21. jigawatts

    Opinions, Advice, Expertise

    I am getting ready to purchase some new headphones, and I think I've got it narrowed down to either the Westone 3 or the Sennheiser IE8.  This will be the most I've ever spent on headphones, so I'm kind of having a hard time making a final decision.  I currently own the Koss Portapros and the...
  22. bigandfloppy

    In need of lively, energetic IEM's ($150-200)

    Hello everybody!   I'm in need of a new pair of IEM's. I do not have a lot of experience with them. I'm looking for something with a very energetic, lively sound, with emphasis on bass. I listen to everything but im mainly looking for something that is just going to make you want to get up...
  23. Fin1211

    Portable cans similar to klipsch custom 3(in sq, not the cable, please not the cable!)

    Hey guys Might come up on some extra change in a couple of weeks, and was considering getting some portable cans. First off, let me tell you that I am planning on building a high performance amb mini3(gain of 2). I was considering sennheiser hd-25-1 ii's, but i love the sound of my kc3's(and i...
  24. TJguitar

    Best >$250 in ear for my needs

    I'm looking for a balanced IEM for listening to a wide range of music.   I'd like it to be detailed but not necessarily analytical and it's of the highest priority that it sounds good with every kind of music. I know this is very vague but right now i'm just trying to get some ideas. Thanks...
  25. eucariote

    Monster Turbine Pro Copper Challenge Review

      As a fan of audio gear and owner of several high-end headphones, I was also selected to be one of the reviewers of the Monster Turbine Pro Copper iems.  The design goal of these headphones is high accuracy/fidelity, which might not appeal to bassheads, fans of euphonic music, etc. but it is...