Klipsch Custom 3 Review
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Mar 19, 2008
I just posted a pretty comprehensive (and I think fair) review of the Klipsch Custom 3's over on one of my sites.

The url is: Gadgetnutz
I was able to compare these to lots of models including the new Sleek Sa6's (review is coming next week on those) the Klipsh IMAGE, UE Super.fi 5, Westone, Shure and others - so I will answer what I can.

To address some of the concerns I read on head-fi - I had no problem getting a good seal with these - they went in very easy and were quite comfortable.
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Originally Posted by mbgalg /img/forum/go_quote.gif
unfortunately your review reads more like a paid advertisement than an impartial trial and report.

I have to agree.
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So what's your take on these phones compared to the Sleeks? My budget stops at around $250 for portable headphones (or all headphones for that matter), and I am not a fan of the over-the-ear style. As a result, the SA6s cover all the bases for me (sound quality, fit, convenience, price).

Just curious.

And I agree with the other posters. Seems like you could find no fault with these, other than price. But on head-fi, the concerns went beyond fit, it seems, with several posts.
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Well, I don't work for Klipsch and if you look over our site you can find reviews for all the earphones in my "stable." As we all know, testing and recommending earphones is incredibly "subjective."

IN response to tstarn's question about the Sleek's - I am still testing them, but I am impressed - I think the better comparisson is between the IMAGE and the Sleek since both use a single armature - but I can certainly make some comparisons to the Cusom 3's since they are closer in price:

Comfort: for me, the Klipsch wins in comfort
Vocals: this is where the Sleeks really shine - the vocals (mids in general) are terrific on the Sleeks

Toss up - guitars sound amazing on the Sleeks - you can hear every pluck of the string. Horns and Piano sound "fuller" on the Klipsch.

Bass: - The Klipsch wins here - I am using the + Bass port of the sleek and the bass is clean - but I wish it had more "punch."

Fit and Finish: Toss up - both are very well made

Fun Factor: Hands down for the Sleeks - it so incredibly cool and fun to tailor the sound and swap out the ports

I'll have more on the Sleeks next week.
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A mere suggestion: To avoid being mistake as paid advertisement, real pictures are at least a must. Also, I think a direct comparison b/w different 'phones (point-to-point style) is better than just an over all opinion of each. It gives the idea that you are actually comparing for pros and cons. My $0.02.
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"I have listened to just about every earphone released in the past fewyears".

How is it possible that you just enter head-fi?
And then your first post is about this "review".

Man, I call the mods.
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I just never "joined" but I often viewed the posts here and on many other user enthusiast sites. I thought that this would be the one to join and, ultimately, recommend to our readers- but I didn't realize how brutal you guys could be. I thought my opinions might be helpful.
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gary, good reviewers remain objective as much as possible. your post wreaks of, give me some free merch and i'll advertise your product for you by way of an objectivity free review. not a crime just human!
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Focus more on the sound and direct comparisons rather than history.

Just do whatever it takes to not sound like an advertisement.

I am sure you have lots of insite about different headphones. So please don't give up, just re-edit the reviews a bit.

And yes, personal photos are great. It shows you are an actual human and have real experience with the product, plus it makes it more fun to read
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Originally Posted by mbgalg /img/forum/go_quote.gif
your post wreaks of, give me some free merch and i'll advertise your product for you by way of an objectivity free review.

Nothing like insulting the integrity of a the reviewer when you know nothing about me.

So, you are able to make a determination that I have no integrity and just get free stuff under the condition that I write a positive review? I've been doing product reviews and editorials on tech sites for quite a few years - most of what I review has to be sent back - some stuff - yes, I do get to keep and lots is stuff that is very poor.

What I can't figure out is where the arrogance and indignation comes from?

I appreciate the advice and I clearly made a mistake by posting here.
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Hello Gary,

Thanks for the efforts you made. Sorry that your review is ill-received. But I can't deny that the Klipsch logo, the elaborate history make me suspicious. The Custom-3's are not the best received IEMs here at head-fi, which all together can contribute to feelings of doubt about the review.

Nobody tells you how to write reviews. Good luck.

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Gary I thought your review was very informative and I thank for your time and effort. Some of the responses here seem a little bit harsh though! If It was a paid ad of some sort, Gary would of put the Custom 3 ahead of the Image when concerning sound quality but he didn't. It seemed like he gave an honest opinion and even mentioned how the Image bested the custom 3 in some areas.

You folks can be way to harsh sometimes.
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Thanks, DeTinux,

Every Web site has a different style - if anyone looked at any other review I wrote they would see that we routinely do a company history for pretty much every product we review. Remember, I don't write for an "audiophile" site - so many of our readers have no idea who any of these companies are - they just like to know what is new and cool and get an honest impression.

First page pictures are most often logos or small images of the product just for size purposes - this isn't uncommon. I'm curious to see if I get the same reaction after the Sleek review next week.

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