1. whoelse

    Sugru for custom fix earphone?

    Anyone try this before?
  2. AudioDwebe

    Bluetooth CIEM available?

    Is there such a thing as a wireless CIEM?
  3. timaishu

    how to clean wax out of my denon C710 :(

    I have had my C710's for quite awhile now. Around 3 years. The right side mess is completed covered in a small layer of wax, the left side is still mostly clear aside from a few small patches. The mesh isn't the hard metal kind like on my cheapies. Its more of a fabric type something that is...
  4. GaryM63

    Klipsch Custom 3 Review

    I just posted a pretty comprehensive (and I think fair) review of the Klipsch Custom 3's over on one of my sites. The url is: Gadgetnutz I was able to compare these to lots of models including the new Sleek Sa6's (review is coming next week on those) the Klipsh IMAGE, UE 5...
  5. Sasaki

    Sleek Custom IEM arrives - with pics :)

    1. Arrival I've just got my Sleek Custom IEM this past weekend, this is a custom version of SA6. I am not sure the official name so I will simply call this as Sleek Custom. This is very nicely built and fits perfectly. Click picture to enlarge. It comes with a nice box and a...
  6. cramkay

    moving from sleek audio sa6 - vsonic gr07 or something!

    hey guys,   i have been a sleek audio sa6 user for about 7 months now. i like the sound quality and prefer to listen it with bass= and treble+ ports. i find that the sound quality over all is quite good.    ive had major cable damage issues. i had to change 3 cables in 7 months. its crazy...
  7. atptsoi

    Shure SE425 vs Sleek Audio SA6 vs Sony EX600

    Which of these would you head-fiers get? I actually like a bit more bass without compromise to the treble though, I've heard these products one of the best at it's price and i'm in a huge dilemma on which one to get =/   Sleek Audio SA6 (Balanced Armature) Sony EX600 (Balanced Armature?)...
  8. jasonb

    Sleek Audio SA6 treble.

    Am i the only one with these wishing for more from about 5khz and up?. I already took a set of the treble ports and completely removed the filters. Im guessing that would the the most top end i could get from these without EQ. I like the bass and mid-range on these, but i just want more sparkle...
  9. jasonb

    help with sleek audio sa6/sa1 tips pleeeeease

    does anybody have the sa6, sa1, or use these tips on any other IEM's?   if so i would just like to know the diameter of the bore, so i can see if these will work on a GR01.    also are they the same diameter on both ends, or are they bigger or smaller at the nozzle end.
  10. BloodSugar00

    Triflanges keep coming off W3 nozzle in ear; any tips on how to keep eartips more securely held on IEM bore?

    Title pretty much sums up my situation and what I want to rectify/improve. I imagine this is in part, at least, IEM model specific as W3 have a particulary short bore length (which lends itself to greater succeptibility to tips coming free of it and/or off in ear). However, I know it can happen...
  11. sirpaul896

    Quality IEMs with removable cord. Budget of $200.

    I have been cycling through at least 2 pairs of headphones a year now - the cable never seems to last too long with how often I use them (several hours each day). I have done a lot of research on IEMs and it seems that as soon as I found one I like, I discover something bad about them (bad...
  12. Steve987654321

    Recommendations please: IEM - $200-300 - Primary Use: Excercising/Gym and Commuting - Taste: Alternative Rock- Neutral/Flat

    SuperFi 5 Pro cable just gave up the ghost. Can't find a replacement online.   Need an IEM in the $200-300 range that: Has the sound quality one would expect at this mid-level price point (bass punch, solid mid's, detailed highs, some soundstage, some texture) Is tough enough to last...
  13. Turin

    Need advice on buying some new IEM's

    Hey all!   I could really use some advice on buying some new IEM's. Two years back, I bought a set of Shure SE210. I was very happy with these until the cables broke after about one year. Since this is a common Shure problem, I knew it was a risk I took when buying them. Still, it was a big...
  14. Ali89

    Whats a replacement cable for the HJE900?

    ^, right side of the cable keeps breaking up unless you hold it the right way.
  15. Rndmness

    Phiaton MS400 vs V-moda Crossfade

    Hi Head-fiers,   I'm looking for a pair of portable circumaural headphones. I've basically narrowed my choices down to these two because I've heard good things about their sound and I like their looks. But of course, I can only buy one. Which one would you recommend?  I already have a pair...
  16. lumpas

    SA6 vs ER4p vs IE8

    Hello. I am going to buy a new pair of earphones. My choise stands between Sleek Audio SA6, Etymotic ER4P or Sennheiser IE8. Theese three because you can change cable on them when they break.   Ive seen some threads about theese earphones. But everyone is from 2008.   So now I...
  17. Sooner34

    I need help! I'm sorry, but this is, "one of those threads." :)

    Hey everybody. I've been lurking this forum for quite a few months now, and only now have a reason to post. :P   My 18th birthday is in less than a month. And I am wanting to upgrade my IEMs. I now own a set of Klipsch Image S4s, and want to continue on with that clear extended high end and...
  18. meurglys0

    Final questions before purchasing SA6

    I've read about a thousand threads on Audio Sleek SA6, and a few dozens on other IEMs... I'm almost about to purchase a pair of SA6s, but I wanted to consult to your experience before the last step. What I'm looking for is a neutral, balanced IEM with no boost at no end of the audio; a...
  19. Sleek Audio SA6CABLE Replaceable Cable

    Sleek Audio SA6CABLE Replaceable Cable

    Damaged cables are the number one repair problem among in-ear monitors. In the past, the pinching, snapping, or breaking of cables rendered the entire unit useless, but not anymore. Sleek Audio's interchangeable cable design allows you simply replace the cable and get back to your music. Cable...