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Sleek Audio SA6 treble.

  1. jasonb
    Am i the only one with these wishing for more from about 5khz and up?. I already took a set of the treble ports and completely removed the filters. Im guessing that would the the most top end i could get from these without EQ. I like the bass and mid-range on these, but i just want more sparkle.

    What in ears have the same bass and mid-range sound but have more top end? I have tried eqing with an app like Equ but dont really like the app. The volume is lower with it and the interface sucks in my opinion. The eq part works great, but i just dont like the rest of the app.

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  2. jasonb
    Just grabbed a pair of Etymotic hf3 from my local Best Buy on clearance for $78. They definitely have more top end than the SA6's have. They still sound smooth and balanced though, no apparent harshness, and aslong as i have a good seal there is still plenty of great tight punchy bass. Mid-range seems good so far too.

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  3. jasonb
    A/B'ing back and forth the SA6's definitely have much more bass and a warmer smoother mid. The SA6's are also waaaaay more comfy, they just disappear in my ears. The Ety's really have a nice top end though. I think i still prefer the SA6's, so far at least. Ill give the Ety's more of a chance, but in the end, they may go back. We will see.

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