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Phiaton MS400 vs V-moda Crossfade

  1. Rndmness
    Hi Head-fiers,
    I'm looking for a pair of portable circumaural headphones. I've basically narrowed my choices down to these two because I've heard good things about their sound and I like their looks. But of course, I can only buy one. Which one would you recommend? 
    I already have a pair of SA6's and I think the bass is a bit lacking. (<-- if that helps?). Also, where is the cheapest place to buy these headphones in Aus? I've checked ebay and I can get the Phiaton for $270 and the V-moda for $293.

    If neither of these are any good, then can you please recommend a better pair which also possesses a similar, stand-out aesthetic appeal?

    Go easy on me. I'm a noob at this stuff =P


  2. ljokerl Contributor
    The Phiaton MS400 is a great set but I highly doubt you'll find anyone who's heard both them and the V-Modas to vote in your poll.
  3. Rndmness
    Alright. Any recommendations? And where to buy?
  4. mythless
    I agree, the MS400 is a great set, especially if you like bass.  Check phiaton's website to find any authorized dealers near you.  Otherwise, google is your friend.
  5. Rndmness
    Alright I think I've gotten the 'Where to buy" part covered. If I take out the need for a comparison with the Phiaton's, what is the general consensus with the V-moda's? Are they any good?
    I've done a bit more research into portable headphones and I've found the straight cabled Audio Technica M50. One of my conditions is the aesthetic appeal for wearing on the street. So does the M50 look good in person? They seem pretty cool in the pictures. Also how's the portability? And sound compared to the Phiatons?
    Lots of questions I know. But saves having to make more posts I guess. =)
    EDIT: What if I add the ESW9 into the mix?
  6. Rndmness
  7. ljokerl Contributor
    M50s are much bigger than the MS400 in person and not nearly as portable. They're pretty typical DJ phones. Sound is comparable overall but with the M50 sounding a bit more neutral/analytical while the MS400 are warmer and bassier.
  8. Armaegis
    The M50 gives you a bit more impact while the MS400 has a much deeper low-to-mid resonance. The MS400 also isolates better than the M50, although the fit is a bit funny.
  9. Rndmness
    After a bit of thought, I think the m50 is a bit too big. Will most likely go for the MS400. But before I do, are there any other recommendations that are around the same price, look good and have a similar bass emphasising sound signature? Would the ESW9 make a good portable headphone? I've heard it scratches and breaks easily [​IMG] Also does it have as much bass impact as the Phiaton? 
    One last question for this post I promise lol. How does the bass of the Phiaton compare with that of the Beats Studios? Hoping that there is a bit less. Don't think I like that head vibrating feeling. And I'm sure the bass of the MS400 doesn't interfere with the other frequencies? Besides that, I'm sure the build quality(speaking of build quality, how much of the MS400 is metal? hehe snuck one more in [​IMG]), comfort etc. are all better than the Beats.
  10. 2rooi123
    ms400 beats beats studio in all aspects!
  11. Rndmness
    Haha yeaa! But what about the rest of my post lol.
  12. Armaegis
    My MS400 review answers a lot of your questions...http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/495667/review-phiaton-ms-400
    - the ESW9 is a good portable, perhaps slightly more fragile than the MS400.
    - MS400 bass is very strong, but doesn't obscure the rest of the spectrum
    - it has a metal band, but I can't tell if anything else is metal (hinges, etc)
  13. zero7525
    I have tried the v-moda crossfade at some apple store. They look very nice, though I don't remember what they sound like.
    I do know that they have big, punchy bass that kinda rolls into the other frequencies.
    That's all I remember, sorry.
  14. Jameshillbilly
    I now have both the MS 400 and the Crossfades. Both are very nice, and have there own strengths. The Crossfades have a much more bass oriented sound. Though the quantity of bass is higher in the Crossfades, the quality of the bass and mids is much higher in the MS 400. The Crossfades have small vents on the back of each phone, so there is a degree of sound leakage which isn't a problem in the phiatons.
  15. diodiel
    Did you check on shures srh750?

    Can anyone compare ms400 against srh750?

    Seems like a good match hehe

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