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Need advice on buying some new IEM's

  1. Turin
    Hey all!
    I could really use some advice on buying some new IEM's. Two years back, I bought a set of Shure SE210. I was very happy with these until the cables broke after about one year. Since this is a common Shure problem, I knew it was a risk I took when buying them. Still, it was a big letdown and for a while I decided to stop buying gear. My next choice turned out to be not much better, my new purchase, a pair of UE IEM's with a microphone did not even last for half a year (of daily use).
    Now I have come back on my decision after using Ipod ears for a while.. I want to replace my Shures with something similar in quality, or let them be repaired. If anyone has experience with repairing these outside of warranty, I will be interested as well (costs, quality of repair). Since last time I spent quite a while looking on the forum to investigate my purchase, I would like some advice from you guys now.
    My preferences/demands for the IEM's:
    - Durability (since the last two sets broke quite fast, even though I took good care of them)
    - good sound isolation
    - priced anywhere from 100-250$
    - preferably no amp needed
    - quality comparable or better than SE210
    - foam tips, I prefer these over the plastic alternative, give a much better seal imo..
    I mainly listen to them when travelling and when studying, therefore portability is important and strength of the cables is very important too..I prefer to listen primarily to rock music and dance music, ocassionally to some other types as well.
    I hope you guys are able to recommend me some new purchases.
    From my search so far I have been interested by:
    - Shure se315 (is there still such a weak cable attached? I see that you can take of the cable now?)
    - Shure se425
    - Sleek Audio SA6
    - Klipsch Custom 3
    I am looking forward to your suggestions!

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