1. R

    £65/$100 IEMs

    Hi all,   The cable on my old Shure SE210s has just conked out, so I'm taking this as an opportunity to replace them with some more up to date earphones. I've been doing my research and it seems like the HiFiMan RE-400 and HiSoundAudio Crystal are well regarded, but I'm open to any other...
  2. Drummerking

    First IEM for drumming

    Hello everybody, this is a great forum about IEMs!!    Im new in the IEMs world, and I want to make my first Custom IEM with Radians Custom Earplugs mold, the eight options are this (according to my budget ) :   (sorry for the large list)   1-Shure E2C.   2-Shure SE210.  ...
  3. def lefty

    I hope i made the right decision on my new IEM purchase.

    First off, hi everyone, finally made an account.  I always love to come here for awesome info.  It seems to be a friendly and helpful place unlike many other forums.  I moved this from the intro thread because im actually looking for advice one my IEM purchase.  Even some other recommendations...
  4. jws919

    Favorite songs to "test" new IEMs

    Well, my sleeks will be here next week, probably. I'm just curious as to the everyone's favorite songs to "test" a new pair out. Post links of the songs if you are feeling especially bored! I'll probably use the following 5 when my sa6 arrives: A Wilhelm Scream - "The Horse" This is...
  5. warpdriver

    Nuforce IEM

    I didn't see any talk of the new Nuforce headset IEM (with mic) Jason of Nuforce claims it will beat the Shure SE210 for half the price Any takers?
  6. lovgun7

    Shure se210 for $50 need help

    Ever since I tried out all those headphones for working out it made me want a better set for everyday use. There's a pawn shop selling the Shure se10 for $50 and i was actually looking to buy the 215s is that a good price? Since they don't make them anymore Iisten to alot of music r&b...
  7. medex

    Looking for IEM's at a fair price with great isolation that aren't clunky and built well.

    I have SE210's which work well and while they do offer good isolation they are big.  I don't carry a bag with me daily so the SE210's in their case are just too big.  I am looking for a smaller iem that offers good isolation and is not as vulnerable.  I want to have a small pouch where I can...
  8. FriendlyFire

    SE210 Step-up

    Hello everyone!   A few years ago, I purchased the SE210 after reading up on reviews and deciding that they were the best fit. I was upgrading from the JBL Reference 220, so I very much appreciated the difference in sound quality. Unfortunately they broke approximately a year ago, but I...
  9. dooodstevenn

    Best in-ear for $100

    I'm sure this topic is beat to death, but I'm very particular with my music.  I want something well balanced more leaning on the bass side.  Right now i have some klipsch s4's in my ear but i've been reading around they aren't the best for the price range and they seem a bit flimsy to me.  I...
  10. crasherkid

    Best IEM for 140bpm Trance Music

    Hello, I've been using my Shure SE210 for the past 2 or 3 years and if I remember correctly I think I paid around or close to £100 for these. I used to travel to London once a month (2 hours/15 mins train journey each way) and the SE210 did me proud for a few years but unfortunately as of...
  11. kipling

    Shure SE215 or Etymotic HF3? Opinions Please

    My Shure SE210s have died twice and been replaced under warranty.  Now the right side has gone out and it's out of warranty and Shure wants $68 + $10 shipping to replace them with the SE215's.   A nearby store is selling the Etymotic HF3 for the exact same price = $78.  Now the decision ...
  12. Azaril000

    Recommendation for IEM's Sub £80. Replacement for SE210's?

    Hi all, New to the forum. I am a frequent "traveler" and always listen to my music when out and about, on my Samsung Galaxy S (with a app which has a quite good EQ system). I've been using my Shure SE210's for well over 2-3 years (bought them for around £80ish?), but the fact the extension...
  13. flash52595

    Addiem Appreciation Thread

    I am just so unbelievably happy with buying the Addiems. One day I was just browsing ebay when I came across a pair for about $40. I've heard pretty good things about them so I gave them a try. I got them about a week ago and after burning them in for about 100 hours. I was absolutely blown away...
  14. Zalithian

    Maybe getting back into the game. Out of the loop. Need guidance.

    Hey everyone. Some of you might remember me from a while ago. I've been out of the high-fi thing for a while, but since I finally have some spare cash again I am considering buying some nice IEMS again. A little about my experiences:   I have owned the IE8, W3, UM3X, PFE, HD25, E2C, ER6i...
  15. Pattonromell

    Classical EARPHONES

    I need some classical music earphones under $100. I have the Bose IE2. But, I need somethings with 3/4 ammount of bass, 4/4 treble, and I don't really know mids. That's the best I can describe it.
  16. mabobber

    Which Cans should I get?

    After reading what seems like hundreds of reviews all over the net, I am still totally impartial as to which cans I should get between the following three.   Bowers and Wilkins - P5 @ $182   TDK - ST800 @ $118...
  17. mark2410

    Shure SE215 Review

          Shure SE215 Review   Thanks to Advanced Headphones for the sample (AMP3’s sister site)     First Impressions:  The box is clearly much smaller than the old SE210 box but that’s hardly important.  That I do notice and is more important is the...
  18. Apple254

    UE Triple Fi. 10 Dropped Off the Face of the Earth?

    I was just thinking, the UE TF10 was regarded so highly amongst IEM users and enthusiasts however since the release of IEM's such as Phonak's PFE, Senn's IE8 and the Westone 3 nobody seems to be mentioning the TF10. Now I know the IE8, W3 and TF10 are more in the same league than the PFE yet it...
  19. kar0015

    Is UE Triple Fi 10 worth $200?

    Yes I know I missed the sweet deal of $99 a while ago, but I'm looking for an upgrade from my SE210. Reading about reviews my impression is that it belongs to the top tier headphones but its selling at a discount price. So my question is does the Tri.Fi10 worth the price tag of $200 or is...
  20. Thor4life

    Not digging IE7s

    So, I'm just going to lay this out there. I'm really, really not liking the IE7s. Way too powerful bass for my taste. They have had about 100hrs of burn in on them, and I've tried them with with a tight seal, loose seal, amped/not amped, and just can't deal with them anymore. Now I start the...
  21. Groznyjgrad

    Shure E2C vs RE0 vs SR80i vs...?

    I currently have a pair of Shure E2C's. I like the sound, and I'm driving them through my iTouch 2G. I'm planning on picking up a Clip+ and a E7 or E11 so I can play my .flac library on the go.   What I'm wondering is if I'd get a huge sound increase from switching to RE0's or Grado SR80i's...
  22. zipthehuh

    replacement for Shure SE210

    Hello all.  Due do Dr's orders I am no longer to use in ear head phones.  I had been using shure se210 for a while, and really enjoyed the sound. So, I am looking for a pair of on ear headphone that have similiar sound qualities to replace them. Portability is a must, I won't use them for...
  23. Owlface

    Looking for IEM ~100-130 powered by SGS/2 Phone

    Looking to spend between 100-130, give or take a bit if it's really worth it. Primarily will be run off my SGS and soon SGS2 phone, so they need to be pretty easy to drive. I primarily listen to ballads and instrumental pieces, although I do occasionally dabble in trance/hip hop as well. So I...
  24. noise-phobe

    do IEMs make your ears itch?

    So I've been looking for a decent pair of sound-isolating headphones and have been torn between going down the circumaural or IEM route. After weighing up my options, I decided on IEMs and was all set to splash out on a pair of...
  25. monkeygirl351

    Shure SE 215's compared to Shure SE 210's

         Well I am new to this forum, but have been using Shures for a several years. I had the E2C's,  and currently the Se 210's. I love the sound of the Shures and have tried other brands but not been happy. Anyways, what has happened to both these IEM's is that the cords start to shred at the...