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Whats a replacement cable for the HJE900?

  1. Ali89
    ^, right side of the cable keeps breaking up unless you hold it the right way.
  2. Napilopez
    If you haven't done so, first make sure it is actually a problem with the cables by switching the earbuds from oneside to the other, and seeing if it still happens on the right cable. Once you determined it'snot a defect with the buds, you can buy Sleek Audio SA1 or SA6 cables. The SA6 cables enter at an odd angle, but I quite like them as they allow me to position the IEMs in a variety of comfortable positions and are substantially lighter, while also adding some needed length. They should be available for about $15 online.
  3. Ali89


    Checking the drivers was the first thing I did. Its the cable. What website would have a replacement cable for either the SA1 and/or SA6? Its hard to find any website that sell its for about $15 What position do you use your SA6 at? I like fitting my HJE900 over my ear for a more low profile look.
  4. mephiska
    I have the SA6 cables for my HJE900's, they work great for over the ear.  I actually like the angle better than the straight.  You just rotate them so that the earbud plugs face forward and the cables are angled up and over your ears.
    They are somewhat thinner than the Panasonic cables, but sound quality is the same and they're so cheap that if they break its easy enough to just replace them. 
  5. mcnoiserdc
    I have the sa6 cable, for me it made the hje900 something much better, because Now I can have the fit I want. the cables are softer and easy manageable. You don't have to be fighting it all the time.
  6. Rokusha
    I have the same problem except both sides would get quiet when I walk around and the end of the cable gets bumped around in my pocket. And I am curious to know where you found the SA6 cables for that low ($15)? On their website it is $24. 
  7. mephiska
    I bought mine Here for $14.99.  They are temporarily out of stock though.

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