1. starbux48

    Need some IEM's under $100 to use with iPhone/MacBook Pro

    I have been using Nuforce NE-700x earphones and until they wore out was very happy with their sound.  I need to keep my cost definitely under $100, and preferably under $75 for their replacements.  I do NOT want what many call bass-heavy and prefer "accurate" sound reproduction.  Suggestions?
  2. lilboozy

    Sleek Audio Bi-Flange Question

    On the website it gives me the option to pick either the sa1 tips or the sa6 tips what are the differences?
  3. FatDragon

    Replaceable Cables in lower-priced IEM's?

    Searching through the forums here came up with a ton of irrelevant or marginally-relevant results and I don't have the time to comb through them all, so I'm going to ask the question at the risk that it's been answered before:   I'm looking for a low- to mid-range IEM, probably topping out...
  4. relache

    Sleek Audio SA1 Replacement Cable

    Hey all,   One side of my HJE900's cable is beginning to crap out =( so I'm in the market to get the SA1 or SA6 cable. I've read in various posts that they might be refreshing the SA1 cable, but given that the SA6s are no longer in stock and the SA1s are the only replacement cables...
  5. project86

    Matrix M-Stage amp review: simple, cheap, and excellent.

    INTRO First off I have to admit: I’m becoming a huge fan of headphone amps. In spite of having several high end options to choose from, I’ve always enjoyed the simplicity of listening directly from the headphone jack of a great sounding player. I realize that amplification is almost a...
  6. jrial

    Are these Sleek Audio SA1's fake?

    I recently bought a pair of Sleek Audio SA1's, but I'm starting to wonder whether they're genuine or if I've been suckered into buying fakes. I notice all the SA1 pictures online depict a solid wooden body, while mine have a plastic lid on the underside where the cable connector is situated.  ...
  7. Meifa

    Give me the rundown on durable IEMs with replaceable cables under $300

    I've had my Panasonic HJE900s for about nine months now and really love the drivers, but I'm having a hell of a time with their cables. Stock cable lasted about six months before I started losing sound in one side. I would have purchased another stock cable, but, as we all know, they're nowhere...
  8. TopspinTEC

    Good replaceable cable for MS400s?

    I've modded my MS400s to take in a 2.5mm mono jack on each cup and I bought some cheapo gummy earbuds to rip up and solder on 2.5 mono ends, but the cable still feels really small and I'm willing to bet it's going to break soon.  I'm looking for any replaceable cable that's meant for portable...
  9. Avenyr

    Ipod Rugged/Durable IEM's for outside use

    I've been doing quite a bit for research in order to find a nice pair of great sounding IEM's for my iPod that won't break on me after a few weeks. I've grown pretty discouraged so far as it seems very difficult to find durable IEM's that I can use reliably. I'm just relying on general...
  10. givemeyourshoes

    Comply Foam Tips for Sleek Audio SA 1?

      I have a pair of SA 1's, and while I don't use them often, I need tips for them.  All the stock tips fit like garbage.  I have to wear them cables up using medium double flange to get a decent seal.  However, they slide out all the time and I have to keep pushing them back in.  I love...
  11. coldmack

    Sleek Audio SA1 vs HF5 vs Super fi 3 vs IE6/7 vs S3/4

    If I am looking for a natural sounding IEM where the output is as close as what the musician intended to be which one of these listed should I be looking at? Which will also bring out the detail in the music? Cost is about the same as all can be had for about 100(either new or used) from...
  12. shigzeo

    [Review] Sleek Audio SA1 - aluminium and rosewood = the new peas and carrots

    What a steal - at 80$, they are well-worth it, but Amazon have them going for around 50$ now - unbelievable. If that was the only thing I wrote, I would still call it a strong recommendation. Sleek have outdone not only themselves, but the market with this creation. It isn't perfect, but at its...
  13. Arkham00

    Sleek SA1 upgrade, help me choose (q-jays, PFE, ety ER4)

    Hi guys,   I'm quite new to this world, and I'm reading around this forum since some months.  I've learned a lot of things and I think I made up a clear idea of what I need. I came from sleek sa1 and sound magic PL30. I liked very much the sleek that opened a new world to me, but the...
  14. nicknyhk

    want to get a new set of iems

    Hi,  I been thinking of buying a new pair of iems. I narrowed down a list so far to the hje900's and the sa1. I listen mostly to punk rock, pop, classical and rock. Any recommendations between the 2 which i should pick? Wouldn't mind suggestions of other headphones. Preferably one with a...
  15. Ali89

    Whats a replacement cable for the HJE900?

    ^, right side of the cable keeps breaking up unless you hold it the right way.
  16. Timmac

    Best IEM's with detachable cables for in and around £100?

      So, I'm looking for a decent first pair of proper IEM's and I've narrowed down the features I really want but I cannot decide what to get-   Bass- I wouldn't say I'm a 'bass head' but I listen to a lot of metal and a bit of drum and bass, also I just find that bass in the most...
  17. TheRH

    Klipsch Image S4 vs. Sleek Audio SA1

    Hello,   I have the Klipsch S4's and I and pretty pleased with them with my Sony Walkman. I was curious does anyone know how the comepare to the SA1's?   Both are the same price and curious if the SA1's are equal it quality or better?   RH
  18. twopint32oz

    Need New IEMs.

    Hello. I have been lurking for awhile and decided to sign up!   Anyway, I used to have Sleek Audio SA1, which was decent, but I want a new IEM since I've lost the SA1.   The IEMs I've been looking at are Ety MC5, HJE900, and Senn IE6. I've always wanted a natural sounding, accurate...
  19. mLink

    I need help finding some new IEM's

    I've barely ventured into IEMs, starting off with some Sleek Audio SA1. They were great at first, but now they leave me wanting more. The sound is good, but almost feels like it's getting smoothed out too much.  Are the Sleek Audio SA6s any better about that? They just don't feel 'clear'...
  20. cjp87

    Odd question: Sleek Audio SA1, Thinksound Rain, or Panasonic RP-HJE900?

    Now based on price alone, obviously the Panasonics are a bit of a (price) class over the other two, but I suppose my question would be at their given respective costs, which is the best deal?   At,   Panasonic HJ-R900's are $130 Sleek Audio SA1's are $79.99 Thinksound...
  21. wburton

    Good IEM's under or around $50

    I am in the market for some new IEM's because I have blown out every pair I own. I listed on a RockBoxed iPod nano 2g. i listen to rock, metal, and dubstep so i need good bass but not overwhelming. clear mids and highs are a must. thanks, wburton
  22. Sleek Audio SA1 Siam Rosewood Earphones

    Sleek Audio SA1 Siam Rosewood Earphones

    The evolution of personal audio continues with the SA1. Boasting many if the same award winning features of the SA6, the SA1 offers Sleek's patented VQ tuning technology at an affordable price. A stylish Siam rosewood body encases the custom tuned 6mm dynamic driver for stunning clarity and...