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I need help finding some new IEM's

  1. mLink
    I've barely ventured into IEMs, starting off with some Sleek Audio SA1.
    They were great at first, but now they leave me wanting more.
    The sound is good, but almost feels like it's getting smoothed out too much.  Are the Sleek Audio SA6s any better about that?
    They just don't feel 'clear' enough to me.
    Sorry I don't know any technical terms or proper ways to describe the stuff. :)
    If any of you could make some suggestions for some IEMs (preferably under $200) that have clean semi-strong bass response (without introducing bass that wasn't originally in the recording) and detailed mid and high frequency as well.
    Hopefully there are some that meet those requirements without leaving ears fatigued after listening for a while.
  2. yello131
    Under $200 US there are few options but best value IEMs out there today are Radius DDM (HP-TWF11R). $169  from ALO (USA) or iheadphones (UK dealer). DDM are Dynamic.
    For BA there are DBA-2 by FA.  Great price as well but hard to find them.
    Check few reviews here on the forum.  Below is one of them. Very funny too!
  3. Azathoth
    I would go for the Klipsch X5. Very underrated, I think they now go for less than $200.
  4. mLink
    Thanks for the suggestions, I haven't seen many of these on people's 'top' lists so I'll have to do lots of reading on them

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